Why is online dating so hard to succeed in?

There is no universal answer to this question because different people make different mistakes. However, these fails can be classified. What’s even better, they all are possible to fix. “Does online dating work?”, new members of dating sites ask. Certainly! You merely need to be aware of the basic rules. Our experts prepared online dating advice below, have a look and make it count!


Online dating tips to take your love life to a new level

1. Have the idea of who you seek. One of the biggest pluses of online dating is your ability to contact with myriads of potential romantic partners. But your search can become endless if you don’t know what type of a person you need.

2. Estimate yourself right. If your self-esteem is too high or too low, you will likely have problems with attracting people. Don’t neglect the opinions your close friends and relatives have about your strong and weak points.

3. Write the profile on your own. Of course, you may ask a friend for help but it is totally wrong to rely on someone else’s capabilities. What I’d advise you to do is to let your trusted person check the final version of your dating profile out.

4. Do add a photo. Strictly speaking, if you do not put any pictures, your love search will be senseless. The very first thing we do meeting new people is determining whether they fit our tastes or not. How can your prospective match know if there’s no photo of you?

5. Being humble is a mistake. So you say you are good at really nothing. How do you hope to impress strangers without demonstrating your skills and accomplishments? Just think of the areas what you can do best.

6. Avoid talking about your flaws. It is great that we all have our dark sides – this helps spice dating up (if you know how to use your diverse character features). But do not turn your self-presentation into the series of confessions.

7. Define what makes you stand out. Any cool hobbies, special achievements, non-standard views on life, talents etc. We all are unique; you only need to understand what makes you different from other guys and girls.


8. Keep silence about your past. Modern people know what couple fights and painful breakups are. However, your future lover shouldn’t know about your past drama until you get to know each other well.

9. Forget about long lists. It is a good idea to have a wish-list – it gives you the better understanding of who exactly you need. On the other hand, seeing how many requirements you put on dating candidates is a turnoff.

10. Create a realistic gallery. Uploading just one photo isn’t enough. Most online dating services allow adding many pictures so you can take a real photoshoot to present yourself comprehensively.

11. Don’t take nudity for sexiness. There are men and women who are convinced that the less clothing the better. Well, it may be the truth if you’ve already been staying in a relationship for a while. But to make acquaintances, you actually need to dress up!

12. Learn from others. If your online dating profile doesn’t gain so much popularity, it is not the reason to get depressed. Take a look at the most popular profiles on your site and note what makes them so good.

13. A balance between the mystery and openness. You shouldn’t reveal all the exciting details about you at once. Simultaneously, there must be something other people can fall for. Think about it!

14. Proactiveness is your key to success. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Those who just upload their profiles and sit and wait for other searchers to make the first move normally end up being single. If you feel it’ll be right to initiate the contact, just do it.

15. The journey might be long. Your personal happiness depends on many factors. In particular, on what type of relationships you look for. It’s quite easy to have a hookup but serious dating requires a lot of working. 

16. Keep your feet on the ground. Regardless of how nice your online matches are, it is wrong to get attached very soon. Let some time pass before you make any serious conclusions about your new friend.

17. No need to reply every single message. If you manage to create an irresistible dating profile, you can receive tons of emails. Likewise, there might be some weirdoes writing crazy messages. You are entitled to choose who to communicate with.

18. Don’t be wordy. This is a bad habit if you write both your online dating profile and your messages. You should learn how to encode more sense in fewer words.

19. Switch to live communication A.S.A.P. Do not limit yourself to exchanging text messages – there are many other ways to build the connection. Thanks to modern software, you can have an exciting online date even without sitting next to each other.

20. Remember about protection from scams. Most online dating sites have anti-scam systems but it is primarily your job to ensure your safety. Learn how to do it before kicking the adventure off.

21. Stay impervious to offenders. It’s impossible to predict how many of them will be waiting for you. Just take it as part of the game and do not give up!

22. Work on your written speech. Good communication skills are essential for your smooth dating life. They enable you to draw attention to your profile and pick hotties up with your messages. Do not underestimate the power of words!

How to choose the right partner on an online dating site

Finally, I wish to provide you with general recommendations on how to understand whether this person is a dating material or not. Outer attractiveness and common interests are vital but here are 7 more aspects to consider.


Your dating goals match. Yes, users of online dating services write about it on their profiles. But they do not always know themselves what they struggle to get. Make sure that each of you understands her/his own motives.

Make sure this person is sincere towards you. Dating someone online can be tricky. You should be able to see what stands behind her/his gorgeousness, sweet phrases and charms. Otherwise, the frustration might be inevitable.

Notice how exactly one expresses her/his thoughts. This is another way to get to know somebody’s true essence. If you hear fake intonations, if the words don’t match the person’s actual deeds, this is what you should keep an eye on.

Learn to read between the lines. The ability to do so is a true kind of art. Do not just read one’s messages but get to thinking about the meaning implied. Quite often, you can find out more details by doing so. 

Search for her/his other social media accounts. It is always better to ask your friend’s permission prior to going to major social networking sites. There, you will definitely find a lot of valuable stuff. By the way, this is how you can check if your match is a real person or a scammer.

Have a phone conversation prior to going out. Is that even okay to meet someone you hardly know without hearing his/her voice? Probably not. Again, it is wrong to only text to each other.

Do not put too high expectations. The lower they are, the better the impression will be. By all means, not all your dates will be splendid yet when you expect too much from a person you don’t know, you are prone to frustration. 

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