In many cases, misunderstandings between the sexes can be avoided if you know each other's “body language.” Reading this article, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with some features relating to the sexual behavior of women and men. This knowledge may help you in all situations when you need to communicate with the opposite sex, starting with the office small talks and to a romantic party.

clear signs of female attraction

Do not be surprised if you recognize yourself while reading. Perhaps you will see how we can misunderstand the actions of the opposite sex as well as subconscious signs of attraction, forcing both ourselves and our beloved ones to suffer and upset others. It is not a secret that misunderstanding of male and female behavior leads to emotional conflicts and spiritual devastation. Now you can deal with it.

Sexual gestures of women and men have some distinctive differences. If a man, as a rule, wants to please the woman, then a woman often wants to please all men present. There are a lot of sexual gestures and subtle signs of attraction. Most of them have their equivalences in the animal world and are inherited from monkeys. To understand the body language of both sexes, we need to explore some differences between sexual gestures of men and women.

Female Body Language Signs of Attraction

When you meet a girl for the first time, you know nothing about her, about her nature or temperament. Moreover, you don't even know if she likes you. They say that women are mostly weaker than men, well, maybe physically, but even if there is a saying that men never cry, these are women who can hide their emotions so skillfully. However, attraction signs women show are vivid if to pay attention to them. Sometimes girls don't even realize that they show their interest in someone with their gestures.

Clear Signs of Female Attraction

1. She peers at you

Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of a girl. There is no need to look away and be nervous. Let her explore your appearance. In the first few seconds, the girl decides whether a man is suitable for her and whether she wants to get acquainted with him. Then you can relax because she has already made a decision. If she is interested in you, she will definitely let you know. You can safely decode the next signs of female attraction and her unconscious signals. And if she doesn’t like you, she will no longer look at you.

2. She changes her posture and pose

If she likes you, she will change her behavior. The easiest way to notice it is her posture. She straightens her back, realizing that she will look more attractive in your eyes. She begins to talk with someone more energetically and enthusiastically. In general, if her posture changes, it may mean that she is ready for your acquaintance. After that, a girl can change the pose. If earlier she was just eating, drinking coffee or talking to her friend, then she has got a new goal – she wants to draw attention to herself.

signs of female attractionHow does she do it in a nonverbal way? She takes an attractive pose that shouts, "Look at me, I'm here." It will be very important for you to notice this change and decipher it.

3. She looks at you

This is another signal that relates to signs of romantic attraction. She will look down or the other way as if hinting that she is very shy. However, she will look in your direction anyway to figure out whether her tricks have had an effect on you. At this moment, do not be afraid to look directly at her with the sign of interest in your eyes. She will also glance at you, watching, whether you are looking at her or not.

4. She actively gestures

This one is related to intense sexual attraction signs. If a girl feels good and comfortable next to you, then she will allow herself to fully relax. And she will begin to gesticulate actively, just as she does in her usual life. You will surely understand this at the moment when her tightness is gone, and she will become more open. That means you do everything right, and she likes your company.

5. She licks and bites her lips

If she starts licking her lips, sitting next to you, then she tells you that she wants you. At that moment, you look seductive and attract her sexually. Surely, such a gesture can’t leave you indifferent. And you will come up with the idea to leave the public place and move into a more intimate atmosphere.

If she starts slowly and temptingly biting her lips, carefully watching your reaction, it is a hint of a desire to have sex with you. Therefore, you need to pull yourself together and try as quickly as possible to satisfy this desire.

Unconscious Signs of Attraction

Body language and gestures are adopted by psychologists and experts. They focus on non-verbal information and read everyone's mind like an open book. The famous gypsy hypnosis and the surprising truthfulness of the predictions are based on the fact that the gypsies are masters of reading body language. This kind of knowledge is needed for every person who strives to know both themselves and others, it can help avoid mistakes and shed light on many things.

Non-verbal signs of behavior can tell you more about the person than their words. Communicating with others, your subconsciousness gets unobvious data much faster. Have you ever faced a situation when you are communicating with a stranger who seems to be a good person, but something is repulsive or inappropriate in them? This happens because your subconsciousness has noticed some discrepancy. Consciously studying the elements of non-verbal communication, one can interpret a person’s personality.

Unconscious Signs of Deep Attraction

  • Hair fixing is one common complex gesture. A woman fixes her hair when she is nervous. This happens unconsciously, and the movement helps her gain self-confidence.
  • Seducing, a woman fixes her hair slowly and sensually, giving a man a good look at her hands and hair.
  • Shaking her hair loose is another eloquent gesture. Listen to the word "loose," it speaks of openness and inner freedom. This is what women want to emphasize when they shake their hair. You will not meet a woman with flowing hair at any official meeting or at a government office. Quite often, this movement happens at the subconscious level as well, when a woman wants to look more attractive in the eyes of a handsome man.
  • Playing with her hair and shaking it, the woman tries to attract the attention of the man, make him want to touch it. In addition, beautiful lush shiny hair is an indicator of good health, which is also worth demonstrating to a man who chooses his future partner. And yet, brushing hair up, women often bare their necks and shoulders, this also refers to the gestures of seduction. And in most cases, a girl doesn’t even notice that she is touching her hair for too long or starts twisting it too violently because these signals are not under her control.

Signs of Mutual Attraction Between a Man and a Woman

By the time when a man and a woman want to show sympathy to each other, they might have already talked. And if “something” arises between them, for example, interest, desire, inner contact, then it becomes immediately clear even without words. Body language is an elusive, ambiguous, peculiar cipher, consisting of a whole series of sex signals. Signs of mutual attraction such as manners, movements, postures, attitudes, give rise to a "dance of seduction."

Some signs of attraction are the same for men and women. And among the signs of mutual attraction are the following ones.

  • Putting your thumbs in a belt or in the pockets.
  • Putting one or both hands on the hips.
  • Standing wider than usual.
  • Extended eye contact.
  • If the person’s pupils dilate when you have eye contact, then you are sympathetic to them, but if they are narrowed, then you have no chance.
  • The first eye-to-eye look does not last more than 4-5 seconds. After that, a person can look down.
  • instant attraction signsWomen mainly look at the shoulders and arms, and if possible, at the legs and buttocks. Men first evaluate the entire body, the style of clothing and, finally, the bosom, and only then they look at the waist and hips.
  • Prolonged eye contact (more than two-thirds of communication time).
  • General liveliness, increased muscle tone, straightening the body when an object of interest appears.
  • When the object of interest invades the private zone, the person does not move away.
  • When future lovers feel comfortable together, they turn to each other in such a way that the lines of their shoulders are parallel.
  • Copying gestures of the object of interest. People move in the general rhythm and look at each other's eyes.

It is painfully obvious that such skill as reading the body language takes time and practice, and if the situation is emergent, you can follow some useful tips to notice the instant attraction signs of your potential partner.


1. Pay attention to the tension of the facial muscles. It is directly proportional to sympathy. The most visible places are around the lips, chin, forehead.

2. Girls must be aware of the fact that not all guys will reciprocate and rejoice in their flirting. They can recognize such a guy by his reaction: a girl laughs at his joke or flirts with him, and in response to it, he looks at her with bewilderment. Guys shouldn't be afraid to say, “Thanks, but no” to a girl who flirts with them. That way, she will not waste time on the man and be able to start flirting with someone else.

3. If a girl looks into space, smiles and looks at you, then she thinks she is flirting with you.

4. If a girl gets lip balm and spends more time than necessary to put it on her lips, and at the same time, she constantly looks at you, it means she is flirting.

5. Showing their interest, girls can shift her glance from eye to lip, and then back. This suggests a desire to kiss a man.

6. Most of the gestures she makes unconsciously. Eye contact and smile are deliberate actions while copying most often happens unwittingly.

7. If a girl examines you from head to toe, without moving her head, and then smiles, it means she clearly hints that she likes you.

8. Head tilt to the side is a primary indicator of interest; girls often do this during a conversation to show their involvement and agreement with you as well as to open their necks, thereby showing you that she is comfortable with you.

9. You can also use the clock trick. Glance at the clock and then look at the girl. If she repeats your action, it means that she is watching you. However, keep in mind that the girl might have decided that you saw something dangerous or interesting, and wanted to find out what it was.

10. If her friends are discussing you, while you have not spoken to them, most likely, she likes you and discusses you with them.

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