Can a Cheap Date Be Fun?

Many people associate dates with big expenses and going to restaurants and cinema. They believe that the dates are really expensive, and they quickly become boring. But to spend a great time together, one doesn’t need to spend a lot of money.

cheap date ideas for couples

A little creativity, a little thrift and an unusual attitude to ordinary life is the recipe that will help you create all sorts of amazing and memorable moments with a person you love. In fact, these little unusual ideas can probably bring more fun than the standard approach to having a date: visiting all sorts of expensive restaurants, fancy clubs, and so on. If you are already dating a boyfriend/girlfriend, you should diversify your relationship so you never get bored, get closer and open up to each other in all sorts of unexpected and pleasant ways.

Have we convinced you yet? Do you want to get to know someone that is very dear to you, without emptying your wallet in the process? Do you want to spend some unforgettable time with your partner without any extra expenses? Do you need some cheap or free date ideas? We present you with a selection of cheap date ideas for couples.

Cheap or Free First Date Ideas

Flea Markets

You can go on a sort of a flea market treasure hunt, go around and bargain with people while making good deals! It is so fascinating to find all sorts of retro toys, silverware, antique dishes, and comics! And it is even nicer to buy all sorts of things at a price significantly lower than their market value! You can even earn a little by using eBay to sell these items at higher prices.

best date ideasHiking

The weather often calls us to explore all sorts of uncharted places and adventures. How wonderful it is to feel healthy, free and happy while exploring the beauty of nature! This is the perfect way to have a date, see a lot of interesting things and do it on a minimum budget. A tent, a cooler bag, and some home cooking will allow you to spend the night alongside nature. When you wake up you will be able to drink fresh coffee while enjoying the fresh air, do some exercise and continue on with your journey.

Things to find on the streets

Sometimes we get so used to our native city that we simply forget what attracts tourists to it. What about falling in love with the places that you didn’t notice before? Hiking has never harmed anyone. Even in a small town, you can find a lot of free entertainment, which are arranged by activists or urban establishments, especially in a warm season. Silent cinema festivals, free tours or street food tastings are organized in almost every modern city. You can find out about such events without leaving your home on by visiting your city’s website. Trust me, if there are such sites for your city, then you will never run out of ways to spend a date with a person you love.

Feeding ducks in a park

Here’s one of the best date ideas, which will return you two back to your childhood days, it brings back all sorts of great memories and requires only a loaf of bread. If there are no ducks, any sparrow will definitely not refuse to take their place. However, there is one thing to mention, just your regular loaf of bread isn’t really the best option: bakery products can lead to a gastrointestinal upset in birds. Take finely chopped cabbage or thermally unprocessed cereals with you on your trip.

Happy hours

Order two dishes or drinks for the price of one – this is a pleasant and simple way to save money.

Local pubs

Surely you can just sit around and drink beer with some snacks at a local pub, but there are lots of other activities to find there, all sorts of party games, darts, billiard and etc.

Promotions, discounts, and bonuses

On weekdays, you can profitably buy cheap movie tickets or get discounts for cafes and restaurants. Do not be lazy to search for such discounts and stay tuned with all the free events in your city. Who said that saving is not romantic?

Art exhibitions and events

You'll conquer your partner with your knowledge in modern or classical arts! Great masterpieces open the soul and inspire, elevate us to a new level of thoughts and feelings. You can go to museums on holidays or discount days, do not miss the chance to see unique productions, performances, and exhibitions. So many fun cheap date nights can be spent this way. These will surely be some unforgettable memories for the two of you.


Why not go together to a wine tasting? You can admire the vineyards, learn to understand the art of making and consuming the divine drink, get a memorable collection of wines from different wineries - isn’t it a great idea? In addition, you can always become an experienced sommelier in the company of your friends and relatives, any great company needs one.

Local concerts and shows

When it comes to good cheap date ideas, you cannot go wrong with visiting a local show. They are often free, and sometimes they feature famous musicians or young talents. You can listen to music, enjoy a romantic evening and spend time without spending a dime.

fun things to doDo some volunteer work together

No matter how bad is your financial situation, there is always someone got it much worse than you. So why not try to help others together? It will not cost you anything except your time, and it will be a really big chance for you to get to know each other closer, to reach a new level in your relationship. Volunteer work can unite you, inspire, find new ideas for life and business. You will feel that you are changing the world for the better, together.

Free beaches

This is one of the best cheap summer date ideas if you live near a beach. It is always available to you! Do not miss the chance to enjoy it, especially if it isn’t a crowded place. There are lots of different activities to find and to create yourself on a beach, your imagination is your main weapon in this.


Do not miss the cheap or free master classes. Who knows, perhaps, in one of these events you will discover a talent that you have never suspected to exist! This comes with the benefit of spending time with your loved one. A partner who loves such entertainment will appreciate that you have bothered about registering for a free event in advance, as the number of places is usually limited, and there are a lot of people who want to participate in such events.

Fun Cheap Date Ideas

Here are some fun and cheap date ideas for both of you.

Cooking together

Delicious food, aromatic smells, and dishes cooked at home with love ... Do you still think that the path to someone's heart does not lie through the stomach? If you both love to cook - why not to hold a culinary duel? Such competition will surely bring you lots of fun! You can go to a store together, pick all the needed products, arrange a real culinary workshop and cook something tasty together. What could be more wonderful than that? Just do not strain your partner and yourself with all the dirty plates that come afterward.

Board games

Are you immediately depressed at the sight of Monopoly? Everything is not as bad and boring, believe me! Today there are lots of different stores that are filled with exciting board games! Puzzles, charades, roleplaying games, so your options are endless. Board games provide you with an opportunity to have fun with your partner, your friends and do it cheaply.

Video games

When it comes to fun things to do with your partner, nothing comes close to video games. A couple that can be entertained by simply playing video games will last for a long time! If your partner is a master, and you are not too competitive, sports and combat games can easily suit the two of you! Girls often condemn guys for playing video games, instead of just joining them from time to time and learning to play. You will be surprised by how such simple things bring people closer together. The world of video games is huge, there are lots of different consoles on the market, lots of accessories for them and, of course, an endless amount of games to enjoy.

Active recreation

This is one of the best cheap date ideas. What could be more fun and exciting than to go out for some skating together? Or go to a gym, to push each other to your limits and to get yourself in the best shape possible. While sharing such activities together, you can make your relationship more exciting. You can find a common passion and thus, always have a mutually-favorite way of spending time. But what about the budget savings? In the summer, many master classes are free or quite cheap! And in general, when it comes to cheap things to do, nothing comes close to a joint workout.

cheap summer date ideasSports events

If a couple has the same tastes in football or any other sport, then there it is, you have a way to spend some time together. Psychologists also note that the joint support of your favorite team strengthens family relationships. Cheap Date Night Ideas Last but not least, here’s a list of cheap romantic date ideas for a night with your partner.

Movie night

A good old-fashioned way to spend a night of romance is to watch some movies, without leaving your home. The only thing left is to get some snacks. Cinemas are slowly dying, which may upset some people out there, but don’t forget about all the advancements that have been made towards having the same cinema experience at home. There are lots of popular services like Netflix and Hulu that will allow you to watch some quality movies and series in each other’s company.

Picnic at home

One of the best cute cheap date ideas is to arrange a picnic at home. This idea will seem charming to you if you think about a couple of things: you can cover the room with soft blankets, make a pillow house as you did as a child, eat your dinner while it is still hot, not be afraid of any external factor and also fall asleep in the comfort of your own home without all the grass, bugs and potential intruders. It is a little silly, childish, naive and very romantic!


Isn't it nice to have a spa right in the house? This is much cheaper than a real spa! You can massage each other, there is a lot of intimacy and romance in it. You will avoid all the unnecessary hustle of finding a spa, getting out of your home, people walking around. It is much more romantic to spend this time together, and no one is there to limit you in anything.

Poker Night

Poker is always fun, exciting and seductive. If you want to spice it up, you can always increase the stakes by turning it into strip poker.

Night sky

If you live in a place where the sky is constantly covered with stars – you should enjoy such a privilege! Get a bottle of wine, get some light snacks, a few pillows and you are all set. This way of spending time together is very romantic.

Take a bath together

You can escape the daily routine and enjoy each other’s company in a bath. Skip the candles and oils - the standard bubble bath will be more than enough.

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