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When a girl you chat with got a brilliant sense of humor, it’s just awesome, apart from being a huge bonus. However, being a funny guy can make a difference between the failure and success when dating online. Everybody had that kind of a guy from high school who was always cracking jokes, setting the whole class (and the teacher too) off laughing and made the girls giggle with his sometimes plain naughty, yet sparkling jokes? Although he might not have been the most attractive or clever guy, he always somehow managed to score some points having his own ways to make a girl laugh. We all had a person like that at some point in the lifetime.

When girls talk about their qualities and favorite hobbies - all guys must demonstrate a great interest in that stuff and, naturally, the sense of humor is always at the top priority. And trust this, it’s an absolute truth. Knowing some things to make her laugh or simply smile is like having a Japanese spinning rod if you wish to catch your “goldfish” in the ocean of online dating. It may stun you, but even the dark humor sometimes works out, but you have to find a person who is just as crazy as you in order to make that work. If you think that the sense of humor is some inborn quality that cannot be developed, check out our quick tips on how to make a woman laugh and win her goodwill through the online messaging.

make a woman laugh

Is it really important to make girls laugh?

A funny conversation opening message is perhaps the most powerful dating “weapon” you can use. No need to prove that if there was only one skill every guy could possess in his conversation abilities, most likely it would undoubtedly be humor. But one of the most important things most people, especially men, refuse to admit is amount of work involved in being funny as it can easily come down to picking the right set of words to write to a girl. Having the right conversation starters in your armory will get you halfway to your goal of looking like that charming and interesting guy every girl wants to have a talk (or even something more) with.

In the world of online dating, sending a girl that trite, commonly used message is literally the kiss of death and a perfect choice to get ignored instantly. Not just your first messages like “Hi, don’t you want to have a nice talk?” and “I like you. Be my girlfriend” won’t make a girl laugh, but will also bring you -10 points to your dating karma and a possibility to end up in a girl’s black list. Impersonal greetings and proposals of dating are just lazy and an average girl is not willing to sacrifice her time to respond to hundreds of identical “hi’s” from people who may not be really interested in her personally.

Maybe typing “hi” may sometimes work just fine, but oftentimes online daters won’t buy it so easily. Agree? According to the latest social research in one of the biggest online dating platforms, sending “Hey” first message is almost equivalent to saying nothing. Such greeting has an 80% chance of being completely ignored.

Writing a successful greeting message making her laugh sets the pace for the rest of your relationship, so you should go beyond one – selecting right conversation starter and saying something to grant your date a wide smile. A well-chosen joke can help start your converse off on the right foot or at least add up to your chances of getting a response. You don’t need to be a stand-up comedian, just be as original as possible. Now we’d like to present you 8 best examples of how to make her laugh that will surely tickle the funny bone and make a good first impression.

Funny online dating messages for her

It may be incredibly frustrating and upsetting when you dedicate hours to online dating and don’t often hear back from the females you message. But do not capitulate just yet – what comes are eight funny first message online dating ideas that will draw women’s responses like a magnet, and you can use them now! All you need to do is to follow these pieces of advice and watch your inbox fill up with replies from women who are madly eager to meet you in person!

funny romantic text messages for her

1. Use a clever and funny starter

All you have to do is to come up right away with something special that is going to distinguish you from the crowd of other guys. DO NOT, we emphasize, DO NOT send her a message saying “what’s up” or “hey sexy”, or anything like that. Fortunately, it might be not that hard to stand out, as most lads absolutely suck at inventing funny text messages. Every cute single girl gets overwhelmed by an avalanche of stupid messages, say, on a daily basis. Stay just a little different, a bit non-standard and you’ll be rewarded with a way better chance of connecting with a cool chick.

Example: “Your account will be SHUT DOWN in one day unless you reply to this message with your phone number, your favorite hobby, how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth at once and if you prefer European or Asian cuisine.”

2. Use a GIF as a conversation opener

A GIF is uncomplicated and entertaining type of all funny online dating messages to begin a conversation with. It doesn’t require a razor sharp mind, yet it still speaks about your creativity. According to the survey, pinning a GIF to your text message increases the likelihood of a response by almost 30%. That’s a strong stimulus to add some fine GIFs to your storage. GIFs are always funny and playful. Whether it’s an adorable cartoon cat or dog giving some flowers or a moment from some comedy show - a good GIF will get the ball rolling and make your date giggle.

3. Give some astonishing humorous compliments

Look for some references in girl’s dating profile to forge a perfect and specific compliment in a lighthearted manner. Some online dating assistants give all male users a great example of the most effective way to give praise: “Wow… these stunning green eyes. That gracious posture. This gorgeous hair. What’s the breed of your dog on the profile picture? Is he jealous of newcomers?”

In a funny first message, the online dater shows interest in a girl’s pictures, paying compliments to her dog, and with that, asks a question that makes a flirty suggestion. All these elements combined together create a memorable and promising introduction. The tone of this opening message is light and positive – precisely what you need in the initial text messages. You are building a link. Poking fun message is that kind of funny text messages for her to grow warm for you and go for a fruitful conversation.

4. Ask her “Would you rather?” questions

Good conversation openers usually aren’t too complicated. It just takes a little trial period and mistakes to acquire some unique experience. We sincerely suggest asking a girl “Would you rather” type questions to get her attention. Set off for the ideas like “Would you rather spend hours finding a parking space or go by metro?” and “Would you rather choose mortality or an endless youth?”

You can get as inventive as you desire with it. You could ask, “Would you rather have a puppy elephant or a costume of an elephant for your pet?” and “Would you rather buy a hut on a secluded island or in the heart of megapolis?”

5. Go personal

It is a basic human feature to love talking about yourself. It literally stimulates the brain and gives that good feeling. Thus, send her a question that supposes her to share something about herself, and she’s instantly on cloud nine. And the better her mood gets when chatting with you, the more likely she is to give her number. One of the best examples of funny text messages to send in order to make her tell about herself on a dating website can be a short message like this:

“So what are your weekend priorities – movies, yoga or making cupcakes?”

6. Don’t cross the border between “funny” and “rude”

Sometimes there’s a really thin line between being humorous and being frankly boorish. You obviously don’t want your joke go too damn far. Keep in mind, you’re talking to a completely unfamiliar person. As a rule, explicit sexual language and suggestive references in a first message are total no-nos. You can end up being blocked before you can even send a second message.

7. Get creative

However, do not overthink this. Your opening message doesn’t need to be the most wonderfully forged introduction ever. Quite a good example: “So I’m working on a book right now, called” The online dater’s diary”. When she asks what the book is about, you can answer this way: “Well, actually, it’s a phone book. And now it’s missing your number.” Timeless classic. The girl actually gets pretty much tempted to respond with her phone number. Of course, eventually she may give you her older brother’s number as well, but at least you’ve tried and kinda succeeded.

funny first message online dating​

Here’s why creative first messages usually are successful:

  • They instantly raise her curiosity. If she didn’t even wish to sacrifice her time reading, why would she bother sending a reply?
  • They distinct you from the crowd. Always remember: she’s receiving tons of messages from guys just like you. And you’ve got to outrun them all at once!
  • She is asked a question. You need to make it as simple as possible for her to come up with an answer to gain the desired result.

8. Do girls love bad boys? They surely do!

You are entirely free to demonstrate a girl your outlaw side. For instance, send her a message of this kind: “I was pulled over by a cop for speeding. I just couldn’t help hitting the gas when I came across your profile. I explained to him the reason and showed your wonderful photo. He let me off with a warning and recommended to get your number.”

Smooth? Definitely! In a way, it is romantic too. And actually all girls are into bad boys who live on the edge, taking risks for their sweet ladies.

Summing it up

When sending funny romantic text messages for her to give a reply, you’d better type “knock knock” rather than “sup hottie”. A funny conversation starter leaves all other online dating rivals behind your back and increases your chances of getting a response. Usually, you can melt the hearts of those unapproachable ladies with a clever joke or an artful compliment. Instead of being another average guy head over ears in love, prove you’re the man worth getting to know by sharing some puns, fun stories or jokes with a girl you like. If you succeed in keeping a woman entertained in that initial conversation, you’ll be good enough in moving forward as well.

Preparing a funny first message is a true art and we hope you can use our best examples of those funny online dating conversation openers next time you click on the “send” button. Stay focused!

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Aug 21,  2020,  9:44 AM

I always use funny starters when chatting with a girl. It really makes communication more fun. Banal phrases are no longer interesting to girls.

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