How to Date a Model

Many men get wary only at hearing this one word "model". They can be found everywhere: in fashion magazines, at luxury parties, in movies, in commercials. These graceful creatures seem graceful and impregnable. But we have good news: dating a model is not as difficult as you think. Now you will learn the history of my relationship with the model and some tips on how to date them. They are not the goddesses descended from heaven. These are ordinary girls with ambitions and beauty. And this is material to work with. Model dating is available to all. Enjoy!

How to Date a Model

Where to Meet a Model

In fact, you can get acquainted with the model without a bank account with a bunch of zeros. For this, you need to follow certain rules and adhere to the developed strategy. To conquer such a girl, you need to be a real, strong and independent man. Model dating is all about your personal power and charisma, since such girls need support, a person next to whom they can feel protected. Sounds a bit amazing, right? It seems that these girls have completely different needs ... but this is not so. Based on my experience, I can say with confidence that these girls need a man who will be their support at a difficult time. And in the modeling business, there are a lot of difficult moments. I often acted as a psychotherapist for my girlfriend. And I did a great job, which is why she chose me among other men who claimed her heart. And there were a lot of them, believe me. Dating a model is really popular right now!

The easiest way to get acquainted and start dating a model is visiting a fashion show, but since not everyone has the opportunity to be at such an event, you need to look for workarounds. You can get acquainted with models in nightclubs of big cities, where girls often like to relax. In the gym, if you watch your body. On vacation at resorts near the sea. The long-awaited meeting can occur in any popular place of your city.

In addition, you can just get acquainted on the street. You can pay attention to the girl with model appearance walking in the city.

You may not set yourself the goal of becoming acquainted with a model, but in the process of communicating with a girl, you can learn about her profession. In this case, you can get confused and not know how to behave. After all, for someone, the model is an indicator of status, and for someone, it is a lifelong dream. But in both cases, men do not know which side is better to approach. The most optimal behavior with such girls is not to demonstrate excessive delight, so as not to cause her a sense of superiority. You need to communicate with her as with an ordinary girl.

There is another proven option: if you have a friend who hangs out with models or representatives of model business, ask him to invite you to one of these parties. Your chances to date a model will increase. I met my girlfriend in exactly this way. My close friend, who worked as an assistant editor for a fashion magazine, invited me to his birthday party. There I met a charming girl, to whom I soon confessed my love. The atmosphere of the holiday and the mutual friend allowed us to quickly overcome all the boundaries that exist between strangers and just an hour after the start of the party, we communicated freely. I completely forgot that in front of me was a model. It was just a girl who is friends with the same guy as me :)

How to Date a ModelLater, when I began to date a model, I began to frequently visit the “working” zones of the models. One of these zones is a photo studio. If you only knew how many guys meet models at photo studios! This is a real fount. If you have a friend photographer and you really want to date a model, just ask him to invite you to the shooting. And even better - master this difficult but extremely entertaining business. So you will have a great hobby and a lot of female models!

Reasons to Date a Model

Skeptics will give you a thousand reasons why you should not date a girl model. Some of these reasons are fair. But this is only a part. And not the biggest one, by the way. I myself thought so before. The fact is that stereotypes about girls from the modeling business have firmly grown in our heads. In fact, such a relationship has a lot of advantages. I understood this from personal experience. It all depends on how you will behave and whether your girlfriend is one of those models that cause stereotypes. A girl model can give you much love and fun.

If you responsibly approach the choice of a girl model, you will not regret your decision to date a model. Believe me.

  • They are very hot and sexy.

The most obvious reason. And let's be extremely honest, it’s also the most important. These girls are really beautiful. Their beauty comes from the inside: most models embody such thing as femininity. You will not be able to fully understand what I mean until you gain personal experience with a model. But as soon as this happens, the concept of "beauty" will unfold in front of you in a new way. Other girls will look after this somehow ... faded. My model girlfriend did it to me. I hope you’ll experience these feelings soon too.

  • You can meet very interesting companions among them

It sounds a bit unbelievable, yes? But this is true. Of course, the percentage of such girls is not as great as we would like it to be. The fact is that models often travel. They absorb other cultures, languages, world views. Someone takes it superficially, and someone is transformed and becomes a person with whom you want to share experiences. Such girls, combining the beauty and breadth of views, conquer the hearts of even the most convinced cynics.

  • They are more serious and more organized than you think

Model business is a very harsh environment. To succeed in it, you need to be constantly focused and spend a lot of time on professional growth. Therefore, these girls are well able to organize their time and not be distracted by the little things. Many men would learn from them. It is a fact. My model girlfriend knows how to plan time much better than me.

  • Free stuff...they got it!

Models get a lot of stuff for free. They eat well. They almost always have a pass to the most fashionable social events where you can meet a lot of interesting people. This is useful for both business and personal development. My pretty girl model made my circle of friends wide and helpful.

Problems Which You Can Face Dating a Model

Of course, it would be extremely foolish to deny that among the models there are many silly girls. This is a real trend and I just have to tell about it. I studied my girlfriend’s surroundings very well and know what I’m talking about.

  • Models do not need to develop intelligence

I don’t want to add my bit to the stereotype about the stupidity of models. Not all of them are stupid, there are quite clever of them. However, the trend is more negative than positive. For some reason, it happened that such models are boring people. You would have been like that too if everyone from an early age had treated you with heightened attention because you were lucky to be born beautiful. Models rarely say something interesting and impressive.

  • They are not confident and are constantly waiting for approval.

From the side, it seems that if a woman is beautiful, then she must be confident in herself. No, man, girlfriends are much smarter even if they can't keep up a conversation about rocket production. They understand that their beauty is ephemeral and may disappear one day, so they need constant confirmation that they still like them and that their figure is flawless and their face is unthinkably beautiful. Models are constantly late for dates because they are spinning for a long time in front of a mirror, trying to look perfect.

  • Rich dudes want to take her away

Next to a pretty model, you will never be calm, because there are many men who want to date models. In other words, demand exceeds supply. Therefore, you will have to accept that other men endlessly try to steal her, and they are, naturally, richer, taller and more attractive than you. It's just impossible not to worry when you are constantly “under the gun”.

How to Date an Instagram Model

  • Be loyal

Beautiful models appreciate loyal men. In an era of inaccessibility, it is very easy to stray from the right path and not resist the temptation. Instagram models have gone through this school of life and therefore they especially appreciate those men for whom love for a woman means loyalty, tenderness, and self-sufficiency.

  • Be confident

Instagram models are people who have achieved success through hard work and faith in their own strength. It is clear that they want to see the same man near them. You must clearly understand what you want and boldly go forward to your goals. This is the best way to be worthy of beautiful models.

  • Sense of humor

Instagram models work very hard. Therefore, it is important for them to have a man nearby who knows how to laugh and support in difficult times. If you are a snob who never smiles, you will fail.

  • You must be able to trust

Instagram models are constantly in the spotlight. Especially among men. You must understand this. Yes, at first it will be difficult for you to handle it. But you must learn to trust beautiful models, otherwise, jealousy will sooner or later destroy your relationship.

How to Datea Model: General Rules

Conversation with a model

No need to react too violently to the fact that she is a model. Yes, you can write something like "wow", but not more than that. Otherwise, the girl will think that you are interested in her not as in a person but in the fact that she has such an attractive profession.

Do not lie. No need to tell stories that you have millions of dollars in offshore accounts. Models constantly deal with such a lie, so the girl immediately recognizes falsity.How to Date a Model

Do not brag. No need to write boastful messages about how cool you are. This also applies to photos of your six-pack belly. You can hardly impress her that way.

Write as an interested man, not as a fan. It's all veiled flattery. In addition, it is infantile, but models do not like it.

Do`s and Dont`s

  • Don’t: talk about how sexy she is. This is too trite and even pathetic. You're an adult man.
  • Don’t: run away from a date in real life. Correspondence is good, but not very practical. The girl needs attention and communication in real life.
  • Do: Behave like a gentleman. Models often encounter the fact that men simply flatter them instead of taking care of them as real men should do.
  • Do: ask her on a classic date. Dinner in a cozy restaurant is a perfect date for a model. They really lack the warmth and real conversation in the company of a pleasant man.
  • Do: watch your manners. These girls are used to being in high society. So your peasant habits can push her away.
  • Don’t: tell about your ex. No girl loves it. Especially models.

A relationship with a model is a challenge. But it can also be the most exciting adventure in your life. Work on yourself and succeed!

Dream of dating a model? We know how to succeed: read the story of relationships with the model from real life.

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