The decision to leave never comes suddenly. The reason for the breakup occurs much earlier than the moment of the breakup. Moreover, it is possible that it lies not in the current relationship but in connection with the previous partner. Both partners are always responsible for the relationship. Living with illusions is also a mutual process. No one puts rose-colored glasses on anyone forcibly.

Let's suppose that you feel guilty towards somebody. You can torment yourself with guilt all your life and do nothing else, or you can declare your actions wrong, tell the offended party about it, correct the negative consequences, understand and admit to yourself for what purpose the offense has been committed. But you will ask, “Is it time to break up?

when is it time to break up

Signs it's time to break up

There are special signs of how to know it's time to break up. We recommend you to be attentive and try to notice them as earlier as possible.

1. You no longer want to call your partner to ask how they are doing

At the beginning of a relationship, you can yak on the cell for hours, but over time, you can call only to ask how their day was, and this is normal. But if such short calls have turned into a burden for you, it means that something is wrong with your relationship.

2. Empty bed

You prefer to stay somewhere late, coming home in the morning, or you do not want to sleep with her/him in the same bed. If you or your partner are constantly falling asleep alone, this is a bad sign.

3. You've stopped holding hands

This is another little sign that it's time to break up. If your partner has always been a person who loves to express their affection physically, but they have suddenly stopped doing it, you should think about it. For example, you used to hug and hold each other's hand, and now, they avoid such contacts. Even if it is not about cheating, something has obviously gone wrong in the relationship.

4. Tense silence

Sometimes all you need is to sit together and keep quiet, but if such silence seems uncomfortable to you, and you avoid it, most likely, you are simply uncomfortable with this person.

5time to break up . Daily squabbles

There is no relationship without quarrels. However, if they’ve become daily, you should think about a breakup.

6. You've begun to flirt with others

Let's imagine that you come to a party with your friends and immediately start flirting with a stranger. Perhaps you think flirting is harmless. Even if you are not cheating on your soulmate with anyone, in fact, flirting means that you are mentally looking for a replacement.

7. You do not even try to understand the problems

If you've already understood that something is wrong with your relationship, but you do not want to change anything, then it's time to move on.

8. You no longer want to spend time with your girlfriend/boyfriend

You'd rather spend time alone watching a video on YouTube than meet with your soulmate.

9. Everything annoys you in your partner

Everybody has bad days, but if you constantly complain about a guy/girl, even the way he or she breathes, it’s time to part.

10. You choose friends over your relationship

You used to go out with your beloved, but now, you prefer friends for this purpose.

11. You no longer make them presents

You'd better buy jeans for yourself regularly than spend money on the gift for the partner.

12. You quarrel not only at home but also in public

It's not very nice to watch a couple screaming at each other somewhere at a party or even just in the middle of the street. And now you are this couple.

13. When thinking about the future, you cannot imagine yourself with this person

Many couples face a situation when relationships cease to bring joy and become a burden for one of the partners or both of them.

14. You ignore their messages

Previously, their messages made you smile, and you couldn't but answer. Now you do not consider it necessary to answer immediately or do anything else.

15. You go somewhere alone

Sometimes it’s helpful to get somewhere alone, but if you’ve started doing it regularly, you don't need this relationship.

16. You understand that it's time to break up

This is the most obvious sign, which many people do not want to recognize. You feel that you have to give up, that nothing good will come of such relationships, but you hesitate and believe that everything will get better.

When You Know It's Time to Break Up?

Few people can boast a happy family life with their partners. The majority have to search for their soulmate over and over, break up relationships and build new ones. But what should you do if you have been together for a long time, and you have everything in common: property, plans, friends, children, but you are not happy?

How to understand that living with a loved one will lead to nowhere?

how to break up with a long time girlfriendWhat if the relationship is a dead weight, that not allow to develop? How and when to break up relationships that no longer bring positive emotions?


Relationships are strong when you can talk on almost any topic or keep quiet together without experiencing any discomfort. You support each other in everything and develop together. You are not afraid to inform your partner about your plans and ideas, and there is no need to make excuses for your behavior and desires. If it's the other way around at this point, then, most likely, the end of the relationship is coming.


Intimate life is a necessary and very pleasant component of a serious relationship between a man and a woman. If you do not have a sexual attraction to your partner and your intimacy happens rarely, then obviously, everything is not alright with the relationship. At the same time, the flip side of the coin is dangerous: if sex is important in your relationship, and nothing else connects you, then your relationship is unlikely to have a future.


If the partner does not introduce you to their parents and friends as well as does not talk about a shared future, then they are not focused on building long-term relationships. You must understand what they really are, what they think, dream, and how they live. Do they not tell you emotional phrases during a quarrel, just waiting for how to end the relationship with you?


Any relationship is a common work, and both partners must want to do something for the sake of this relationship. If you are stuck on the same level, then no prospects are foreseen. At the same time, the development of each of the partners is also important. When one of them has greatly "outgrown" another one, it usually ends with a lack of common interests and topics for conversation. At the same time, both sides are the losers: one is constantly limited in their aspirations, the second one is languishing in their own imperfection. But, feeling responsibility and affection, no one dares to be the first who will raise the topic that a logical conclusion of the relationship would save the situation.

Imagine that you have already parted with your ex-love. What do you feel? If you feel positive emotions, then drop all doubts because the time has come to end this relationship.

For the ultimate test, imagine that you are still in this relationship. What do you feel now? If you feel depressed, it is hard for you to breathe, then it is time to ask yourself the question: how to complete a relationship that giving negative emotions?

How to Know If It's Time to Break Up?

If you realize that your relationship has no future, then the most correct way out is to stop them. How to finish the relationship to which you have become accustomed? Tearing away a part of life from yourself, completely changing its course, to give up what has surrounded you for a long time is not the easiest step. In addition, not everyone wants to break up with a close person even if this person is not a beloved one. Therefore, people continue to languish in unnecessary relationships instead of putting an end. Let's consider the best time to break up.

How to Break Up with a Longtime Girlfriend?

If you understand that the end has come, do not torment yourself with your hopes. You should inform them of your decision about separation in person. Don't do that by phone or by letter, or by SMS. Show respect for the person with whom you were together and once felt good. Try to do this without accusations and scandals. Your ex-girlfriend is not guilty that you feel bored and uninterested, or your feelings have gone. how to know if it's time to break upPerhaps you've decided to give up on impulse. Try to tell someone about your decision. Of course, you are not obliged to change the decision if it seems wrong to your interlocutor. It will not be superfluous to listen to it.

In this case, you should not break up the relationship at once. The desire to do everything quickly can be regarded by the partner as if you do not care. Nonetheless, you shouldn't protract too much: the longer you put it off, the harder it is to break up. A girl can easily feel deceived if, living with you and making joint plans, she suddenly finds out that you have decided to end a relationship long ago.

The tired phrase, “Let's be friends” doesn't always work. Not all people are ready to be friends with their exes. Therefore, at the end of a relationship, just try to deal with everything without hate and anger. Is it really time to break up with her? You should weight all merits.

Is It Time to Break Up with Him?

You should not blame your partner or yourself for anything; it’s better to convey the idea that you do not see the further development of the relationship, and that this is a dead end. Do not be afraid to voice your plans, especially if they do not correlate with your relationship. You may hear a suggestion in response to how you can fix it. But remember: to give a second chance or stick to your decision depends only on you. Just do not give a second chance out of pity for the partner. No matter how long he will cry or beg you to come back tomorrow, as all problems will come up again. This will lead to nothing, and soon, you will probably again ask yourself, “When is it time to break up with someone you love?”

Breaking up a relationship is definitely a very serious step. It radically changes a life. Your task is to understand in which direction your life will change if you take this step. Only you can decide when it's time to break up and whether such decision is better for you and your partner.

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