What Is Cybersex?

Let’s start off by determining the cybersex definition. What is cybersex? It is when two (or more) people use the Internet to sexually arouse both themselves and their partners. Various VR gadgets and toys can be used in cybersex too.

Virtual sex is no longer fiction. But there are no fewer disputes around it than around cloning experiments. Neither doctors nor psychologists have yet decided whether cybersex is good or bad. However, all agree on one thing: it is damn attractive. You can fulfill your most incredible fantasies, make love with a person from another part of the world, try BDSM, become Casanova or Messalina, even if it's just for an hour or so. And you can do all of that without physical contact, the risk of catching the disease, without alimonies, and unnecessary trouble.

cybersex definition

Who Has Sex on the Internet?

Let's be honest: almost everyone who uses modern communication methods, such as various social networks, has received an intimate message, an intimate call or an indecent proposal from a stranger. And many have tried it at least once, simply out of curiosity.

Why People Choose Sex Over the Internet?

Because it is simple. To find a partner "in real life," you need to meet them somewhere, spend time and money on communication and gifts, seduce them, put to bed, be at risk of unplanned pregnancy or unhappy love. To do cybersex, you just have to go on the Internet and spend 10 minutes searching for a compliant interlocutor.

Why Is It Good?

Because it is convenient and safe, and your fantasy, in this case, is not limited to anything. You can imagine yourself as a beautiful goddess/god or a virgin even if the number of real-life sexual partners has long exceeded one hundred at this point. Cybersex will easily raise your self-esteem with zero effort on your part. It allows you to experiment with your own fantasies, understand your own sexuality and desires. And, no matter how ridiculous it is, virtual love protects against physical betrayal: no more than 2% of virtual sex dating ends in real-life meetings.

Is Cybersex Illegal?

Generally speaking, if we are talking about a situation in which two adult individuals do something for the sake of mutual satisfaction and they both agreed to it – it is legal.

However, of course, if there is an underage person involved – it is illegal. Also, any attempts that an adult person makes to get a minor to engage in cybersex are also illegal. Of course, all of this largely depends on a country in question, but in the most major countries of Europe and America – it is prohibited. Also, some Internet service providers may not allow it on their networks. Some dating services, sites, and chatrooms may prohibit such behavior as well.

Top Reasons to Have Cybersex

You have the ability to satisfy both yourself and your cyber-partner even if you are in different cities, let alone countries. This is a way to prevent infidelity in a relationship. It provides you with an opportunity to tell a partner about those fantasies that you are embarrassed to tell when you look into their eyes.

how to cybersexYou have the opportunity to refresh, restart a dying sexual relationship.

It gives the opportunity to get satisfaction for those who, due to some circumstances, cannot build sexual relationships in real life (physical deformities, various diseases, stay in closed institutions, and confined spaces, work in remote regions for a long time). This gives you the opportunity to get the necessary discharge of stress, relieve tension, and improve your well-being. Let’s now talk about how to have cybersex.

How to Have Cybersex?

If you are reading this paragraph, then virtual sex is really interesting to you. But what do you need to know to plunge into the world of cyber dating, without risking getting into trouble on your journey? How to have cybersex on the Internet?

First, take care of your privacy. Before you even think of browsing cybersex sites, get a separate phone or at least a different phone number. For erotic correspondence, a separate mailbox with a complex password is a must. For communication sessions – use well-protected services. And remember that you shouldn't have cybersex in the workplace: system administrators control all office computers, and this won’t be a great way to get fired.

The next item is the legend. More precisely, well-thought-out plots for a session of debauchery: in fact, you have to come with some porno-narrative. You must learn not to blush or t fall into a stupor from all the detailed descriptions of what your partner wants to do with you. Do not be afraid to be someone who you are not. Of course, you have to be somewhat fair and realistic about your appearance, but don’t be too naive to think that your partner will turn out to be just the way they describe themselves to be. From accessories, you will most likely need something sexual, sex toys, and a comfortable headset with a keyboard. If you are using a video camera, make sure to position it in a way so that nothing will distract a person on the other end.

Photos. Here’s one of the most important things you should remember if you are looking for cybersex. Sure, you can send a nude or topless photo of yourself to a virtual interlocutor, but only if you don’t care whether your nudes will decorate half of the Internet porn sites the very next day. But you should better not take chances. If you are cautious about your own privacy – don’t use your own photos, use photos of other people. But, if you think that it’s not right to use photos of other people – choose those photos of yourself, in which you cannot make out either your face or noticeable moles and scars on your body. For video chatting, you can use a mask and dim lighting.

To find a partner for sex, it is enough to get registered on a virtual dating site - general or thematic. Trust me, if you are not into something weird and “niche,” then there will be quite a lot of users who would want to chat with you.

You will be sent dozens of photos of erect penises, even if you are a man, you will be offered lots of things, topics for conversations, various ways of role-playing, etc. Your task is to choose what you want and have fun. And of course, one should not expect that all of your interlocutors will be perfectly beautiful, literate or deeply intelligent. Not every cybersex conversation will be insightful or even coherent. However, there is always a chance that your interlocutor will turn out to be a beautiful prince or a princess who has decided to discover the world of cybersex for themselves.

What to say during cybersex? Well, certainly not your real name and home address. It is common among cybersexuals to present themselves by using fictitious names and to give as little real information about themselves as possible. Do not be surprised if your Romeo will turn out to be a pimply schoolboy or a playful gentleman in his 90s. If that doesn't suit you, just turn close your browser or a program that you are using, that's all. As in regular sex, you can say no at any time and stop communicating. Your partner, by the way, can do the same. If your partner decided to do so – they didn’t like you. Even if just two minutes ago, they promised you a ticket to Paris and a new life.

But what about the actual process of Internet sex? How to cybersex with another person?

what to say during cybersexThe process of virtual cybersex is not complicated: after a more or less short conversation, foreplay partners begin to describe (and show) exactly how they make love, caress each other and satisfy their needs. Cybersex can be different - from soft erotica to hardcore porn. Experienced cybersexuals can maintain simultaneous contact with two or three partners at the same time. At least two-thirds of virtual romances end after a first session, the rest can last for several days, weeks or years. Isolated cases end with people actually deciding to meet each other in real life and to have real sex.

But there are some cases in which Internet sex turns out to have a negative effect on a person’s life. Let’s now talk about cybersex addiction.

Internet Sex Addiction

What is cybersex addiction? Here are the signs of problems that may arise due to addiction to cybersex.

  • Watching pornography takes more than 5 hours a week, and the need for this is growing.
  • Real sexual relationships are no longer satisfying or even viable.
  • Cybersex becomes a priority over real-life tasks (work, rest, communication with friends and family).
  • In the absence of the opportunity to engage in virtual sex – a person’s mood deteriorates.
  • There is fear and shame at the thought that someone would find out about such a hobby. There is a need to hide it away and conceal it.

If you have noticed one of the listed signs from your loved one, do not try to teach them, do not advise or frighten them. Try to talk in a relaxed atmosphere, offer assistance without imposing your participation. Leave a person the opportunity to refuse the proposed assistance. It is the ability to freely choose that gives a sense of security to a person. And then, when faced with a problem, they will be more willing to accept your participation. Is cybersex cheating? Well, there are such things as emotional and cyber cheating, not everyone considers them to be just as devastating as physical cheating, so it largely depends on a case to case basis.

If you think that you have fallen in the trap of cybersex addiction, try to make a list of the pros and cons of cybersex. Write down the reasons why you cannot imagine your life without it. Honestly answer the following question, "Can a psychologist or close people help you solve your problems?" Ask yourself, "How damaging is the effect of cybersex on your life?" If it is not destructive enough yet, define the precise moment on which you will have to stop it and face your addiction. Write down the signs by which you determine that you need help. Sometimes it is honest self-analysis, which allows a person to realize the destructive nature of a situation before it’s too late.

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