When you think about your prospective significant other, the idea of dating your best friend is unlikely to hit you. Surprisingly enough, but when you think about that, your best friend turns out to be the most suitable candidate. Your best friend knows you better than anyone else, sometimes even better than you know yourself. Of course, you may not have a physical attraction to your best friend, but what if you do? Well, if those first sentences made you wonder "Should I date my best friend?", we offer you to continue reading. Even if you don't have a crush on your best friend right now, mind that love comes uninvited, and this article will help you if you unexpectedly fall for your friend later.

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Should You Date Your Best Friend?

When a thought like that occurs, you can run into an ethical question like "Can best friends date?" Well, of course, if your friendship is not getting a romantic turn, you shouldn't date. But if you get the feeling that you think that your best friend is something more to you, then you should consider dating. So, should best friends date? There is no direct answer to that question, but certain people did find love in relationships like that. Yes, you may be afraid that switching to a romantic relationship can ruin your friendship, but we offer you to consider certain reasons why you should be dating your best friend.

1. You know each other best

When you think about dating your best friend, there is one benefit which is inescapable. You know each other better than any of your prospective partners. You know what both of you like and dislike. Dating your best friend, you can escape awkward situations by explaining why you are more into horror movies than romantic films or why you prefer Japanese cuisine to Italian cuisine. There is a downside to it, as it may seem that you have nothing to explore about each other. But it shouldn't be an obstacle as you can never know anyone completely.

2. You can count on each other

Another great benefit of dating your best friend is that you can really count on each other. You've been through a lot of things together, so there is no risk of unexpected surprises which typical romantic relationships are full of. There is almost no possibility that your best friend is going to turn his or her back on you when you are in need. Your best friend is always there to help you and support you. Who wouldn't want a partner like that?

3. Your best friend knows your past relationships

Your best friend most likely is aware of your past relationships. Thus, he or she knows what you liked about your partners and what you disliked. So, most likely your best friend would try to avoid awkward situations that you experienced with your previous partners. Same goes for you, as you are aware of your best friend's past relationship, you know what irritates him or her and what he or she likes about a relationship. So, all in all, your relationship with your best friend is most likely to be your best romantic relationship ever.

Signs You Should Date Your Best Friend

best friend date ideasWell, after learning about the benefits of dating your best friend and before you start thinking about how to date your best friends, you need to make sure about one thing. You need to make sure whether all the signs that you should date your best friend are there. In case if you don't know those signs, we offer you to check them out without further ado.

1. You have a lot in common

Friends may not have a lot in common, but the best friends have a ton of things in common. While it is believed that opposites attract, let's face it, mostly it is just a belief. Yep, you get attracted to each other, but how long will you last? Moreover, it is also believed that people who have different tastes in music, cuisine, and cinema are bound to break up. Nowadays, people are mostly looking for a prospective partner with whom they have something in common. And if you and your best friend have a lot in common, it is already a great platform to start a romantic relationship.

2. You are accustomed to each other's bad habits

Now, what is the biggest problem in any relationship? That's right – bad habits. We hide them from our prospective partners. And when your worst side shines through, your partner turns out to be not ready to accept you with your bad habits. Having a romantic relationship with your best friend is way easier, as you already know each other's worst sides, and you both know how to deal with them. Your best friend definitely knows that your kitchen doesn't always shine, while you know that your best friends like his or her clothes being all over the place. And if you can tolerate each other, it is definitely a sign that you can work out as a couple.

3. You've already thought about dating each other

You've already thought about dating your best friend? You had a conversation like that complaining about your partners? Something like "We understand each other so well, why we never tried dating each other?" Well, if a conversation like that occurred, then it is definitely a sign that you should try dating each other.

Asking a Friend on a Date: Do's and Don'ts

Now, before you start planning the first date with a friend (but you know each other quite well, so there is no need in those "best friend date ideas"), you need to learn the do's and the don'ts of asking out a friend. We've got you covered, and we offer you to check out our list of the do's and don'ts without further ado.

The Do's

1. Do talk about it beforehand

Yep, you may have thought about making a surprise for your best friend, but that's not how to ask a friend on a date. Your out-of-nowhere "Will you go on a date with me?" may be perceived as nothing more than a joke. That's why you should talk about dating each other before asking him or her out.

2. Do be ready for unexpected date ideas

While you may know each other quite well, there may be certain things that your best friend never told you about. So, if you offer your best friend to pick up the place for the date, be ready for some unexpected ideas.

3. Do make sure that you really mean it

Before you even start talking about it, you need to make sure that you really mean it. You may just have the feeling that dating your best friend is a great idea, but that doesn't mean that you are really ready for that. If you are not sure that you really want to date your friend, don't make any attempts, as you are risking to be left without a date and without a friend.

The Don'ts

1. Don't act too formal

We have this concept that we need to be formal when it comes to asking someone out on a date. And you may try to apply this concept when asking your best friend out, which would be a totally wrong move. You need to continue acting as friends in order to trust each other. So, you should remain as informal and casual as possible when you are asking out your best friend.

how to ask a friend on a date 2. Don't get ahead of yourselves

You need to give it time to make sure that both of you are comfortable with the idea that you are going on a date with each other. When you start jumping ahead of yourselves discussing your prospective romantic relationship, you may get frustrated. Don't try to get to sex too fast, as it may also be frustrating. Just give it time and let your romantic relationship develop on its own after the first date.

How to Date Your Best Friend

Now, after learning the do's and don'ts of asking your best friend out, it's time to figure out how to date your best friend. Going on a date with a friend may be simple, but developing your relationship from then on may be a complicated task to accomplish. In order to help you, we've collected certain tips on how to date a friend that we offer you to check out without further ado.

1. State your interest simply

We've already mentioned that you should remain as informal and casual as possible upon asking your friend out. Now, let's get to the moment when you need to talk about your romantic interest in your friend. You have to state your interest simply. Don't try hinting if your friend is not aware of your crush on him or her. Drop that information straightforwardly, but not in a threatening way. Explain your best friend that you have a crush on him or her and that you want to pursue a romantic relationship with him or her. Mind that you should make it clear to your best friend that you will understand if you don't share the same feeling.

2. Be open about your concerns

When you are going to swap friendship for romance, most likely you are afraid that you may not work out as a couple. You may also fear that you may be left without a romantic relationship and a friend as well. There is no point for bravado and acting like everything is under control. Instead, you should discuss with your friend your concerns about your prospective relationship. Most likely you are having mutual fears. You need to be open with each, first of all because it will make it easier to develop your relationship, secondly, it will allow you to avoid the same mistakes you've made in your typical romantic relationship.

3. Establish boundaries of your new relationship

When the best friends start dating, there is a possibility to take this relationship less seriously. You may think about an open relationship. Kinda like you are in a temporal shelter before you'd find someone better. Or you may take your romantic relationship seriously. Regardless of the way you see your prospective relationship, you need to discuss it and set the boundaries. Otherwise, when both of you have a different vision of your relationship, you are bound to fail.

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