Do you know what is happening now? You’ve decided to find out about the best conversation starters, change your life and fill it with beautiful girls. Although, you might even know a girl who will outshine them all, and you want to win her heart. However, in both cases, you should qualitatively change your vision and communication with women in general.

how to start a conversation with a girl online

Probably, you perceive women and your potential attractiveness to them, basing on magazines, movies or television. You believe that slogans like “Buy this shirt, and all women will be yours,” “Buy this perfume, and you will become a real macho” work out. However, their goal is not to make you successful but to sell a product, and they do their job well. For that reason, most men are full of stereotypes. You think that if you start earning more, you will meet a worthy woman or if you buy a car, then everything will be great. And you do that, but there is still no progress.

When you show your money, having no idea about at least several good conversation starters, you turn into a honey pie only for gold diggers. You face two options, you either get into a friend zone or communicate with those, who need your money. Of course, it is great when a man starts earning more or buys a car, but you shouldn’t forget that money isn’t crucial for the future success with charming girls. And if you don’t know how to start talking to a girl online, here are several great tips on this topic.

Best Way to Start a Conversation with a Girl Online

The main function of any dating site is the ability to communicate with people, who live in other countries. And if you like someone, you should pull yourself together and make them be interested in your communication. It is necessary to remember that great conversation starters play a crucial role in the whole process because you will either continue talking, getting to know each other better or will spoil everything and will be forced to look for someone else. Therefore, you should be aware of a good way to start a conversation with a girl online and draw her attention from the very beginning.

1. Take Care of Your Profile Design

You should have an interesting profile with correctly filled lines and good photos. The reaction of the girl will much depend exactly on your photos and your appearance. The dating effectiveness goes down several times with bad and low-quality photos. Therefore, you should look for a good photographer, and take some quality photos. In addition, try to upload photos with some bright moments of your life. They will show that you are an interesting person with an active life position who likes to spend their free time with benefits.

2. Gain Confidence in Yourself

You will be able to draw girl’s attention, use funny conversation starters and make a good impression on her only if you are sure in your appearance and skills. As a rule, to attract the attention of charming girls, it is enough to be fit and well-dressed. Even if you are an intelligent guy, it is worth doing sports! best conversation startersThis will give you confidence when dealing with girls, and you will be able to improve your health as well. Muscle mass is not a sign of low intellectual abilities. Spending only half an hour a day on sports activities, you will become more fit, energetic and attractive to girls.

3. Leave Small Talk to Losers

Recently, scientists have found that people are yawning three times more intensively when the interlocutor informs them that "winter is coming." Well, okay, scientists haven't figured out anything like this yet. However, they will surely find out that quite soon. When you communicate on the online dating site, small talk on general topics makes the girl feel that, firstly, you are boring, and secondly, you think she is boring too. Look for the topic of conversation here and now. For example, if you have seen a girl’s photo with a glass of martini and olive, you can ask her something like, "Do you know that the olive stone is an excellent absorbent, which prevents fast intoxication?"

4. Go on the Offensive

Don’t hesitate to ask the girl’s opinion on a particular issue. Ask her bluntly, “How do you feel about a bill, banning olives in a martini?” Every person has an opinion on the case, and it is very flattering when someone is interested in their opinion. Of course, you risk running into a monologue instead of dialogue, if the girl says, “I have been waiting for this question for a long time! I’ve made a huge investigation on this issue, and I will tell that... " However, that’s one chance in a thousand.

5. Ask for Her Opinion

When you start a conversation with a girl online, it’s necessary to make efforts to maintain it. One of the great ways is to ask the girl for advice. The advice differs from the opinion. Doing that you show that you are not just interested in her, but you ask her to influence your life. And this is a new level of trust. The girl will be doubly pleased. Well, or she will panic from the responsibility that you want to entrust to her and will leave the chat. However, she will surely come back in a while because every girl likes when a handsome man is interested in her opinion and asks for advice.

6. Level Up Your Communication Skills

Consider your conversation as a great opportunity to level up your communication skills, and not as your last chance. Many guys make a mistake, which has a very negative effect on the result of their acquaintance. They perceive the talk as the last opportunity to find their love. This is nonsense, of course. However, the brain starts working inefficiently, and you make a lot of mistakes. It is better to consider acquaintance as an excellent chance to get to know a new person and develop your writing skills, showing a bit of intelligence and a sense of humor. In this case, your efficiency will increase dramatically.

7. Calibrate Everything

Every woman is unique. And if one girl needs a little more time to communicate with a man to open herself up, and she has her own list of requirements for deep conversation starters, then the other one, on the contrary, is more relaxed, and she can quickly move to more intimate topics. If you “feel” the lady’s mood well, then you will more effectively build communication with her. You will know how to start a conversation with a girl online and what to say at a certain moment.

How to Start a Conversation with a Girl Online for the First Time?

The first message is the hardest part of any communication when you stare at the empty display and don’t know how to start a chat with a girl online. Nonetheless, further communication depends on your first message. What are the main requirements for it?

It should be a simple text message, unlike the clichéd "hi," "you are beautiful" and a lot of emoji.

The message should be short and intelligible. The girl should receive some information from it.

It should be catchy, and it should work like a good hook. Otherwise, the message will not be noticed. So, the practical conclusion is that you should carefully read her profile, especially the section where the girl writes about herself and her preferences before sending messages, basing only on her photo. Before writing, read everything carefully, construct a pattern for this girl, applying “calibration.”

Best Conversation Starters

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that your conversation starters shouldn’t contain any boring wordings. The girl will not tell you how she’s doing, and even if she does, you will get the same answer as the question, “I’m fine, thanks.” So, what should you be guided by, choosing the best conversation starters?

1. The motive for communication. For example, you run into a girl who is not only beautiful but also who has the same rare hobby. You send her a message, writing something like, “Hi. I’ve opened your profile and found out that you also like drawing with fingers, so I’ve decided not to miss such an opportunity to talk to a person who shares my hobby.” It isn’t too creative, but it is quite polite and catchy not to ignore your message.

good way to start a conversation with a girl online2. The coincidence of interests. "Hi. I’ve decided to find people who listen to my favorite band, and I’ve come across your profile. I see that our tastes have matched. I like jazz too. Can you advise me something else in this genre?” With the help of such a greeting, you will immediately start communicating.

3. You need help. Many girls often try to give advice to their boyfriends, so why not take advantage of this female feature and start communicating with a request for help. "Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I really need your advice. My sister will have a birthday soon, and I'm completely confused. I cannot think of a worthy present. I’ve seen in your profile that you are a guru in many questions. Could you please help me with this challenging task?”

Despite the variety of methods of starting a conversation, choose the most suitable for you to feel more comfortable and confident. Besides, there is no need to use the same way all the time. Try different methods and use all the advantages of online dating. Over time, you will surely create some kind of a pattern, which will help you get what you want.

How Not to Screw Up a Conversation with a Girl Online?

You might face the state of embarrassment when the conversation is on hold, and you feel an awkward silence between you, being in other countries. You screw up a conversation or just leave a chat because you don’t know what to do. Such moments are not particularly scary for extrovert people, but shy introverts can be noticeably lost and frustrated. Imagine that you have just found yourself in a similar situation. Calm down and get yourself together. Any conversation can be "resuscitated" if you resort to these simple tricks.

1. Try to Unobtrusively Change the Topic

Do you feel an awkward silence? The instant change of talk tracks can remedy the situation. Choose any other topic, which may be relevant. Finally, prepare several phrases in advance. And in the case of silence, break it with “homework.” Think over the different areas of interest, which can become a safety ring.

2. Don’t Imitate Your Wit

You can meet a jerky boy almost in every company. He desperately draws attention to himself, joking and wisecracking, and he can boast his own stories or even unceremoniously interrupt other people. Do not make such mistakes and do not try to veil your awkwardness with fraudulent wit. Be patient and carefully listen to the girl. If you treat her with respect, moments of silence will not be a problem for you.

3. Feel Free to Ask Questions

When you are at a dead end and feel that the conversation is beginning to fade away, add fuel to the flame, starting to ask questions. Remember that girls like to talk about themselves. Therefore, you can use the sin of vanity to your advantage. When you get the answer to a question, you will get a clue to the continuation of the conversation. Questions are always a fail-safe way to prevent a pause. In addition, this is a manifestation of sincere interest in your interlocutor.

4. Make a Tactical Retreat

If an awkward silence has become completely hopeless, then it’s high time to implement the backup plan. So, if the conversation has turned into oppressive silence, and you can’t revive it, then politely apologize and say that you need to move away for a while. It is possible that during this time you will have an interesting thought about how to restart the conversation and maintain it in the future.

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