What could be harder than coming up with ideas for a date? Indeed, it seems to many of us that we are very creative, hundreds of ideas are constantly swarming in our heads, and they are waiting for their time. And when we get into a situation where we really need to come up with a cool idea (most often it should be an idea for a date), we bare into a stupor. The brain generates only two things - Netflix and a dinner in a restaurant. We are trying to go beyond this, but banal and not interesting ideas keep stubbornly popping up. This is due to the fear of appearing boring or insufficiently original. At such moments, we really need help. And we have something to offer you - for example, a list of cool ideas for a date, each of which has been tested in life and has a charming effect on girls!

Funny date ideas

Creative Date Ideas


MadLibs is always fun! If the weather is good, take your soul mate, a bottle of good wine, and a tasty snack, go to the park and play the MadLibs. This is an excellent option for a first date, and for those couples who want to bring diversity to their romantic life. By the way, if the weather is bad, you can play this game anywhere - even in a cafe or restaurant.

Redecorate a room

Why not? Think over new interior details, go shopping, and breathe new life into the room together!

Play a musical Instrument

If you were playing a musical instrument in your youth, it's time to brush up your forgotten skills! Surely there is a song that you both love. Play and sing it together. It can even turn into a full-fledged home concert.

Cook a fresh dinner

Visit your local farmer’s market, grab some vegetables, and cook a delicious dinner together.

Visit your local jazz club

A perfect date is a date ... in another era. No, you do not need a time machine. Put on your best costume, take your better half by the arm, and go to the jazz club. A little whiskey, good music, nice atmosphere - these are the ingredients for creating a perfect date.

Romantic quests

Turn your love story into an adventure. Think of a simple script, scatter clues around the city, make a route and have a great time!

Play a board game

Competitive spirit can inflame the fire of love stronger than watching light erotica. Yes, even chess can do that.

Visit a concert

At concerts, there is always a crazy energy. A romantic mood and a lot of new impressions are guaranteed.

Learn your family history

It can be anything: a joint viewing of a family album or a whole investigation, during which you will learn a lot about the families of each other. It can also be the beginning of a great journey through the places of historical memory.

Find a place with a great view

Climb onto the roof of the building and enjoy the picturesque sunset in company with your loved one. The main thing is to remember about safety!

Visit IKEA

It’s always fun!

Date night ideasVolunteer activity

Nothing brings together better than good things done together. For example, you can spend time with children who have a poor situation in the family or help an animal shelter.

Visit the zoo

Communication with animals energizes and teaches adults and children to love.

Go to the library

Stroll along the book rows and discuss your favorite literary works. Such a date will open you a lot of interesting things about each other.

Go to the gym

Workout will fill you with energy and provide a good mood. In addition, sports contribute to a faster transition to the intimate phase of relationships.

Go shopping

Buy each other cute gifts, delicious food and laugh at the visitors of the shopping center. It is always fun!

Watch a horror movie

People like to experience a sense of fear being safe. Especially if there is a beautiful girl next to you for whom you are a real protector this very minute.

Go to the roller drome

It was a very popular date place for our parents. Why? Learn from personal experience!

Go for a hike

It is interesting, sexy and original. Create a pleasant memory that will always be with you!

Go to the forest with tents

Set a camp, cook simple meals on fire, and cuddle under the starlight. The main thing is to choose a good day for such a date - the weather can be both your friend and your enemy.

Arrange a thematic movie marathon

Have you ever tried to study the filmography of one actor or director all day? Not? Then it's time to fix it - it will be a great day.

Take a music lesson

Find a tutor to teach music to both of you. It's very romantic!

Go find some cool desserts

Who said that a date is always a lunch or dinner in a restaurant? Ice cream and cakes are as sweet as love, so why not find the best ones?

Take a dance class

Dance is sexy. And interesting. Learn how to waltz with your girlfriend and conquer her heart!

Street fair is romantic

New clothes and delicious food ... what could be better? Treat your girl to delicious street food and buy a couple of cute souvenirs.

Play bowling

Why not find out which of you throws the balls better?

Go to an art gallery

Touch the beautiful manifestations of the human soul! At the same time study the tastes of your girlfriend, and you will have an interesting topic for discussion.

Take a pet from a shelter

Perhaps such an act will make you a real family.

Visit a museum together

Silence and contemplation are also good. And romantic. And sexy.

Go for a walk without a goal

Just go somewhere. You do not need a destination - immerse yourself in communication with each other.

Good date ideasGo on a picnic

Nothing extra. Only you, your better half, nature, and delicious food. Excellent occasion to chat and have a great time.

Go ride horses

Horses are very intelligent animals. It is fun and interesting with them.

Take a painting class

Why don't you learn to draw together? This is a great hobby that will bring you a lot of pleasure.

Become photographers

All you need is a good mood and a smartphone or camera. Come up with scenes for a photo, take a selfie, take pictures of passersby - in a word, have fun.

Go boating

Water has magical powers. Find a place to go boating. You will be a rower, and your girl will be a charming companion whose heart you want to win.

Go to a party

Why don't you go straight to the fun? Find an inexpensive nightclub with good music and dance till you drop!

Go to the neighboring town

Let it be a cute mini-trip for the two of you!

Start marathon training

Why not? Together you can overcome even the most difficult obstacles.

Have a cocktail party for two

Find original cocktail recipes and arrange a competition - whose drink is cooler! The main thing is not to overdo it so that in the morning the head does not hurt.

See a comedy show

An evening of laughter will strengthen your relationship. In addition, laughter prolongs life!

Fun Date Ideas

Go to a karaoke bar

If you can't sing, it's just great! Take the microphone in your hands and do not be shy. And best of all, sing a duet.

Buy funny costumes and stroll through the city

Do not be afraid to look stupid! Walk around the city in a suit of Pikachu - it's very fun.

Go to a protest

Do you both hold an active civil position? State it together!

Play arcade games

As we mentioned above, getting competitive is always fun!

Make your childhood dreams come true

For example, you cannot fall asleep all night. Or eat a lot of sweets. Anyway, you do not need our tips, you know what to do!

Cheap date ideasGo to a book store

Who needs common dates when you both like books? Buy each other some literature inspired gifts and be happy.

Check your teamwork skills

Complete your local quest room.

Arrange a sexy adventure

Maybe in your city there is an exhibition of sex toys? Or there opened a sex shop nearby that you wanted to visit? It's time to do it!

Breakfast date is cool

Meet up early in the morning and eat the best breakfast in your life. You can cook it yourself or go to a cafe.

Go to a haunted house

Each city has its own haunted house. Why don't you explore it? You’ll hardly find real ghosts there, but in any case you will get a portion of adrenaline.

Go to the opera house

This is a great reason to wear a chic outfit and let some art into your life. Believe us, opera singing is not boring but incredibly romantic!

Go to the Dying Swan ballet

This is a very popular performance, which is regularly staged in various theaters. Romantic, tragic and ... fun!

Go to the beach

The energy of the sun, the energy of water, and your girl in a bathing suit - what else do you need for happiness?

Have breakfast in bed

Cook some delicious food and eat it together in your lovely, cozy bed...watching Netflix of course :)

Visit a sports event

You can not only participate in competitions but also watch them. It's fun!

Lie on the grass

It’s an old-fashioned type of the date but it’s still fun! Watch the clouds slowly passing by and speak on the most intimate topics.

Get brunch

Food, drinks, fun, laughter ... and the morning you meet together in one bed. Perfect date with a perfect ending!

Go on a brewery tour

Craft beer is very tasty. If your girlfriend does not know it yet, it's time to arrange a tour to your favorite breweries!

Go to a record store

Discovering some new music is always cool. You can find magical atmosphere in good record stores, so find that one.

Go for tasting French cheese

Unforgettable gastronomic impression and bohemian atmosphere are guaranteed.

Cook dinner together

Cooking together will make you family people. And eating this food together will make you happy!

Cook delicious pastries

Everyone loves baking! But why buy it if you can have fun and cook it yourself?

Funny date ideasVisit the antique shop

Antiques have a special energy. They have affairs, thoughts, happiness, suffering, smiles and tears of the past years. The antique shop is a kind of time machine.

Visit botanical gardens

Fragrant flowers, majestic trees, exotic shrubs ... all this creates a pristine and innocent atmosphere. It's very romantic!

Play pool

Pool is a very fun game. And if at the same time you drink a couple of glasses of excellent craft beer, the evening will definitely be wonderful.

Go back to school

Show your soul mate the place where you spent so many years of your life. You will definitely have something to tell.

Do work out at your place

Find the best exercise program on YouTube, turn on your favorite music, and enjoy the movement! It will energize you and give you a wonderful mood.

Watch the birds

Birds are amazing creatures. They are very interesting and fun to watch. Take a camera with you to take a couple of shots for memories.

Get into water activities

Kayak, play polo ... enjoy the water and feel the taste of life!

Take a DJ class

DJs are rock stars of the new time. While you cannot go to the lesson of rocker skill, you can well learn to DJ! Then you can invite your friends and have a great party.

Have a conversation session in front of the fireplace

The fire has a magnetic and soothing power. Looking at the fire, it is very pleasant to communicate on sincere themes and make plans for the future.

Play Laser Tag

This game is fun to play not only for children but also for adults. Do not believe us? Try it yourself!

Ride go-karts

It's fun and not dangerous, but a good dose of adrenaline is provided for you. In addition, you can make an interesting bet!

Go paintballing

Show what you can do, playing in the same team or against each other. Just do not forget to dedicate the whole day to paintball - this is a very exciting game!

Go on a double date

Take the coolest idea from this list and invite another couple to have fun. This can be done endlessly :)

Go skeet shooting

It is kinder and more fun than hunting.

Pretend to be experienced wine tasters

Put on your best costumes and go on a wine tasting ... feel like a bohemian connoisseur of all that is beautiful and charming.

Visit a dog park

If you do not have a pet, you can always play with your neighbors’ or friends' pets! Your better half will be delighted!

Make your own fireworks show

Color the night sky in bright colors and dedicate this show to your girlfriend!

Go to the circus

Animal free circus, of course. Look at the wonders that acrobats and clowns perform.

Things You Should Mention Before a Date

Date ideasDo not believe those who say that you need to rely only on your own intuition when it comes to love affairs. If you don't have a lot of romantic experience, you should prepare for a date, especially if it is the first one. The whole essence of preparation is what you will speak about and what you will not speak about.

What to talk about:

  • Ask your partner how he or she earns a living. By this, you show the seriousness of your intentions and begin an inexhaustible topic for discussion. There will be no awkward pauses in your dialogue.
  • What famous person would you like to have lunch with? This question will help you learn more about the soul of your interlocutor.
  • What country or city do you dream to visit? People like to talk about their dreams. This will give your dialogue an atmosphere of intimacy.

What is not worth talking about:

  • Don’t speak about your parents. So you will look infantile.
  • Politics. This topic can spoil your appetite, mood and nerves. Don't talk about politics. At least, at first date.

Things You Should Remember During the Date

Know a little about your date. Social networks allow you to learn a little about the person with whom you go on a date. This is important so that your partner understands the seriousness of your intentions.

Be a gentleman. Girls like it. But do not behave too pompously and falsely.

Give compliments. Do not be shy. But do not flatter - the girls do not like flattery, and it can offend them.

Wear stylish and comfortable clothing. Nothing should distract you from a conversation with a lady and you should feel confident to make a good impression.

Offer to pay for a dinner. But if the girl does not want, do not insist - it may seem rude.

Interesting Ideas for a Date Night

Go to the Drive-In. It may seem old-fashioned to you, but your girlfriend will definitely like such this brilliant among other date night ideas.

Have a pajama party. Order delicious food and talk about everything!

Make your own horror movie. Come up with a simple script, grab a camera, and have some fun.

Share intimate messages. Fire up your relationships. Write everything that comes to your mind. And then embody it in life!

Get some intimate massage skills. There is nothing to explain. Give each other pleasure!

Cheap Date Ideas

Hang out at a coffee shop. Order a delicious coffee or tea, talk about your favorite movies or books.

Show your old photos. Most likely, each photo has its own story. You will have something to talk about.

Put a puzzle together. Come up with a cool playlist, buy a set of puzzles, and have a great time.

Take a drive. A trip by car can turn into an unforgettable adventure. Think of an interesting route, take a tent, and go for new impressions.

Go for a bike ride. This one is my favorite thing among all good date ideas. If you have bikes, you will never be bored. But even if not, you can always rent them - a trip through the city at night will give you a lot of positive emotions.

Do not be afraid to use our ideas - each of them is verified by personal experience. The main thing that is in our life is impressions. Give them to your loved ones, and you will find that you are an absolutely happy person!

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