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Men from different countries all around the planet want to meet Ukrainian women for dating. But it is not enough to just meet them – you need to make them fall for you. As foreign admirers of Slavic brides primarily communicate with them via online dating sites and apps, many of them want to know how to pick up girls online. So I dedicated this article to the techniques you should use in order to build the bond.

How to Pick Up a Ukrainian Girl

What Ukrainian girls like in online communication

Politeness. If you really wish to pick up a Ukrainian woman, you should prove yourself as a gentleman. Eastern Slavic ladies differ from their sisters all around the world in terms of femininity. They know what it is like to be a woman and they know traits of a man. In Ukraine, girls learn to bear eternal values since their childhood but men are also supposed to perform their traditional role as well. Whether you communicate live or online, your match must see how well you are brought up.

Long conversations. Eastern Slavic culture is entirely based on the concept of “soul”. In the West, it is natural for people to have friendly chatters with strangers they met once and will never see again. For Ukrainians, it is impossible to have personal conversations without being emotionally connected to one another. Most Ukrainian girls are open-minded and they adore having friends all over the globe; they get to know people with their souls. Another significant aspect is sincerity: never wear a mask with a woman like this.

Diversity. Chats with Ukrainian girls can’t revolve around all the same topics. In contrast to a popular stereotype, Slavic brides aren’t concentrated on cosmetics and fancy clothes. They are typically well-educated and their circle of interests is impressively wide. They like discussing issues of all kinds and they love good humour. Don’t forget to tell jokes to your Ukrainian friend to win her heart.

Compliments. If you want to pick up a woman online, you must tell her compliments. Women fall in love with their ears, that’s right. However, they also do so if you express your admiration in messages. I hope you know that hackneyed online dating pickup lines don’t work. When you find Ukrainian girls for dating, remember that all your compliments should be original. And, of course, they should be polite too. Just don’t tell them every few minutes – do it when you feel it will be right.

New impressions. As a man, you are about to take first steps first in communication so develop your confidence. Ukrainian ladies are famous for their inquiring minds. They seek impressions everywhere. As a foreign friend of such a girl, you will be supposed to tell her lots of exciting information. Share your dreams, travel experience, child memories, and other facts to let her get to know your soul. Be sure, your lady will respond to these stories.

How to pick up a Ukrainian girl over text

Greet and say goodbye. Do it every time you speak to Ukrainian single ladies online because they hate conversations that end abruptly. Ask your love interest how she is today and what new events happened since your last talk in her life – that’s what any woman would like to hear from her admirer. When you are about to end your dialogue, explain yourself and leave some cliffhangers to sustain her interest. Not any too intimate details but exciting things you will do in the nearest future so you will have what do discuss next time.

Tell nice things about her personality. It is definitely unacceptable to use clichéd online pickup lines if you want to impress a lady from Ukraine. In particular, I hugely don’t recommend you telling her about how hot she is and how nice different parts of her body look in this tight dress on her profile photo. To pick up a Ukrainian girl you like, you should concentrate on her merits and wits. Mention how great it is for you to be in her company, how smart and fun she is, and what you like about her character.

Get keen on her. To properly communicate with Ukrainian women online, express your keen interest in them. You see, the very basic thing any human being wants from other people is attention. Let your friend know you are concerned about her and her life. Become curious! By the way, if you have any troubles and need advice, Ukrainian women like to play a role of personal psychologists. Don’t hesitate to talk to her about it – she will be glad to provide you with valuable tips and compassion.

Appreciate her mother culture. Especially in the light of the recent political events, Ukrainians are very proud of their national heritage; they have always been, to be honest. So when a girl from Ukraine sees foreigners want to know more about her country and its traditions, she gets just excited. Ask her to tell you more about her motherland – this is not only beneficial for your self-development but brings you two closer mentally. Besides, she will be eager to know about your culture too.

Exchange media. Words aren’t enough to charm Ukrainian girls online; it is a big mistake to restrict your communication to written messages only. Send her some cool media content you’ve found on the Internet, use emojis in your correspondence so your dialogue will become brighter. Exchange your favourite songs and videos to get to know each other and hold live video chats to build a real connection. You won’t believe how effectively this can be!

What to never write to a Ukrainian girl

Let’s have a look at some topics you should never raise in a conversation with a Ukrainian lady.

Ex-partners. If you want to pick up a girl online – any girl regardless of her nationality – don’t ask about her former lovers. In a few words, this is her business only. Likewise, never tell her about your ex-girlfriends since she might get really offended. No woman likes to be compared to other women; you might have heard about the female rivalry.

Sex. Although Ukrainian girls like intimacy in communication, I must tell you this is a different kind of intimacy. They want to get to know you mentally while the physical aspect always comes last. This is just how their mind works: potential lovers should build the emotional connection and only then switch to anything else.

Her personal troubles. Having personal conversations is great but it doesn’t mean you can intrude into her private space unless your friend tells you any details on her own initiative. Don’t hurry and build the trust – this is an integral part of any romantic relationship. Ukrainian women aren’t the fastest when it comes to making big decisions.

Private information. Online dating services are universal today so modern daters don’t really need to know one another’s phone numbers or emails to communicate. Of course, you will exchange contact with time but let your match to get used to you first. Otherwise, she might think you are overly assertive and have doubts about the fairness of your intentions.

Politics. Strictly speaking, here are several topics to avoid discussing: religion, income, and politics (especially some bad things about Ukraine you might’ve found on the Internet). Not that it is forbidden but you should understand when to do it.

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Aug 21,  2020,  9:23 AM

In texting, the main thing is to interest a Ukrainian girl from the first phrases. So, never use banal phrases!

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