A date with a nice person is always a pleasant experience. It doesn’t necessarily have to grow into a serious relationship because the most important thing here is bright emotions both of you get. And there are usually plenty of them since the blind date differs from the usual one by its mysteriousness. It’s this factor that makes such dates more romantic and interesting, and it’s the main reason why they’re gaining more and more popularity. Here’s what you need to know about blind dates.
Ignoring the money issues in relationships certainly won’t make any changes for the best neither for you, nor for your significant other. Hopefully, we’ve got some pairings we’ve interviewed who have sorted out their money-related problems within their relations. What are their love-saving tips?
The level of testosterone is one of the factors that differentiate a man from a woman. It is known that a high level of testosterone increases libido. So, a man with a high level of this hormone is usually sexually active, easily excited and tireless in sex. In addition, such men have well-developed musculature, great muscle strength, high endurance, and good health. Moreover, a sign of high testosterone is a low masculine voice. It is also believed that its high level is crucial for the successful social life of men. So, what else should you know about testosterone?
An integral attribute of the celebration is a "Valentine," it is a small postcard with a declaration of love. Valentine's card, as a rule, symbolizes a heart and is decorated in accordance with some romantic themes. The Valentine's Day history is covered with a gloom of a secret, but the Catholic Church recognizes at least three saints with this name.
Narcissists are often compared to vampires, who drain all the energy and emotions from people around them. Their loved ones turn into victims who have to feel what narcissism is and what it can do to relationships on their own skin. How does it feel to live next to a person who’s completely obsessed by herself only, how to recognize such a person, and what to do if your partner is a narcissist?
What is a rebound relationship? Psychologists actively discuss the rebound relationship after divorce or breakup, which a person starts within a period of acute experiences after the breakup. However, rebound relationships can occur before the breakup, in the period of emotional distancing between the partners.
Premature ejaculation is a fairly common problem. Although many men hide this, the statistics of resorts to sexologists on this occasion speaks about the magnitude of the problem. It is also worth noting that not all men have the courage to tell the doctor about their problem and try to cure it. But this is a big mistake - premature ejaculation can be treated in the overwhelming majority of cases.
What is a love triangle? This is a combination of choice and jealousy. The person who is in the center of this love-geometric figure tries to decide with whom to be further, whether it is better to live with a new partner or to get back to the present one.
If you think that the sense of humor is some inborn quality that cannot be developed, check out our quick tips on how to make a woman laugh and win her goodwill through the online messaging.
Many couples do not know what to do with sex when there are only two of them, and here there are three participants, which means three times more opportunities, but also three times more different nuances that must be taken into account.
In general, one-night stands are a very interesting practice. Who can blame you for that? However, before you start, you need to figure out how to one-night stand someone and not to spoil anything. There are some one-night stand rules that should be taken into account.
Sexual drive is a more common term traditionally used to characterize libido. In any case, there is no way libido can be measured. Instead, it is usually understood best in simple terms. For instance, a low male libido depicts a reduced interest or low sexual desire.
With foreplay as an intimate prelude, you and your lover are more likely to achieve mutual pleasure. Read the following guide to answer the question what is foreplay.
So, what does the perfect sex look like? What are our sex expectations in relationships? We will navigate you through all the sex expectations gender differences.
Today, psychologists, sexologists, and glossy magazines say that sex games are very pleasant and useful. Thanks to this propaganda, many couples were able to learn previously unknown pleasures. If you are tired of the monotony or just want to make it pleasant to your lover, then this is what you need.
So, before you think about what to talk with a girl on a date, practice speaking in a beautiful and clean language with your friends and colleagues - yes, with anyone, the main thing is that it becomes a habit for you. This is one of the most important dating tips.
Men are traditionally depicted as courageous and confident. Women may be shy but this feature has nothing to do with what real manhood is. Therefore, shy men alienate women because they lack confidence and are indecisive. There are many reasons why people are shy. Most of them are psychological and can be dealt with. Read the following guide and do not be shy anymore.
Why do divorces happen? Because people don’t understand that a family is a lifelong vow to be together no matter what happens; because people don’t know how to appreciate each other; because people think that they find their spouses by themselves and therefore have the right to behave how they want.
It goes without saying that making a relationship work can require truly titanic efforts. Despite love is the ground of any prosperous relationship, it is clearly not enough to build a healthy long-lasting relationship only on love. In order to construct a steady relationship, both parties have to be aspiring to work on it equally.
People are not much different from animals. Probably, that’s the reason why people want to diversify their lives and start dating multiple people. It turns out that monogamous routine relationships, unfortunately, destroy passion. However, the desire to have a love affair is not always connected with the monotony in life and the unpleasant habits of the partner.
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