1. How to make a woman happy in a relationship
2. How to make a woman happy in the morning
3. How to make a woman happy in the evening
4. How to make a woman happy in a long distance relationship
5. How to make a girlfriend happy when she's angry
6. How to make a girlfriend happy when she's hurt
7. How to make a girlfriend happy in case of conflict
8. How to make a woman happy on holidays
9. How to make a girlfriend happy with foreplay
10. How to make a woman happy in bed

It has long been known that a successful family is the one in which a woman feels happy. Many men, guided by their egoism, completely forget that a woman needs comfort, warmth, and time to rest. It is this mentality that damages your perception of other people, you think like you are the only one who is truly living, who feels emotions, happiness, and sadness. If she is sad, annoyed, unhappy, then this is reflected in the welfare of her husband, so every man should know what makes a woman happy and help her find spiritual comfort. Today we will discuss just that, the process of making a woman happy.

how to keep a woman happy

1. How to make a woman happy in a relationship

Show your love

First, you need to understand that, by nature, love is not some kind of theorem that needs to be proved. Its existence is not subject to doubt, and you need to take it just like that, without any kind of evidence.

Probably, no phrase causes so many conflicting emotions and feelings as the phrase "I love you." Hearing it, you feel joy, you are surprised and amazed, you are embarrassed, you want to hug and kiss the whole world. But at the same time there is a concern: isn’t your half lying to you? And so many do not dare to confess in return, although they feel love for this person. They need proof.

As for these very methods of “proving” love, everything depends only on the man’s fantasy.

2. How to make a woman happy in the morning

Be creative

How to make a woman happy with a surprise? The main thing is for it to be unexpected. Therefore, it is recommended to think over the scenario in advance. In addition, material value is absolutely not important, because a surprise gives positive emotions and feelings that cannot be assessed in monetary terms.

The most popular option among guys who are limited in finance is to make their feelings public. Looking out of the window in the morning and reading the confession, the girl will certainly be surprised, and she will also be pleased that others see it. The main thing is to make everything neat, it should not look awkward or lame.

3. How to make a woman happy in the evening

Have a romantic dinner

The most important thing, in our opinion, is not to screw up food or drinks. While yeah, you may create the most fascinating atmosphere possible, yet it can all be spoiled if you screw up with your dishes.

To prevent the surprise from being spoiled, ask in advance to come home under some pretext, that is if you don’t live together; if you do, you can just come back home earlier and do your thing. What you can do to ensure that she won’t come back in a horrible mood, thus spoiling the dinner in a way, is to call her in advance, again, using some excuse, to ask how she is doing. If she is fine, then you are ready to go, if not, maybe do this another time.

how to make a woman happyThe most basic things that create a proper atmosphere is dim light, candles, beautiful aromas, no greasy foods, no fast food, just a light dish, that is well done, some wine will do, and perhaps, chocolate.

4. How to make a woman happy in a long distance relationship

Communicate in all possible ways

How to keep your woman happy on long distances? Since you cannot see each other every day, it is important to maintain an emotional connection. This does not mean that you need to have a very long chat on the phone every single evening. Exchange short messages using instant messengers. Write about your small victories, joys and problems. Ask for advice from each other. But emails are better to be more thoughtful and lengthy, so that your beloved girlfriend will feel your affection and enjoy the time she spends reading the letter. Do not forget about romantic messages.

Send small gifts, flowers and cards for no reason. Quantity in this case is no less important than quality. And, of course, try not to forget important and even not very important dates that matter to you two. If you have a problem with that, just put on notifications on your phone.

5. How to make a girlfriend happy when she's angry

Show respect

While there are many things that can screw her day – something annoying happened at work, some obnoxious person or things in general – you have to be there by her side. She will surely feel your care for her if you let her spill her heart out, be more empathetic rather than rational. Since she may be wrong in this or that situation, the thing is, now is not the time to tell her that, it is the time to hug her and say that that person is dumb, don’t mind them.

Respect can be shown in many different ways, of course. The task of how to make a woman happy can be approached from different angles. To prevent her from being angry, show your respect for her at all times, she is a big part of your life, she is you, so you should respect her.

6. How to make a girlfriend happy when she's hurt

Be her best friend

Just give her a hug, gently stroke her hair, kiss her on the cheek or give her a light kiss on the lips (just don’t go for deep and passionate kissing, this can be very off-putting, now is not the time to be forcing yourself on her). Then, tell her how wonderful and charming she is, how much you love her, how much she means to you, etc. Perhaps her tears are just a way to get your attention. Whatever the reason is, you should answer her cry for help, do not ignore her and always be there to help her.

7. How to make a girlfriend happy in case of conflict

Prevent conflicts

Any quarrel violates the stability in the family, it changes the overall mood of it. A woman can experience the insult from the words spoken to her for a long time. Yes, it is not always easy to restrain oneself, but if a conflict situation has already arisen, it is important to solve it not by mutual reproaches, but by the search for a rational solution. Shouts and accusations will not solve anything, on the contrary, the more often you quarrel, the unhappier a woman feels.

How to make your woman happy? Try to calmly respond to the situation. Every person makes mistakes, and the task of loved ones is to help solve them properly. It is very dangerous to go shouting about things, it is necessary to discuss the subject of the conflict, and not how you or she handled herself in the situation. A woman will appreciate a calm and reasonable man, and in fact she is happy just when there is a strong and balanced person next to her whom she can rely on.

8. How to make a woman happy on holidays

Give her gifts

While you may think of it as something stereotypical, “oh yeah, flowers, whatever…”, but in fact, it plays a lot bigger of a role than you may think. As long as the gift is rational, and isn’t weird or whatever, then you are good. See, the thing about a gift is not the gift itself but the amount of effort and time you put into it. A great gift will make a girl feel happy for a long time, especially if it doesn’t feel like you trying to patch things up. The best gift is the one that is made for no reason. Sure, you can give her flowers on her birthday, but it’s logical, it is to be expected, in a way. But a gift that wasn’t expected, wasn’t, I suppose, needed, makes a bigger impact.

9. How to make a girlfriend happy with foreplay

Learn the art of foreplay

It is a mistake to assume that foreplay takes place exclusively in the intimate setting of the bedroom, when the two take a horizontal position. You can start to wind up and intrigue each other ... anywhere, anytime! In the process of a telephone conversation, during a walk in the park, on public transport, in the shower, in the car, but when you come home – you have to continue what has been started, gaining momentum.

And even when you get back home and lie down, you shouldn’t be rushing for her tit or her panties but start with gentle strokes of her hands, knees, shoulders, nibbling, you can also offer to make her a relaxing massage of the neck-collar zone. And of course, all this should be done accompanied by pleasant, affectionate, and maybe a bit vulgar compliments - here you should understand the mood of your beloved girlfriend. All this will tune the two of you to further sex. Also, the massage you are to give her doesn’t have to be a therapeutic one, if you know what I am saying.

In one survey, 90% of women admitted that they lack the most banal of things - kisses. But here everything is not so simple. Your kisses should not be too passionate (and, of course, should not be focused on her face alone), yet they should not be too light (in this case, you risk to bore her to death). Try to maintain a balance and monitor the reaction of the girl.

make a woman happy10. How to make a woman happy in bed

Remember her desires

The main reason for the dissatisfaction of a girl in bed is the absence of her orgasm. Young men should understand that women’s orgasms are quite complex. While a man’s orgasm is quite simple, to a point, you just stroke a penis enough times and you are done, the things are a lot more complicated in there. When a woman has a vaginal orgasm, the stimulation mainly comes to the G-spot, as it increases the sensuality of the intercourse itself.

How to make a woman happy in bed? Regular stimulation of such G-spot will bring the desired result, that is to achieve the sensuality of the process. This factor will be the most important to achieve vaginal orgasm. There is another common problem to talk about. There are many cases when a man pays attention only to himself and his feelings, and having received an orgasm, completely stops sexual intercourse, forgetting about bringing pleasure to his female partner. This should not be allowed; you should always be looking at her reactions.

A man, having reached orgasm, stops sexual intercourse, and simply no longer shows attention to his girlfriend. If you fulfill your needs and that’s it, this may lead to the dissatisfaction of the girl herself. Show your feelings to her, sense her emotions, and, eventually, show your appreciation of this process as a whole. You have to show your satisfaction. That is what will help you solve this problem and then the woman will be completely satisfied.

How to keep a woman happy: checklist

You can never try too hard to please a woman. Perhaps, to some, this task will be completely impossible, you can forever wonder how to keep a woman happy, but still, you, as a man, have to try your best. Thus, remember the following things and never forget them:

  • Show your love, don’t forget about it, don’t let the routine split you.
  • Be creative, show your love during the whole day.
  • Have romantic dinners, the time and effort you put into them will show your love for her.
  • When your woman is away, do your best in showing just how much you love her.
  • Be empathetic, respect her.
  • Help her when she needs it.
  • Prevent conflicts, don’t let the emotions get the better of you.
  • Give her gifts.
  • Learn the right way to make her feel wanted and desired.
  • Learn the right way to satisfy her in bed, pay less attention to self-satisfaction.
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