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Think getting in the spooky Halloween spirit is possible only when you stick around with someone who’s literally close to you? The 21st century offers you not to go the extra mile for finding a formal date somewhere in your neighborhood to have an action-packed festive time like in the movie “Holidate”.

If you believe that virtual means boring, or not for real, we insist that it doesn’t. Get your phone, laptop, webcam, or whatever you have, and make sure the below-listed Halloween date ideas will make your virtual get-together ghoulishly grandiose.

Expect it’s just another costume contest you can take part in? Here you go with some other ways to inspire your own Halloween-themed date night.

1. Virtual Cooking & Cocktail Making

Cooking food - a platitude? 

For sure, the idea isn’t novel or pretentious at all, but that’s a really simple bonding experience accessible even virtually and is totally worth doing together with your date on Halloween. 

Actually, food provides a lot of information about your partner’s tastes and attitudes. It also serves as a crossover of some unique recipes, Halloween customs and traditions, especially if you both belong to different cultural backgrounds. Moreover, cooking food together indicates the earnestness of your date’s intentions, particularly regarding how much time they are ready to invest in your relationship. And naturally, it helps reboot your creativity, show it off and work up an appetite for tasty food and sweet love.

Find or invent a recipe that you both can easily make together over your webcam. Consider fall-themed flavored recipes such as squash, pumpkin, or sweet potato. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a meal – you could make caramel apples, for example. Of course, don’t forget about the candies -  Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without your childhood favorite treats.

And, if it’s still isn’t enough to get into the spirit, spirits can definitely save the day. Go video chatting to make some “magic potions”, or in other words apple cider (for instance). Take the recipes of your favorite cocktails and start a guessing game with your Halloween date, adding ingredients to your “potion” and waiting for your partner to guess. Now when the cocktails garnish your Halloween bar, give yourself up to a pleasant cocktail-fueled chat with someone who tickles your fancy.

2. Carving Pumpkins For Each Other

Looking for something more creative or competitive? Try a virtual pumpkin carving contest to get yourself and your partner fully involved. Prepare your pumpkins, switch the webcams on, set the timer, and try bragging with your carving skills in real-time. Instead of an ordinary pumpkin face being easy to carve, you can knock your date out with an unexpected pumpkin pattern or shape. The possibilities are endless and hilarious results are sure to ensue. Afterward, take some fun photos of your finished products, share them with your Halloween date, and cherish the day with a virtual keepsake for good. 

Supposedly, you don’t know the finesse of the pumpkin carving craft but that does make it extra hilarious, emotional, and genuine. All in all, get your creative juices flowing to carve pumpkins together online. 

3. Co-Authoring Of An Even Spookier Story

Finding a spot somewhere in the dark and reading scary ghost stories to each other over the phone or via video is a popular thing to do. But to add some horror spice to 

your Halloween pastime and reinforce the effect of monstrosity, try inventing your own ghost story. In the “finish-the-story” game, you can start off with a scary line, then your date continues it with their hair-raising line, and then you carry the story on taking turns. When the story is coming to an end, you’re highly likely to start feeling the surge of adrenaline. It’s a proven fact that emotions you share together, and even a slight adrenaline rush help you feel more in love or attracted to someone. Additionally, Halloween storytelling helps unleash your own demons and discover the limits of your partner’s imagination. 

But take care: your frightful story can send shivers down the spine, so be ready to stop or reduce the tension if it’s beyond the plate for you or your date.

The list of Halloween date night ideas is far from the end because human imagination knows no limits. Want to have a true Halloween Sabbath for two? Discuss it with your thrill-seeking friend, date, or partner, and get ready to throw your own pumpkin, zombie, or Halloween love party. Choose your “treat” over “trick” right now! 

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