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There is a lot of information on how to properly build relationships with women on the Internet. We are taught how to care for them, what to gift, what to say and how to build a family. Honestly, about sex a lot is written and said too. We know a lot of things about what girls like in bed. However, what would you do if you have a new girlfriend from another country? From Russia, for example? Dating Russian girls is very popular today. However, you have to remember the Russians have a completely different mentality after all. Those sort of things that work with our girls, may be useless with them. Today we will help you understand the issue and tell about the most common preferences of Russian girls in sex.

Sex with a Russian Girlfriend

When is it time to move to bed?

So, you have already been to a couple of dates with your new girlfriend. You definitely like each other and both of you are ready to move to the next level. However, still do not rush. Your task is to find the golden mean between simply being initiative and literally pushing her to bedroom. Although women in Russia obtain a major sexual desire and seem to want it as well as you do, they are not used to give away everything at a blink of an eye. Sex is a true game for them. This is just the continuation of a flirt. Therefore, you are to understand the rules and the right sign “Start”. Everything else will not matter then. Here you have the most spread signs Russian sexy girls will demonstrate when they are ready either on purpose or subconsciously.

She constantly touches her lips

It does not have to be a seducing movement or something like suction. During your dates, just pointing at her lips and her looking at yours screams “I am thinking about you in bed”.

You go far away than kissing and she does not stop you

A French kiss, a lot of touching different parts of her body, disrobing or even stimulation of some ergogenic zones and what she says is a quiet or even loud groan? Congrats! You are free to act.

She tries to make your dates more private and insists on seeing your place

There you go! The next time she is in your apartment, be a man and use her hint! That is right! Russian single women are much clever than one may think. She knows better than you where, when and how to start intimate relationships with you. However, what a trouble, she wants you to perform it on your own without asking. You need to be cautious and prepared in such a sensitive issue. Do not think that all things girls like in bed are the same regardless of nationality.

Anyway, if you want to learn how to read Russian women’s sex minds, go on reading!

What kind of sex do Russian girls like?

You need to know about the specifics of their mentality, first, if you want to know much about things that Russian girls like in bed. There is a clear division of social roles between a man and a woman in Russia. Most often, a man cares about the financial issue, pays rent, dresses and feeds his wife. The woman is entirely devoted to domestic cares. You can say that this is so everywhere. And you know what? You will not be mistaken. However, in Russia this border is more precise. Women are more socially free in the Western countries. Furthermore, this thing directly affects sexual things that girls like.

sex with Russian girls

Since Russian women rarely argue that a man is the only boss in the house, they prefer the same thing in bed. They want you to play the main role. You set the rhythm and tone of your intimate relationships. While at the same time, Russian girls love caring during sex. Take her wishes into account and do not refuse if she wants to change her position. Believe me, cooperation with a Russian beauty in bed is worth it.

In addition, these beautiful ladies are very fond of spontaneous sex. It is unlikely that this will happen on the first date, but we hope that your relationship is serious. Do not hesitate to take the initiative if you understand that you both are excited. This what Russian women really like in bed. The idea of having sex in a restaurant toilet, in a car, in a cinema or in a random park is likely to appeal to her. Nevertheless, try to learn her better before offering such a thing if you don`t want to offend her. Not everyone is ready for that sort of adventure after a few dates! Russians like to obey, but do not like selfishness. This is what girls want in bed from you.

Finally, do not even think to miss the foreplay. It is like playing the usual play without the script. The prelude sets the tone for the act and makes you tune-in into the right wave. We all know those days when daily routine including some work stuff just do not want to leave your brain even in your hottest moments. A right and, what is the most vital, the long enough one, will be not only highly appreciated and then rewarded, but truly effective. Russian women like to start with long kisses slightly moving towards neck, chest and other erogenous zones. Also, in the beginning you can try the role play. This way your sex life will be bright and various. Of course, the last has to be tried after weeks having intimate relationships. For the first time, the classic missionary and doggy style will do. In fact, if you want to see the Russian ladies’ domination (what is, by the way, a very magnificent scene), let her rule and put her in a cowboy position. Sex with Russian girls then would be a total pleasure.

How long and how often do Russian women like to have sex?

The question of the sex duration is very individual. It is difficult to give specific figures, which all Russian girls will agree with. Some reach orgasm in a certain position in a couple of minutes, and others need much more time and efforts from you. However, a well-known site with adult videos has published an interesting study. It says that Russians spend at least 6 minutes watching one porn movie. What does it mean? In fact, a lot of things. First of all, it means that they quickly get bored of the same thing. Be sure to consider this. Prolonged sex in a missionary position is not enough for anyone. Secondly, this means that Russian women are easily excitable and quickly reach orgasm if you correctly behave with them. Listening to passionate music is among numerous things girls like during sex. Some nice tracks can really help you! Russians prefer sensual vocal, so set a playlist and go on.

The same site for adults reports that Russian women come to watch adult video not that often. If you recall the responses of men who had a long romantic relationship with the Russians, then we will find out that they do not like too frequent sex. Do you know why? Because it bores them very quickly and then you should not wait for hot and passionate nights, except on Saturday evenings. Sex with a Russian girl is quite a responsible business! Always know where to draw the line.

Diversity is the most important thing in sex for Russian girls. Try to bring something new into your intimate relationships. Most likely, she will do it more often, but you should not fall behind. Don`t be afraid to show if you really like sex with her. Give her a new idea about her favorite pose or suggest something extravagant. This will greatly help not only with your intimate relationships, but will also strengthen spiritual intimacy. Remember the most important rule - do not be a bore!

Remember one more thing. If your Russian girlfriend refuses to make love with you, it does not mean anything. In case she does not have this repeated headache, it is possible that all this is just a game. She wants you to flirt with her a little or try to seduce her. Usually outstanding sex follows such a game, which will be remembered for a long time. Dating Russian women is completely full of surprises!

The attitude of Russian women to unconventional sex

It is worth saying that the beautiful half of the Russian nation does not like unconventional sex. Most likely, this is the result of natural modesty. So do not expect from your new girlfriend suggestions to go to a sex shop and buy a new braid or handcuffs. You should not introduce her to your friends in the swinger club too. In the beginning of your relationship at least. Take all that in your own hands and surprise her. Let her discover new sex with you.

In other case, if a girl is open to extreme things in sex, you will know that. Simply hint with some kind of movement or word that you like anal sex for example. All in all, you can just reveal your hidden fantasies by simply using words. You can move to the next level if the reaction is positive. If you are refused, you should not insist on your own. Russian girls are very touchy and they do not like it when someone puts pressure on them. Let her think, study the topic and who knows, maybe one day she will insist on anal on her own.

sex with a Russian girl

In conclusion, we would like to say that Russian girls are first and foremost living people. Their behavior can be very different. Therefore, all the tastes depend on the individual. There are no direct instructions that will help you to have sex with a Russian woman or any other girl. Your personal experience is the best teacher and adviser. So try to get rid of complexes, excessive modesty and learn to observe and draw conclusions. You should always have a general plan of action. Try to encode the beautiful creature beside and the guide will be unnecessary to you. Finally, remember that you are a man. Your sexual preferences should not come first because real human relationships are much more important. Ages has passed since we were the animals. Why don’t you live it in the past?

How can you give pleasure to a hot Russian girl?

How to give a girl an orgasm is one of the most frequent searches on the Internet. It is understandable because, after all, it is much more difficult for a girl to achieve an orgasm. You will come to the finish, in any case, despite the mood. Usually, the girl needs a certain atmosphere, mood and, of course, desire. You will play a solo part without all these components, not giving a vivid pleasure to one of these sexy Russian girls. Is the case only in achieving an orgasm when you try to give pleasure to the girl? In fact, there are many ways, techniques, and nuances that will help bring the girl to the indescribable state both in the process and after sex.

Create an appropriate atmosphere

Many guys forget or even do not know that the girl needs to tune in, prepare herself for sex, you can call it whatever you want. If the shameful Russian girl is not psychologically ready, then you will not achieve the desired result anyway. Do not forget about the preliminary caress before you start making love. And yes, we talk about kisses all over the body, and, of course, about cunnilingus. Do not be lazy, study the basics of this difficult task, take your time and make her feel good. Remember that sex without a prelude is good only when both of you have a strong passion and cannot think of anything except how to get undressed as quickly as possible. In other cases, preliminary caresses will help relax and create an amazing atmosphere with one of these hot Russian girls.

Find out what she likes

Without knowing what she likes, you risk to not only disappoint her but also even to anger. Some young Russian girls are embarrassed to say how they like this or that, what to do, for example, move faster and harder, or, on the contrary, show some tenderness. Yes, some Russian girls can achieve an orgasm even from kisses on the neck or from the caresses of the nipples. Having learned all this information, you will precisely understand what actions will help a hot Russian girl reach a peak of pleasure more quickly. In addition, there are erogenous zones, the caresses of which can make your girlfriend come. Choose the poses that stimulate the clitoris during frictions, for example, a classic "missionary" and a "cowgirl" positions, when the girl sits in front of you. YouTube and Google are the ones that will save you and make a perfect lover indeed.

Use lubricant

Choose lubricant with the water-silicone base. Silicone provides a longer and more gentle friction and dries slowly. In any case, a good lubricant will help make your sex more comfortable and help the girl achieve an orgasm. This is a very useful thing that should be on the shelf of every wise man because nobody can say what will happen next and what experiment both of you will be eager to do.

Excellent sex with Russian women is always a process but not just a finale

It is important to remember: sex, even a great one, does not always end with an orgasm, especially for sexy Russian girls. It is easier for men to come, but the ability of girls to have an orgasm varies from a person to person. Some women can achieve an orgasm only with a direct stimulation of the clitoris; some can do it only with the help of a vibrating toy, and others only in a certain position, for example, a "cowgirl". When you have sex with a girl for the first time, it will be hard for you to understand what the most pleasant thing is for the girl, but it does not mean that all your efforts are in vain. The girl can still enjoy sex, the closeness, and the sensation itself. Do not consider sex through the prism of orgasm: if the ultimate goal is only an orgasm, then 99% of the pleasure is lost.

What should you do after sex? It does not matter if it is one night, or it is a long-term relationship, you have to take care of the girl after sex. As a true gentleman, you should provide the girl with a shower, a towel, a glass of water. At the very best, you should make a dinner or order some food. Try to enjoy the time after the sex to the fullest when both of you are satisfied and have a good mood. Finally, remember that sex is just the physical part of your relationships, which cannot substitute the real tender feelings, communication, taking care of each other, which are factors that are actually rather more important for a Russian lady than a usual sexual act.

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Aug 21,  2020,  9:30 AM

This is the best guide for men. All that is written here is true!

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