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A passive-aggressive personality can constantly force other people to do something for them with the help of manipulative behavior. Their passive-aggressive behavior is simply an emotional manipulation to achieve the desired. How to deal with passive aggressors and what does passive-aggressive mean in a relationship?
Social networks are full of beautiful pictures that create the illusion that all people around have perfect relationships. But is it true? However, if you deprive yourself of the pleasure of spying on someone else's beautiful life for a few days, you will realize that in real life nothing happens smoothly. But what to do when the abyss in a relationship seems too big, and you think about taking a break in a relationship?
Conflicts are an integral part of our lives. If they are, it means that people care about each other, and relationship develops. To understand how to deal with conflict in a relationship correctly, you need to know what their reasons are and why they arise.
“If you could not build a career, then just say that you have chosen a family,” sounds sharp but truthfully. In modern society, there is a stereotype that a family is a ballast for successful career development. Or vice versa: making a career, you, most likely, deprive yourself of a family. However, why career and family cannot be combined?
Many years ago, the zoologist David L. Mech formulated his theory about the human domination hierarchy and then declared it invalid. But homo sapiens still like to divide men into alpha, beta and omega males. What is the difference between alpha and beta male? This is what we are going to talk about.
Everyone has surely heard of the silent treatment. This is a kind of manipulation, which we and our partners sometimes use in relationships. This concerns any type of communication – romantic, friendly, family, and so on. Today we will explain why people resort to the silent treatment, ignore their partners and how to solve this problem. If you understand the nature of this phenomenon, you will be able to solve the problem positively.
Nowadays, the era of quick relationships dictates its own rules. Why should you spend time on lengthy explanations when it is easy, fast, and convenient to break up over text? However, such a simplification is imaginary, and it is usually based on the illusion of relationships.
Let's be frank, the phrase “I love you” gradually loses its magic sense and becomes something ordinary in the long-term relationship. We say it when we leave the house, come back, say goodbye, go to bed, and thank our partner for something. And there is nothing terrible or wrong in this. Talking about your feelings should have a place!
Even if your partner tells that he/she suffers from this illness, it doesn’t mean you need to break up and forget their name. This approach is absolutely wrong! In this review, we’ll tell you about this illness and provide you with a few valuable pieces of advice, showing that dating someone with Asperger's syndrome is possible. Furthermore, you can even be happy together! You just need to know how to carry on with these people.
I’ve heard a lot of dating psychopath stories over the years. Many women blame their ex-husbands for being "crazy." They’ve said that they weren’t aware that they were dating a psychopath man all along. They felt like they were not in love but in a prison of sorts. A healthy relationship develops in stages, it’s slow but steady. The love of a psychopath is the bombardment of attention, flattery and any kind of communication. Jealousy and possessiveness come with it as well.
Most people with mental illness are not aggressive and not dangerous. The latest discoveries of medicine allow you to control the development of most mental illnesses or to cure them. Most people are assisted by competent mental health professionals. Surrounding people can help with their love and care, support and spiritual strength.
When it comes to something serious, any decision is a risky thing. We all decide to finally say goodbye to a carefree life, sooner or later, and settle down. It is clear that it is very difficult to part with freedom and many people remain alone for the rest of their days.
It has long been known that a successful family is the one in which a woman feels happy. Many men, guided by their egoism, completely forget that a woman needs comfort, warmth, and time to rest. It is this mentality that damages your perception of other people, you think like you are the only one who is truly living, who feels emotions, happiness and sadness.
Dating remains one of the main topics that people are bothered about. Generally, it starts at school. If you are not dating someone, then you are weird. As a result, everyone is obsessed with finding their perfect match.
The fear of loneliness is the experience which conceals different other fears. The first typical fear is the fear of insecurity, fear in the face of future problems when “everything is piling up, but I can't cope with it; I'm small, and the world is big and scary." The second type of fear is the fear of not being significant for anyone, unclaimed, in the face of the meaninglessness of life.
Human is a social animal, and we need each other. The need for friendships and the help of others is necessary for our life and health. Every person needs strong family relationships, friendly colleagues, and a reliable circle of friends. But it is not the number of friends that is important but their quality.
Each of us experiences a pressing feeling of loneliness from time to time. Most of us manage to cope with it without any problems, but there are still periods when it lasts an unexpectedly long time. How to get rid of this not the most pleasant of emotions? The article tells about the ways how to fight depression alone and methods worth trying to overcome depression without the professional help from the side, as well as gives some major tips on dealing with these psychological issues.
Gifts should not be an obligation but a joy and a sign of attention. You should give a gift in a good mood. Every man knows what his lady is interested in, so you can always make her happy. It is not necessary to give presents too often, otherwise it will become ordinary and will no longer be perceived with such enthusiasm.
A long-distance relationship is a challenge for any, even the strongest couple. Ideally, psychologists do not advise lovers to part for a long time because time apart can negatively affect trust and mutual understanding. However, often, people just cannot avoid that for many different reasons. 
Regardless of whether you've spent years with your significant other or you are about to express your feelings for your crush in confessing romantic sayings, you can easily run out of words. Quite often you don't know even how to start one of your love messages for your partner. Words are even harder to find when it comes to some special events like weddings and Valentine's Day. You want your romantic nonsense to sound perfect, so you need to be really picky with words. And it is quite difficult when you are not much into visiting literature classes or discussing poetry.
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