Let's first discuss the reasons that encourage us to talk about the subject of old men dating young women. Many of us are still in their captivity. People are sure that a man and a woman should be of the same age. Of course, there can be an age gap, but the “acceptable” gap is only around a few years, from 1 to 5. All marriages, which do not conform to this statement are dictated solely by mercantile and selfish desires, now that’s a load of bs is I’ve ever heard. What’s wrong about an old man and a young woman relationship? The modern world is so diverse, it has such a variety of options of going about things that it is ridiculous and inconvenient to hold on to the old-fashioned ideas of “what is good and what is bad." These are just unhealthy stereotypes that we have to deal with.

The entire stigma that people have about seeing old men with young women is nonsensical. It feels like it is more important for us to follow some certain obligatory guidelines than to follow our hearts and to enjoy what this life has to offer. And how can you put these guidelines in front of things like love? You can’t.

However, all these naysayers are unimportant, today we will talk about this entire old men young women relationships model.

old men and young women

Why Do Women Choose Guys Who Are Older Than They Are?

Why do young women marry old men?

The First Reason: They Need a Father Figure in Their Lives.

The most common reason why a young woman marries an old man is that she needs a father figure in her life. And at the same time, it doesn't matter whether their fathers left, when the girls were little kids, or they actively participated in their lives. In the first case, a woman looks for someone to fill in that void, that has been there since childhood, and in the second case, having grown up with all of this fatherly attention, she cannot go without it. It connects to the following point, a young woman will grow up faster, she will become much more independent and smarter in the presence of an adult man.

Reason Two: Older Men Are Wiser and a Lot More Interesting

An adult man, as a rule, has a lot of “life baggage,” which has not been yet made up by young men. He is her guide to all the things this world has to offer. The entire old men and young women dynamic is about one being a teacher, and the other one being a student. On the one hand, the rule of the “common nursery” works better with men of equal age: you grew up with them on the same films, books and musical bands, which in many respects facilitates mutual understanding. On the other hand, their life experience is minimal, and they will never be able to rival these old experienced men. These older men, who know a lot and have also experienced a lot, are unique interlocutors: they have a charm and a sense of humor, you can listen to them 24/7, each time learning something new. By the way, the famous saying that a woman loves with her ears has a direct connection to this - a person with whom a woman is being entertained, can count on her sympathy, and inexperienced men cannot compare to them in this.

Reason Three: Younger Women Can Grow in Their Presence

The third reason is inextricably linked with the second one: women want to be on the same level of intelligence with their men. If a man is below their level of development, nothing good will come out of it, if a man is higher, she will be able to reach that level of intelligence with her partner. In this sense, a successful man is much more promising than a young man of the same age as a woman — a classmate or a colleague. However, as you know, wisdom does not always accompany age, so all of the above, unfortunately, doesn’t concern all old men out there.

old men looking for young womenReason Four: Older Men Are Rich and Famous

The mercantile reason, when young girls prefer old men, is also not to be discounted, although is quite a rare thing. I mean, when we see an old man with a young woman, most of us are sure that she is dating him only because of his wealth and prestigious social status. And while this is not always the case, even if it is, can you blame their decision making? Of course, she can marry an unknown poor student and gradually, step by step, make him a successful businessman and TV presenter, becoming the very strong and wise woman who stands behind every successful man. But, first, is there a guarantee that she will be able to make something out of her husband, with that something being exactly what she wants?

Secondly, it is quite possible that, by reaching this high status, a man will consider her as not being on the same level as he, and she isn't young enough. And in the case of an adult man, she has what she wants without any effort or risk. In addition, the desire to find a rich and famous life partner does not exclude the romantic feelings that even a very young girl can feel for him, so you should not explicitly blame her for such motives.

Why Do Old Men Like Young Women?

They may be 40 or 70, but they all share one thing: they are in love with young girls. We’ve already discussed the opposite side of the coin, but why do old men like young women?

The First Reason: Because of Their Reproductive Functions

Primitive men preferred women who were able to give birth to many children, so they paid attention to two main factors: youth and health. The younger the woman is, the longer she will be able to give birth to children. The reproductive ability of a woman reaches its peak at 20 years. It reaches an average level when a woman is in her 30s, and it gets lower after 40. Besides, it is almost completely out of the question when a woman is in her 50s. That is why modern men are drawn to young women - that is, to those who have a high reproductive value.

Does this mean that women who are older than 50, that is, not having reproductive value, are doomed to loneliness? Not at all. This only means that, like young girls, mature women must remain attractive in order to continue to participate in marriage games. Women's magazines are full of articles about mature women and how to preserve youth. A more youthful appearance attracts men of all ages. And remember that there are no certainties when it comes to this. Joan Collins, Cher, Ivana Trump, and Madonna all have been able to break this rule.

Reason Two: Because of Their Beauty

Why are old men looking for young women? Well, because they are beautiful. “Without a doubt, you can fall in love with anyone, regardless of age. Every person on Earth is not only worthy of love but also capable of provoking it. But the young beauty does not need to do plastic surgery, shoot Botox up her lips or apply a ton of makeup in order to be attractive. There are lots of wonderful things about her to appreciate,” says Roland, a 70-year-old Frenchman. His wife’s name is Marie, she is younger than him by half a century, Marie and Rolan are inseparable. However, for how long will it last? The time will tell.

A 43-year-old photographer by the name of Edward, after the breakup with his wife, who, by the way, was five years younger than him, is now firmly convinced: he will never ever date a woman who is of the same age as him, divorce has given him a second youth. He feels alive again.

Representatives of the strong half of humanity are not fools, as one might assume, based on their statements. Men understand the fact that life goes fast, youth flows away like sand through fingers, and ... they find nothing better than to try to start everything from the beginning, while it is still possible. It is difficult to say whether, in most cases, it will be real love or only deception and falsification of feelings, but the fact remains that men are also afraid of old age, and while women cope with their first signs of age, men are going to live forever at the expense of their young partners. old man with a young woman​This also implies the following masculine statement: a woman “over thirty” is not capable of an adventure, while a young beauty is ready to go all out this very minute. It is quite reasonable that the mother of three children is not in a hurry to jump with a parachute, she has something that she is afraid to leave on this mortal Earth.

“Women, as they grow older, forget about what is love,” says another seeker of lost youth, sharing his thoughts. In fact, being amorous, for that matter, has nothing to do with real love, and again, returning to the parachute, it is much easier to rush into many new things when no one is waiting for you at home.

This ability to risk everything and experiments with things is what attracts adult men, who have completely forgotten about the beauty of youth. Such energy will provoke a resurgence in the man’s own youth. To be fair, it’s never too late to explore the world. So many things have been forbidden to him by lots of unwritten rules of decency and all the ways that an adult man should carry himself. Everyone gets something useful from this relationship. She gets wisdom, and he gets to become a young boy again.

Reason Three: to Dominate

If a woman is self-sufficient, educated, and she has achieved a lot without anyone’s help, it is practically impossible to manage her, but things are completely different when it is about a young girl. “A woman after 30 can do absolutely everything. She does not need to learn anything, - says 40-year-old Jacob. - She knows how to behave in bed, knows how life works, and, most importantly, knows how to get what she needs right away, on the spot. I can't give her anything, she has already got everything. In addition, in a relationship with a girl who is twenty years younger than me, I again feel like a real macho: it is pleasant to see other men staring at your young beauty and to know that she is only yours.”

While this is a great way to amuse one’s own ego, there is nothing wrong about experiencing pleasure from teaching someone how the life works.

True, there is one problem: you have to pay a lot more than you would with an adult woman, but it’s not a big issue. It is unlikely that an accomplished man would think of this as an issue.

Reason Four: They Need Someone Like Their Mother in Their Lives

One man who chose a girl much younger than himself as a companion of his life stated, “My mother always looked like she was 30, I loved her, and I was looking for one who would be at least somewhat like her.” The concept of "normality" of marriage is really laid down by parents. And this formula works, by the way, not only with men but also with women as well. We absorb all the standards of thing being normal from our parents and all the people who affected us during childhood.

In addition, the fact that a man protects his “inner child” much more carefully than a woman, and therefore, grows up later, has been known for a long time - this is another reason why a strong half of humanity unconsciously seeks the “younger generation.” No matter how ridiculous it may sound, men can never part with their childhoods, the need for growing up is a real tragedy for them.

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