You have found a beautiful Ukrainian girl and you want to impress a Ukrainian girl somehow? You are tired of usual dates in cafes, restaurants and walking in park? Or you need someone to help you in choosing the best date ideas? Then our agency is always ready to help you. We have a lot of interesting, exciting and breathtaking getaway ideas for dates with a Ukrainian girl.

Romantic getaway ideas for a weekend with a Ukrainian girl

Why getaways are a great choice for a weekend

Tighter budgets and pressing commitments have been hard on vacation planners for the past few years. Therefore, when one option doesn't work out, another reveals itself. When it comes to vacationing, the solution was found in weekend getaways. Shorter trips give couples the chance to get away from the rat race and yet spend a fraction of what they would for a longer vacation.

There must be a good reason why couples are opting for weekend getaways — and not just that, opting for repeat trips. They are the following advantages:

Cheaper — They are definitely cheaper than longer vacations, so one can choose to get away any time without worrying about budgets.

Better deals — It's easier to get great deals for shorter trips than longer ones, which means greater savings for an unexpected bonus.

Easy to plan — They take less planning and packing, so you don't have to devote a lot of time and energy for the trip. That can often be exhausting even before you have started, especially if you have a very demanding career.

Quick work — They can be worked upon even if it's a last-minute decision, so getting away on a day's notice or less is not impossible either.

Drive not fly — Most of the time, one can drive or bus down to the weekend getaways, which means you save big on airfare, not to mention negating all the airport hassles.

More for the money — Since they are easy on the pocket, one can get away more frequently instead of waiting for the big annual trip.

Diversity — Being able to get away more frequently actually adds a lot of diversity to the yearly travel plans. For a lesser budget, one gets to see a lot more new places which can be refreshing as well as enriching.

One important reason why they are so popular is they act as quick and natural stress-busters for all of us. A short trip works great to refresh and rejuvenate mind and body, so one can go back to work on Monday as good as new instead of being burned out. As they have so many advantages, romantic getaways become more and more popular nowadays.

Romantic getaway ideas for a weekend

Here is the list of them. It’s up to you to choose as there different romantic getaway ideas to every taste and budget. If you can afford you can choose the most prestigious and wonderful ideas to make your Ukrainian woman happy.

For a getaway you may choose a bus tour, car tour or move by train. Here different variants are possible. There can be a purpose to see many places of interest in one country or in several countries. The first variant is preferable as Ukrainian girls are gentle and they are not used to it yet. That’s why it’s better to stay in one town or at least in one country for a time.

The number of the best places in Europe for a romantic weekend getaways is rather big. And here we would like to suggest you the most famous ones which she is sure to like.

Paris, France. Paris is full of excellent graffiti, and instead of just wandering aimlessly with your soon-to-be lover, why not theme the walk and try to find the coolest street art? Need help finding it? Romantic walks, marvelous restaurants, evenings for two, unforgettable moments to cherish forever… With its cinematic decors and eternal charm, Paris attracts lovebirds from all over the world all year round. Dating a Ukrainian woman you must take all these walks, cruises, shopping, evenings for two, naughty nights, unusual marriage proposals.

Venice, Italy. From Venice Carnival to the Palio of Marciliana in Chioggia, from the Riviera in Bloom taking place every year along the banks of the Brenta River, to the Festival of the Madonna dell'Angelo celebrated in Caorle, from the International Sand Sculpture Festival in Jesolo to the Palio of Cavallino, the Province of Venice will surprise you and entertain you!

The Cinque Terre, Italy. The Cinque Terre represents one of the best preserved natural and semi-natural areas of the Mediterranean. Historical and geomorphologic reasons have forbidden excessive housing development and the creation of major roadways Human activity and especially viticulture, have contributed to create a unique landscape in which development of the typical stone walls is so extensive as to equal that of the famous Great Wall of China.

Sintra, Portugal. Sintra is a jewel set between the mountains and the sea. Sintra exudes a romantic aura that left a deep impression on the soul and work of the writers who, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, pioneered the Romantic spirit and celebrated subjectivity and the emotion of the human drama. Sintra is truly the capital of Romanticism. It is a place to experience!

London, United Kingdom. London is for lovers, the city has the ideal mix of cool, quirky, sweet and spectacular. Impress your date with panoramic views of London during Valentine's Day dinner with a Ukrainian lady. Alternatively, catch a West End show, take a romantic stroll, snuggle up in a cosy pub, or soak up some history and culture. Whatever your preference, London has plenty fun things to do on the weekend with your girlfriend and London will always provide something romantic for you.

Santorini, Greece. Santorini is considered to be the most sought after place for a romantic getaway in Greece, since there are not many places in the world where you can enjoy exquisitely clear waters while perched on the rim of a massive active volcano in the middle of the sea!

Sometimes you can afford some romantic cabin getaways. They can be flights to some places and a short vacation there or even a flight itself. I’m sure that when you with your lovely person you will enjoy any of the variants.

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