How to Date a Gamer Girl

In the days of the outset of video games, gamers could only dream of playing with a real girl. Today that is another matter: girls do not only play popular games on a par with guys but also do it in front of the webcams, broadcasting the process of playing on YouTube or Twitch.

How to Date a Gamer Girl

Reasons to date a gamer

She is very smart

Recently, gamers have been involved in many studies, and some of them have demonstrated interesting results. Fans of the action genre are more attentive than those who do not play at all. Video games also train cognitive control quite well - the ability to control one's behavior. The player needs to respond only to what is a really important, eliminating extraneous stimuli.

This skill also works well in real life. In addition, many girl gamers who play on foreign servers or in the original voice recording session, know English quite well. Although the word stock of a gamer may seem somewhat specific, games are very helpful in learning languages.

You always know where she is

If the main hobby of your gamer girlfriend is computer games, she will hardly give you any reason for jealousy and other anxiety. If she doesn’t really like to hang out, then she is unlikely to waste time on other guys: first, she has you, doesn't she? Secondly, it is unlikely that after the work she will go to drink coffee with a nice colleague because the game is waiting for her at home and she always remembers it.

You know what to give her

Whether it is a birthday or a New Year, the question of gifts sometimes puzzles. What to give to a person who seems to have everything? How to guess with a gift so that your loved one will definitely like it?

A gift for a gamer can be chosen for any budget. A new gadget or an item for her favorite game can be expensive, but she will definitely appreciate it. The choice is simply huge, starting from banal mugs, badges, and T-shirts to more original options - art books, lithographs, and exclusive figures. A more budget choice is the purchase of game currency, which your girlfriend will be able to spend at her discretion.

Games are business

For some, games may still seem like annoying kids' fun, but some people make a lot of money on them. This is a very competitive industry, which requires not only programmers but also artists, marketers, producers, translators, project managers, and others. And if, in addition to the gaming experience, your girlfriend is also a good specialist, it could be the starting point for a great career. Moreover, nowadays game streams are very popular and a lot of girls earn money on it.

You can join her

Who knows, maybe you will also like a hobby of your beloved? The community of gamers today is not just the game play itself. Competitions, festivals, guild meetings, conferences - you can make new acquaintances and have a great time. They say a joint hobby strengthens relationships. Gamer dating is a quite interesting and pleasant thing.

What is it like to date a girl gamer

Nowadays, the thesis of the harmfulness of computer games is very popular: many even compare this passion with drug addiction. Many men think that if their girlfriend is a gamer, she will not do housework or pay attention to him but only play games all the time. Nevertheless, experts are increasingly claiming the relative harmlessness of computer games.How to Date a Gamer Girl

To verify the thesis about the danger of games, scientists analyzed 5777 volunteers, whose age ranged from 20 to 40 years. About a half of these people were fascinated by online games, which are considered the most “dangerous” and “addictive” type of games. The other participants in the experiment did not play video games at all. People from both groups answered questions related not only to computer games but also to their personal life and professional self-realization.

According to the analysis, the researchers did not find significant differences in the lifestyle of gamers and those who do not play. On average, people from the two categories had about the same level of income. Their attitude towards relatives, friends and other members of society also did not differ.

There are many girls who combine work and personal life with games. For them, this is a way to relax. When the husband is fed and the children are put to bed, why not feel free from everyday worries. Routine kills, but in games, there is diversity, new worlds, and interesting acquaintances. Gamers usually do not talk about everyday worries, it gives them freedom, even if it is virtual.

Why are they so attractive?

Researchers have completely dispelled the myth that gamers are lonely unhappy people who find solace only in virtual reality and are kicked to the curb by a “healthy” society. It turned out that these people are much better socially adaptive and educated, they are more conscious, successful, and family-oriented, unlike non-gamers.

Gamers are not always as boring as the media draws them. There are many individual reasons why single female gamers attract men. As a rule, the girls who are very interested in complex gaming have a well-developed brain, which makes them good conversationalists. And if your hobbies are the same, then you will always have something to talk about since she wants to discuss with you everything that happens in the game. As mentioned above, complex games make the brain work, and in any case, it is a more useful pastime than watching TV or wasting time on social networks. To summarize, we can say that the reason is only one – dating gamer chicks can be interesting. The main thing is not to judge a person by such a harmless addiction if it does not have a negative impact on others.

Where to meet gamer girls

Explore local video game stores. Both customers and employees can be your potential targets. As an excuse to start a conversation, you can buy and present a girl something in this store.

Also, try visiting local conventions and events in your area. Watch when video game championships are held. Visit them more often, because there you can find not only a girlfriend but also a lot of new acquaintances.

Do not forget about computer clubs. There you can meet a lot of beautiful gamer girls.

How to meet a gamer girl in real life

1. Talk to a girl with confidence and at ease, as if you are communicating with your good acquaintance or even a close friend. Try not to worry or think about whether something will work out for you with this girl.

2. Try asking more questions than talking about yourself. Find out what her hobbies are, what games she likes or, on the contrary, does not like and whether she likes to play at all. In short, make sure she is really a gamer. In the meantime, give her a compliment, praise how she is dressed, or pay attention to her jewelry or accessory. Make compliments, but do not go too far, so as not to create a defective impression.

If she asks questions, try to answer truthfully but not too critical, so as not to cause irritation or negative attitude.

3. Keep an eye contact but do not stare, and be sure to smile while talking.

4. Pay attention to the signs that the girl herself gives you. If she starts to smile and maintains or reduces the distance between you, lightly touch her hand or shoulder.

5. If you want to continue to communicate with this girl, ask for her phone number or make an appointment. In any case, finish the conversation on good terms, and only after you see her approval and desire to see you again.

How to attract girls gamers

How to Date a Gamer GirlTo win the heart of a gamer girl is not as difficult as you think. They are in no way different from other female individuals. This is an ordinary girl, with her hobbies and hang-ups, strengths and weaknesses, she just likes to play games so much so that for some it turns out to be a deal of a lifetime. Let’s speak about dating a gamer girl.

General rules on dating a gamer girl

Usually, the relationship with a gamer girl does not cause big problems. And yet there are some tips on what you should and shouldn't do to make your romantic relationships happy.

Do`s and dont`s

  • If she likes to play video games, play with her and don't be afraid to win. From time to time let her win, to make her feel confident and comfortable with you.
  • Always support her when she plays.
  • From time to time give her small gifts for her favorite games. She will be very pleased to know that you care, love, and appreciate her.
  • Be honest with her. A gamer does not mean a couch potato who never goes out of the house. Want to walk out - tell your beloved about it. She will be happy to spend time with you.
  • If she plays badly, don't brag that you are better. Wait until you know that she will not be offended by this, and try not to let her win too easily!
  • Don't make her play your favorite game if she doesn't like it.
  • If you don't like video games, but your girlfriend is a gamer, never blame her for this. This is her way of spending leisure time and relaxing.
  • Do not limit the time of her playing. If you have nothing to do - take a walk with friends, read a book, do household chores, or find something you like.

Over time, every self-respecting gamer thinks that any (even the most enticing and fascinating) game becomes even more interesting when your beloved girlfriend fights with you shoulder to shoulder. We wish you to become a real lucky one who found his girl gamer.

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