It doesn’t matter how long you are together — two months or two years. Of course, time plays a big role in the development of relations, but it also destroys them very often. Are you satisfied with the level of your relationship today? Answer honestly. How do you spend your time together? Is it a standard scheme: dinner — computer — sleep? It is like a Groundhog Day in some sense.

We offer you some great date night ideas. But, first of all, you should understand that you are not a director of the play and your better half is not one of the members of the theatrical troupe. She also has her own plans and, in the end, her ideas about the “perfect night”. Warn your woman about the upcoming surprise in advance in order to avoid embarrassing moments. You don’t need to pull all cards on a table. Just ask her to be at some place on time and free that evening from any plans. Stop the world and rest for a while!


How to Spend a Night Date with a Girl?

After you met a beauty, the question arises: “How to spend an interesting date night with a girl and what to do?” Almost everything depends on these questions. If this date is the first, then it has to be interesting and give emotions to a girl – after that she will want to meet you again and again. She will wait for a phone call and agree to a second date. On the other hand, if you fail it, she will look at the watch and around in order to finish such an uninteresting meeting as quickly as possible. If you are together for a long time, then it will be also nice to make such a date. Girls like when men surprise them. You will find date night recipes below in order to make it right. We are sure that a girl will remember it for good.

1. Get ready for a date

When a date is already scheduled and you have some knowledge of how you can arrange a first date with a girl that you like, consider in advance the possible development of events.

2. Buy flowers or prepare a surprise

A bouquet of flowers is a classic sign of attention. It characterizes a man as a gentle and attentive admirer. You should know what flowers a girl likes (you can ask her friends). But it will be appropriate not for every date because in many cases you will have to carry them everywhere. If your meeting is held not in a cafe, where a bouquet can be put in a vase, it is better to give a girl something small that can be put in her small purse. A gift, of course, has to be chosen based on the preferences of your chosen one.

If she likes to read, give her a pocket version of the book of her favorite writer or classical author — you will definitely not be wrong. You can also present a girl a CD with music, jewelry, tickets to the theater — whatever she likes.

3. Behave naturally

perfect date night ideasBe as open as possible with your girlfriend on a date. The female gender is famous for its sensitivity, and most girls immediately see the falsity in your words or behavior. Don’t try to show yourself who you are not — it will only aggravate the situation later. Remember: if a girl agreed to go out with you, then she likes you as you are. Behave as naturally as possible.

  • If there are awkward pauses in the conversation, you can fill them with simple words: “Sorry, I’m just nervous, I like you very much.” Such confession will flatter any girl, and thus you will show that she is not indifferent to you.
  • Also, try to stick to the golden mean during the conversation: don’t be silent, but don’t talk incessantly. Tell her more about yourself and your interests, incidentally asking questions.
  • Try to find out about her preferences in food, music, movies so that you don’t have difficulties with choosing a place or a way of spending time.

4. Touch a girl

Yes, we understand, it's not easy, especially when you don’t have much experience in dating. But, believe me, there will be no seduction without this. Take her hand from the first minutes of the meeting so that she gets used to it. And keep talking and touching her safe zones all the time.

Also, don’t forget to talk about sex unless it’s your first date. This will give a very impressive effect: your girl will be quickly excited, and you will have great chances of sex after a date. Tell something from your life, and then ask her to tell you something. Remember things that she loves in bed the most — it will come in handy in the future.

5. Take her home

The duty of a man on a date is to ensure the safety of a girl until she returns home. After the end of a meeting, ask her to take her home or give her a ride. If she refuses, then call a taxi and pay for the trip.

6. End a date unexpectedly

Once you see that a beauty is a little tired, you should not delay. It's important not just to leave her in a cafe and go. You should say goodbye, kiss her, and only then you can leave her. It is important to finish a meeting at the peak of emotions. Do you watch TV series? Do you know how they end? The most interesting is that girls want to watch them more and more. So, you have to end a meeting unexpectedly. She will want to continue a date, and she will definitely agree to see you again, moreover, she will wait for your call.

Perfect Date Night Ideas

Where do the lovers usually go on a date? You may answer that they go to cafes, movies, theaters. And it will be correct. These are the places where lovers go on the first, second and three-hundredth dates. But, probably, the monotony begins to bore. The phrase “let's go somewhere” doesn’t cause excitement and the feeling of something unexpected. But how to surprise your significant other? We offer you several fun date night ideas that you can implement in life.

Idea #1. Date in the wood

It may seem that there is nothing unusual. Everything is ordinary: a forest, a walk, and bothersome mosquitoes. But no! This time everything will be different. Not as it was before. It is a great idea to arrange a romantic night for your girlfriend in the forest! This is not difficult at all. You will need a hammock and a tent, food, and candles. Make an intrigue. Leave her a note like: “Be ready by 6 p.m. I will call you." Call a taxi service and ask a driver to ride to your woman’s house at exactly 6 p.m. A driver should take your date to the forest. In order she does not get lost, you can throw rose petals on the road. You should set up a tent and a table by this time, hang a hammock, light the candles. Turn a romantic music on, enjoy the company of your beloved, and dance. Believe me, it will be an incredible night.

Romantic_Picnic Idea #2. Romantic night on the roof

Set a table for two, buy a bottle of good wine, light candles. Dinner on the roof is best arranged in the evening. The whole evening is for you. It is not necessary to arrange a chic dinner. A bottle of wine and fruit are enough. Forget everything, take a look at the night sky and dream. And make a declaration of love as well.

Idea # 3. A date night on the beach

Imagine a lake, a beach, and you two. Take a bottle of wine and some food with you, and arrange a small dinner. Then go for a swim together, it will give you unforgettable moments. Make a fire, remember your first date, and remember your first kiss. Devote this evening to pleasant memories. Ask your friends to organize fireworks. Choose the right words. For example, tell your loved one that these fireworks are in her honor, and you are happy that you have her by your side.

Idea # 4. Date night in the movie

Try to get a woman out as late as possible. Buy tickets in advance. It doesn’t matter what kind of film it will be, most importantly that there will be fewer people. And it will be better if you will be with your loved one during the whole film alone. Kisses and gentle hugs can’t leave your girlfriend indifferent. Especially if it is in a large hall, where there is not a soul near you.

Idea # 5. Night date in the hotel

They say that change of the environment has a positive effect on a person. This is really so. Why don’t you get out of your apartment and stay at a good hotel? It will be good if you book a room with a jacuzzi. We are sure that your girl dreams of a bath with champagne. All the girls dream about it. You have the opportunity to make her dream come true. Fill a jacuzzi with champagne (at least a half of it), light candles, turn on romantic music and invite your love to the room. A bottle of good wine and sweets will make your date more enjoyable. If you don’t have enough money for a bath with champagne, then just a romantic evening in a jacuzzi will be remembered for a long time as well.

Idea #8. Date night in a restaurant

Choose the right restaurant or cafe. It should be a quiet place with pleasant and good music that will not distract you from communicating. It is also desirable that the interior of this place is filled with romance. It will be good if there is a dim soft light, comfortable sofas, beautifully decorated tables, as well as a pleasant, fast and courteous service. And most importantly, book a table in advance so that it doesn’t turn out that you come, but there are no free tables.

Idea # 9 Date night at home

The best idea is to organize a romantic dinner at home. Contrary to the opinion that date at home is banal, you can still arrange a beautiful evening that will please a girl for sure. The main thing is your imagination. First of all, create a cozy and even intimate atmosphere. Food can be ordered from the nearby restaurant. But if you can cook, a girl will appreciate it. A romantic evening consists not only of a dinner or an active rest, there must be surprises as well. It can be cookies with wishes or another surprise. A joint dinner should be accompanied by pleasant words.

If you organize it at home, take care that no one interferes it. Turn off the phone and don’t be distracted by extraneous trifles like the Internet. Remember: you must be completely absorbed by a girl and pay attention only to her. The evening should be arranged from the heart. If you do it without enthusiasm, then it is unlikely that it will be successful. Commit oneself to romance and positive, and then everything will go successfully, and the memories will remain for a long time.

Idea #10 Date night at an amusement park

It is possible to find an amusement park in almost all cities, and many of them work until midnight, so you will be able to use one. And if even your amusement park doesn’t work so long, you can find a company who will surely arrange you a date there even after-hours. It’s a perfect option for a date because this place cheers up immediately and makes you get the thrill. Here you will find entertainment for every taste, and you will never be bored here for sure. Try to go back to your childhood and ride on various amusement rides, including a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel, buy ice cream, sweet cotton candy, popcorn.

movie nightWhile you try all the amusement rides that you are interested in, you will get close and get to know each other better. You can end your perfect date with the Ferris wheel and a teddy bear won in a shooting range or in a slot machine like in the most romantic movies. However, you should be sure that your partner isn’t scared of heights and has a good vestibular system because otherwise, the date may end very badly. Besides, before you decide to ask the girl out, be sure that you will be able to meet the upcoming expenses in order not to be limited to only one amusement ride and not to look like a cheapskate. If you don’t choose any of the date night ideas at home, you will have to shell out. Besides, you should be ready for the fact that after such an active day you still want to eat something and continue your date in some cozy place.

Idea #11 Date night at the planetarium

It is one of the best romantic date night ideas, and it brings you emotions that you will remember for a long time. How do you feel about an amazing star journey? Does it sound interesting? What can be more mysterious and magical in the world than the stars? We are always attracted by the unexplored depths of the cosmos and the secrets that the Universe keeps in itself. Become closer to the stars with your soulmate for at least one evening. A dome of the night sky, gentle words, glasses of champagne, kisses and the fascinating interplanetary journey will make your date the best one. A date at the planetarium is an ideal place for those who are looking for romance, who are going to say some important words or make a special proposal.

Using this one of the date night ideas for two, you will be able to touch the beautiful legends of big and small stars. Professionals will be pleased to find an exciting and unique story for your couple. Your partner will relax and enjoy this amazing romantic mood. The stars will swirl over you, creating an atmosphere of light and tender feelings. You can arrange a walk in the galaxy, which will reveal its secrets to you. The touching stories about romantic constellations will be a guide to the cosmic world. The magical outlines of lovers, embodied in the constellations, and interesting stories of love will be a real discovery for both of you. And perhaps, you will recognize yourself in these romantic stories.

Idea #12 Date night at the botanical garden or in the conservatory

A botanical garden or a conservatory is one of the cute date night ideas. You will need beautiful flowers, a romantic atmosphere, live music and a good dinner to make a positive impression on the very special woman. It will be one of the most memorable dates. Who does have a dinner in the middle of the tropics? The most pleasant thing is that you don’t have to go to an exotic country. Such a romantic dinner can be organized in almost any city and in all seasons. It is always warm in a picturesque conservatory. You can drink champagne, eat fruits, and enjoy an amazing atmosphere and chemistry between you. Memories are the most valuable.

Unusual date nights are usually remembered for years. But don’t turn every date into a fountain of insane ideas. Sometimes you can spend a wonderful evening at home with popcorn in front of the TV and doing a foot massage.

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