How to Pick a Gift for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

It is extremely important to know your girlfriend’s preferences in order to know the things she is going to like and dislike. This knowledge will help you pick the best gift for her every single time, yet here are some other tips on how to do it.

  • When buying any product, pay special attention to its expiration date (if it is flowers or sweets), or to its warrant (if it is a product that can be refunded in case of poor performance or etc.).
  • Always remember to decorate your gift, and the right package will only enhance the experience of receiving it.
  • Do not overdo with originality, otherwise, you may devalue your gift altogether.
  • Ask your family and friends for ideas.
  • Remember that sales assistants are primarily interested in your money, not your girlfriend’s best interests.

With that out of the way, what should I get my girlfriend for her birthday?

what to get girlfriend for birthday

Birthday Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Here are some of the best birthday gift ideas for girlfriends that we know.

Hot air balloon flight

Such an idea can be put on the list of the most romantic ones. The flight on a hot air balloon will be remembered for many years since you will be literally alone in the air with the forces of nature to decide your path. Of course, in small towns it will be quite difficult to find such a service, so we immediately advise you to start searching for one in large cities, regardless of your country of residence. Before flying, ask the pilots and the organizers whether they have proper licenses or other documents to organize an event like that. Such vigilance will allow you to choose the safest and most reliable company for hot air ballooning.

A few days of rest in a luxury hotel by the sea

Your girlfriend deserves all of the best things in the world. She can get all of the practical things from her relatives, in particular from her parents, but only her man can make her feel unique and loved on her birthday. One way to achieve this feeling is to arrange a trip for a couple of days to a seaside resort. Moreover, one of the biggest selling points of such a trip is that you will not live in a regular apartment but in a beautiful hotel that offers views to the sea to both of you. Any working man can afford this kind of a trip, even if it’s just 2-3 days, but it’s still worth all the money you spend on it. You do not have to spend money on restaurants (in the hotel, food is included in the price for your room), all sorts of souvenirs and excursions, you should spend this time together and not let anyone or anything to spoil it for you two.


If you want to not only surprise your girlfriend but even to shock her, you can offer such an unexpected way of spending time as parachuting. The disadvantage of such a gift is that not every girl is able to appreciate such a gesture and generally agree on a jump itself. Although in reality there is nothing special to fear here, the main thing is to remember all the instructor’s instructions, and you will be just fine. Such an idea should be offered to girls who love risk and active recreation, or if she's said that she wants to experience something new like that.

Naming a star after her

This is one of the best birthday gifts for girlfriend out there. Authoritative astrologers assure us that there are so many stars in the sky that most of them still don’t have any names attached. Thus, smart businessmen have invented an interesting way to earn some cash, allowing people to name stars in the sky after the names that they want. By using such agencies, you can register the name of a star, naming it in honor of your girlfriend. In response, you will receive a certificate with the exact coordinates of a star, which you will give as proof of the presence in the sky of a star with the name of a girl you love the most in this world. thoughtful birthday gifts for girlfriendThe same applies to this as to all the above services above, be vigilant and stand up for your rights as a consumer. Ask your agents for a license for this type of activity or proof of the legality of their work.

Now that you know some creative birthday ideas for girlfriend, here’s a list of some quotes to send or write to her on this day.

Birthday Quotes for Your Girlfriend

If you are wondering what to write in a birthday card for a girlfriend, here are some quotes that she will definitely enjoy.

  • Honey, I wish you all the best on your birthday. Wish your life to be filled with happy moments, incredible meetings, unique emotions. On the path of life, I hope your relatives who give hope and support in everything and reliable friends who are ready to help at any moment, will accompany you along the way. Wish your life to be like a fairy tale. Happy holiday, my dear.
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you to stay just as beautiful, sunny, gentle and feminine as you are. Wish you to be surrounded by sincere smiles, true friends and the best of people in the world. Wish your work to bring you joy, and for your life to bring only pleasure to you! Be happy, do not forget to rejoice and live your life to the fullest!
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you happiness, good health, warmth, light, love, tenderness, and vital energy! Wish you always to shine with happiness, achieve your goals, so that all of your most cherished dreams will come true. I love you and I wish all the best that this world has to offer.
  • Happy Birthday, my darling! Hope every day will be filled with wonders and pleasant surprises, and all of your plans come true with ease and any troubles. I wish you love, good health, good luck, reliable friends and only the best of emotions!
  • Today is the birthday of a cute and charming girl! I sincerely congratulate you with your birthday and wish you incredible happiness, eternal beauty, and youth, joy, the best of emotions and all the harmony in your soul and in life. With that being said, what to get a girlfriend for a birthday as a gift?

Birthday Present Ideas for Your Girlfriend

1. Fondue

Reflecting on the fact that it is possible to purchase an original and useful gift for a girlfriend’s birthday, we advise you to turn your attention to fondue. It is one of the most romantic birthday gifts for a girlfriend on the market. Fondue is a dish that is made in the following way: first off, chocolate gets melted in a pot, then you stick all sorts of fruits under a fountain of melted chocolate, and the rest is quite intuitive. Also, fondue is not only about using chocolate as its main ingredient, but you can also use all sorts of cheeses that can be accompanied with breadsticks and various meats. There are hundreds of ways to use those fondue fountains.

Fondue is a Swiss recipe, and it is relatively new to the outside world, but now such fountains can be found practically everywhere. The beauty of such a gift is not only in originality and its utility, but it is also quite affordable in price, and depending on the model you can buy a fondue fountain for $20 and $200. While the price matters, one thing remains the same, and it is that your girlfriend will be able to enjoy some delicious food. The difference lies only in the material from which the fountains are made, in the number of auxiliary devices, in the volume of the vessel, and also in principle of heating chocolate, cheese or other products.

2. Set of expensive cosmetics

Anyone can buy cosmetics, this isn’t anything new, but not everyone is able to afford to buy an expensive set of cosmetics from a well-known brand (Max Factor, Chanel, Lancôme, etc.). The bonus of such a present is the fact that even if a girl does not like this makeup, she will still be able to express some pride when talking to her friends, “Yes, I have some of that Chanel cosmetics at home, but I don’t use them.” And while in general, the price of a gift should not be the main deciding factor in the process of selecting a gift, but it is quite important nonetheless.

3. GPS-navigator

Still thinking of what to get your girlfriend for her birthday, then how about a GPS-navigator? If your girlfriend has a car, then a GPS-navigator will be an excellent option for such an occasion. Get her a device that will help her easily navigate a city. Indeed, in a big city, it is difficult to navigate around, to find a right street or a house, and it is this that causes girls to get frustrated and spend all of that valuable gas. If a girl likes to travel to different cities, then she needs to have one because any driver can get lost on a road. When choosing, we advise you to pay attention to the appearance of a navigator, so that it fits into the design of a car's interior as much as possible, and she will appreciate your attention to details.

best birthday gift for girlfriend4. Sex toys

You should not be afraid of giving such a gift to your girlfriend. Yeah, there is some risk of being misunderstood and even annoy a girl. In addition, consider the conditions under which you will make a gift, and if you show it when you are alone, there are no problems, but if parents, friends, relatives are present, then it would not be suitable to get a sex toy out of your box and present to her, nothing good will come out of it. But such things will help you diversify your intimate life.

5. Pet

What to get my girlfriend for her birthday? Get her a pet! There is nothing else in this world like a cute pet. They range from the most basic ones, like cats and dogs, to exotic ones like otters and chinchillas. A cute puppy is a surefire hit, who doesn’t love a cute little puppy? If she likes animals, then this will be the best birthday gift for a girlfriend you can pick. Do not gift exotic animals such as snakes, chameleons, etc., because, firstly, your girlfriend can be afraid of them, and secondly, they require a lot more attention (as a rule) then all sorts of common pets out there.

6. Certificate to a solarium

As you know, all girls are very attentive to their makeup, hair, clothes, and body. A girl will never refuse to go to a solarium and make her skin even more attractive, especially in autumn, winter or springtime, when there is no opportunity to properly sunbathe on a beach. When buying a certificate, please note that the number of visits should not be less than five, otherwise, there will be no proper effect from such a number of sessions!

7. Gift certificate

Such a thing as a gift certificate has become very popular among business people. The idea itself came from the Western countries, where busy businessmen did not have the time and desire to go shopping to choose the ideal gifts for their women, but they thought it is wrong just to give money. Because of that, they came up with the following: they bought so-called certificates in all sorts of various high-end stores. These certificates represent a certain amount of money that a person can spend on all sorts of products. Such a certificate allows you to make a purchase for a certain amount of money in the store. And while it is not the most thoughtful birthday gifts for girlfriend out there, there will be no trouble if she knows how busy you are.

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