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Although all women have something in common, they all are very different at the same time. They have different experiences, habits, and views of life etc. Depending on these factors, you should work out a strategy of how to pick up a Ukrainian girl, for example. But there is one special category of girls in Ukraine – girls who’ve never been with men yet. So this article is gonna be about them.

How to Pick Up a Virgin Ukrainian Girl

Why you should be careful with young girls

There are many things to take into an account if you are about to date a Ukrainian girl. During the centuries, there was an archetype of a family, where a man was an earner and a woman was a keeper of the hearth. As a result, modern Ukrainian people imagine there should be only one true love in one’s life. So if you don’t have any serious intentions towards a nice Ukrainian girl, think twice before taking any steps. Consider she is yet inexperienced and has no skills for solving her personal problems effectively.

It may seem obvious yet many guys have no idea of how to pick up a virgin girl and keep her feel nice around them. Of course, it is much easier for a boy to deal with harsh words he hears in his dating life or unpleasant events – girls are just more emotional, which makes them vulnerable.

If you hurt a virgin Ukrainian girl, this might impact her whole love life in the future. One of the main peculiarities of these girls is that they are incredibly romantic and somewhat idealistic. Well, entire Ukrainian society is rather a society of traditionalists who appreciate obsolete customs. Not that those were precisely obsolete but in a regular foreigner’s view, they probably are.

Strictly speaking, this refers not only to virgin Ukrainian girls but to all young ladies regardless of their nationality. The female psycho is tricky. On the one hand, it is considered to surpass the male psycho in the ability to filter negative impressions and leave those behind. On the other hand, it is less impervious to various impacts so women tend to take everything closer to their hearts.

How to approach a virgin Ukrainian girl

Understand the degree of responsibility. Does it sound too boring? But this is one of the rules to follow if you want to meet Ukrainian girl (regardless of her virginity). As you already know, Ukrainian ladies are very concerned about their future family life. So in their view, it is not that cool to have three-month-long relationships with many different guys. They want to trust people and they want to date good men with a sense of responsibility and certain purposes.

Approach her first. Virgin girls in Ukraine prefer all the same basic things as other Eastern Slavic ladies. They are into men who take the first steps first! There is nothing wrong about making acquaintances with virgins, only the way you treat them matters. As you might guess, virgin ladies need special care and attention from guys. Thus, she should indeed become your jewel – as she only begins to explore the world of dating, she deserves it even more than experienced girls.

Behave like a true gentleman. Since Ukrainians support the traditional division of gender roles, local men should be skilled wooers to impress their fellow countrywomen. Be undeniably polite with your young friend and do all those nice gestures a modern chevalier must do. One aspect I wish to outline separately: your speech. Contemporary Ukrainian ladies normally have a good command of English so they distinguish appropriate speaking from poor.

Dress up. Yes, your exterior matters. Unlike in America or Western Europe, Ukrainian girls do everything to look like podium queens. This probably happens for two reasons: there are more women than men living in former Soviet countries (such as Ukraine, Russia, and Belorussia) and Eastern Slavic women wanna look as feminine as possible so they actively use all that decorative stuff. No wonder they also wish to be with men who take care of their appearance.

Know how to start the conversation. Words are essential for taking any woman’s heart but in the case with a Ukrainian lady, words are just compulsory. Talking is among the basic things they wanna do together with their men – in particular, if we speak about young girls. To pick up a virgin, you should demonstrate solid communication because she isn’t ready to go further than this. She wants to get to know you as a person and let you get to know her soul.

Let her feel your manliness. On many forums on the Internet, you can meet people who claim Ukrainian girls like male dominance. However, users often take this kind of dominance for wrong. Female Ukrainians aren’t into tough men. They want a man who can do great deeds, even if it is about the daily routine. Determined priorities, decisiveness, and courage are features Ukrainian girls fall for.

Don’t be overly intrusive. Although Ukrainian girls prefer initiative men, they also want you to respect their personal space. There is one general rule: it is easier to find a Ukrainian girl than to sustain her interest. Again, this works with any other women. If you behave too assertively while talking to a girl for the first time, she likely gets scared of you.

Behave sincerely. Ukrainians value sincerity over most other things; they believe it is what holds people together. To really impress a woman from this country, you should let her see your true essence. She is primarily interested in your traits, your thoughts, and your life interests. When you pretend to be one who you aren’t, a typical Slavic girl feels this artificialness of your behaviour so she understands you might be a wrong candidate for her.

What you should never say to a young Ukrainian girl

My ex was so good at…/so hot…/used to do such amazing things in bed… First, discussing your exes with your current girlfriend is unacceptable unless she asks you some questions herself. Second, comparing a young girl to other single women can break her heart.

Are you really a virgin? Is that what really evokes your enthusiasm? This is just not your business, sorry. She will tell you if she judges it to be right some day.

Here are so many hot girls! Yes, Ukrainian public places are full of mesmerizingly attractive girls. But there is nothing weird about it; you will get used with time. Any normal girl wants to know she is unique for her boyfriend especially if she’s never been in a really serious relationship before.

Would you stay at my place this night? Unless you are a couple (a proper one, you know), a young Ukrainian lady will likely feel awkward hearing this. Or even frightened – she wants it all to develop step by step. Don’t hurry!

How many guys have you dated? Seems like nothing terrible happens if you ask this question but it is too tricky. A young lady will rather think you view her as a dummy who knows nothing about relationships.

You look so inexperienced! Even worse than the previous one. And what do you expect from a virgin girl may I ask? Your job is to inspire her, not to bring her down with the fact she is youthful and new to lovemaking.

That’s how you are supposed to treat a young Ukrainian girl to keep her amazed with you. Don’t expect your relationship to flourish at once: it requires a lot of working, mutual working. Initiate something if only you are really excited about this person and want her to be with you.

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Aug 21,  2020,  9:22 AM

From my own experience, I can say that you need to think a hundred times before you start a relationship with such a girl. After all, you will be her first man. The main thing is to do everything right and not rush things.

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