75 Best Long-Distance Love Quotes for Her

A long-distance relationship is a challenge for any, even the strongest couple. Ideally, psychologists do not advise lovers to part for a long time because time apart can negatively affect trust and mutual understanding. However, often, people just cannot avoid that for many different reasons. Thanks to modern technology, you can turn the long-distance relationship into an exciting adventure for you two. For example, someone likes to receive several messages with the wait for me quotes during the day, and another one prefers to call each other in the evenings. Try to find a balance to avoid obsession and please your partner with long distance relationship quotes.

75 Best Long-Distance Love Quotes for Her

Long distance relationships quotes and love messages.

A romantic relationship with a beautiful woman should be cultivated all the time with long distance love quotes for her, and it doesn’t matter how often you meet in person. It’s about small surprises in the form of love messages, cards with missing somebody quotes or pleasant gifts. Try to support your woman with long distance relationship quotes and to do your best to arrange a real date.

1. Neither the sun, nor the stars in the sky, nor sweet candies, nor friendly jokes please me because there are distances between us, and I long for you endlessly.

2. I wish the earth went spinning around faster, approaching the time of our meeting, and those happy moments when we will be together. I love you to the moon and back.

3. I can meet all the requirements, but one mission is always impossible. I just don’t know how to stop missing you every minute, my dear.

4. You are not here, and my heart is overwhelmed with sadness. I want to see your smile at least for a second to replace annoying sadness with sparkling joy.

5. Everything around reminds me of you. Sometimes, it seems that I live and even breathe half. Missing you like crazy.

6. Life has become gray and joyless without you. After all, my happiness bears your name.

7. I dream to be with you and do not see the point in my deeds, actions, thoughts till you are not here.

8. Honey, there are many kilometers between us, but I want you to always be confident in me and my strong feelings for you.

9. My dear, I hope these lines show you my tenderness and love for you through time and distance.

10. Living in different cities is not a hurdle! It brings people together, strengthens relationships, and becomes a real reward for those who bravely pass the test and withstand the difficulties of separation.

11. You know, I am ready to give the whole world to your, "I long for you."

12. It's unfair when people love each other, but there are different cities outside the windows.

13. To start a long-distance romance thing is to test the opportunity to remain faithful in a sea of temptations, in which you could plunge together.

14. If you love sincerely, nothing is a big deal.

15. Love is when you hear her heart beating at a distance.

16. Everyone has a person who is close even being far-far away.75 Best Long-Distance Love Quotes for Her

17. Do we need distance to get closer?

18. Time apart can become a hitch only if you do not want to be together.

19. It happens that people have started a relationship, but there is a huge gulf between them.

20. You are not afraid of any kilometers when there is someone who waits for you at the end of your road.

21. Sometimes, a person who lives on another continent can make you feel happier than one who is in the next room.

22. You are the light of my life that warms me, even when you are not with me.

23. There are no obstacles for my love because I always think about us and the happiness that I will give you when we meet!

24. Nothing can make me forget your eyes, the smell of hair, and every curve of your body! You are always in my heart.

25. Despite the distance, my feelings remain the same: tender and passionate, exciting and inspiring, giving hope to meet you soon. They help survive the time apart.

26. The farther you are from the eyes, the closer you are to my soul.

27. When I get a message from you, my phone glows with happiness.

28. Time apart allows to sort thing out and understand how much you are important to me.

29. I will always wait for the moment when I can see your charming smile in person, even eternity will not kill my love.

30. We look at the same stars and the sky, it means we are together, even if you live a thousand miles away.

31. We live in different places. Nonetheless, I am not afraid of this challenge because we are drinking tea together looking at the monitors. I feel you are smiling.

32. People see each other every day, hug, kiss, communicate. We embrace in thoughts, kiss in dreams, communicate in messengers, but we love stronger than many couples who live in the same apartment.

33. I wait for the moment when I can finally take your hand, hug and kiss with all my passion. My life has a meaning thanks to you.

34. Believe me that we will never part even for several hours after the desired meeting. I know that you are my destiny.

35. It doesn’t matter that we fall asleep in different beds, the main thing is that we fall asleep with the thought of each other.

36. I adore you even if I am in a bad mood, even if it is winter out here, even if there are different landscapes outside the windows.

Inspiring long-distance relationship quotes.

Some people meet their beloved ones on the Internet and decide to maintain relationships with the help of messengers. Other ones live far from each other due to new prospects for career growth, relocation or education. Sometimes, it seems that such relationships are doomed to failure, but it is within your power to maintain and develop a harmonious relationship, using ldr quotes or just long distance love quotes for her.

37. Distance-tested relationships are rewarded by eternity.

38. Kilometers are the best aphrodisiacs.

39. A long separation is a special reality, it is more aesthetic and subtler because love without owning is just pure admiration.

40. They say that a long-distance relationship is impossible. The sun is also far away, but it still warms.

41. Let's just be. There is no need for promises. You will be with me, and I will be with you. We'll still have us. Silently. Quietly. Forever.

42. To love to the moon and back means to love without feeling the distances.

43. Frivolous passions disappear at a distance. It strengthens only true love. Wind can put out a candle, but it helps the fire burn.

44. The several minutes with you are worth the whole life without your smile.

45. In the youth, people measure the distance in hours and minutes, “Forty minutes on the subway to the girlfriend.”

46. Time apart will not ruin your relationship. You don’t have to see a person every day to be in love with them.

47. When I have bad days, and the long-distance romance thing seems to be too much I reflect on the reasons why we are together, and it helps me cheer up.

48. The longer the time apart is, the sweeter the meeting will be.

49. A long-distance romance is strong and powerful because it is real.

75 Best Long-Distance Love Quotes for Her50. If you want something, you shouldn’t give up on it, no matter what. Hard roads usually lead to stunning destinations.

51. Long distance gives you a reason to love stronger.

52. Distance means nothing when a person on the other side of the monitor means so much.

53. Forget about the separation, it doesn’t matter if your first thought after waking up is only about your beloved one.

54. Women know how to love even being far away from their soulmates.

55. The life of two who are far away from each other is much happier when the desire to understand is more important than to be understood.

56. In a certain period of life, you meet a special person who becomes closer to you more than anyone else even if they live on another continent.

57. Time apart is obeyed by a strange law of attraction, which provides a mutually beneficial salvation.

58. If you don’t want the state of enchanting happiness turns into a routine, you should get through the period longing for the beloved person.

59. When people start a long-distance romance thing, nobody owes anything to anyone, just everyone needs a partner.

60. Love is the very thing that causes the desire to live even if you are apart.

61. A new passionate meeting is hidden in each long separation.

62. In life, people periodically crumble into pieces, forming a new beautiful picture in a while.

63. If two loving hearts are destined to be together, the fate will reunite them in defiance of all the obstacles.

64. It doesn’t matter in which city or in which part of the world the person lives, the only thing, which is of great importance is whether this person occupies a big place in your heart or not.

65. It is not easy to love, being in a long-distance relationship, but when there is no possibility to reduce it, you need to rejoice at the fact that this feeling exists.

66. People who are created for each other rarely live in the same city.

67. Love is when it is completely unimportant at what distance you are from your beloved one because you are still in the radius of action of their open and loving heart.

68. A relationship can be destroyed not by the distance, but by a single doubt.

Famous long-distance relationship quotes.

Even hundred years ago people knew that distance couldn't be an obstacle between two people in love. So, you should create romantic episodes with your own hands. There are millions of ways to say, “I love you,” for example, with the help of long distance love quotes for her. In addition to flowers and sweets, you can send a postcard, signing with missing somebody quotes. The Internet serves as a magic wand and helps fulfill your wishes.

69. Once, Munia Khan said, "Ocean separates lands, not souls." This is the best distance relationship quote which reflects the whole depth of true feelings between people.

70. "The simple lack of her is more to me than others’ presence." by Edward Thomas.

71. “I exist in two places, here and where you are.” by Margaret Atwood.

72. "Love is the shortest distance between souls.” by an anonymous author.

73. "It’s not about missing you, it’s about missing time when we were together.” by an unknown author.

74. "I am jealous of people who can meet you every day." by an anonymous author.

75. "It's enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this moment." by Gabriel García Márquez.

The distance between two loving people is nothing if the voice of a loved one makes you believe in total happiness. If you call or send them a message with another distance relationship quote when you wake up. If you are pleased to send them packages, photographs, letters with ldr quotes. If you are ready to wait for your meeting for years, knowing that nothing will change between you. If you want to get some cute wait for me quotes and are ready to leave everything and go to another country to meet for 2 days. The above-mentioned long distance relationship quotes prove once again that it’s difficult to live apart with a soulmate, but it is possible.

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