Many years ago, the zoologist David L. Mech formulated his theory about the human domination hierarchy and then declared it invalid. But homo sapiens still like to divide men into alpha, beta and omega males. What is the difference between alpha and beta male? This is what we are going to talk about. The theory of David L. Mech was based on a hierarchy of males in a wolf pack. At the head of the pack is always the leader, the most powerful, agile and enduring male. He is called the alpha male. The place below in the hierarchy is occupied by beta males. Omega males are the weakest and most unviable males that are more often outcasts. In the human world, everything is much more complicated. But alpha male vs beta male is what we are going to focus our attention on in this article.

alpha male vs beta male

What Is a Beta Male?

They are not strongly pronounced leaders, but rather advisers and assistants. In our society, such type is characterized by a deeper, compared to the alpha type, education, and greater professionalism, but their purposefulness is not as powerful. There are beta men in different layers of society, what is more, the best representatives of the scientific elite of the nation.

In relationships with women, these people are true gentlemen and polite representatives of the male sex, unlike their alpha brethren. The best way to define beta male would be the fact that they perceive a refusal as a personal abuse and after being rejected, they try to win the heart of the woman with doubled enthusiasm.

And if the object of tender feelings is the ex-loved one of the alpha male, the beta-male will make every effort to win her disposition to get so close to the class of leaders at least in this way.

Among other signs of a beta male are their stable and strong family values, so you will rarely see them get a divorce. They are perfect husbands and fathers, but there is one “but.” In an extreme situation, it is better not to rely on them. What is a beta male in a minute of hardship? They are great men, but they can get carried away and lose their nerve in a crucial moment.

Alpha Male vs Beta Male

Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Therefore, from the name, it is clear that the alpha male is the first one who always goes ahead. He has a strong sexual libido, and women are literally hung up on them. Alpha males are strong players and protagonists in films about heroes like Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mel Gibson. They are independent, not afraid of conflicts and know how to stand up for themselves and their loved ones.

The second letter of the Greek alphabet is “Beta” and according to the distribution of roles in the social system of domination, the beta males are the closest friends and associates of the alphas, they recognize the unconditional leadership of the first. As a rule, beta males have a less stubborn nature or less a cocky disposition, but they may succeed in life due to their hard work, intelligence, and resourcefulness. Continuing the analogy with the cinema, the beta male is the satellite and the closest friend of the protagonist, the one who always stays in the shade. In the literature those are the famous Dr. Watson, Sancho Panso and Dr. Bormental, these heroes can serve as prime examples.

What's a beta male? Beta males are usually happy family men. They behave according to the requirements of society and do everything you will expect them to. These are ordinary guys, we spend the majority of our time with as we grow up or communicate in society. These are the trouble-free cogs of the mechanism that we call life. That beta males form 80% of the population.

Beta Male Traits

It was Mother Nature, who made males this way for the sake of our own human evolution. Women will more willingly have children from alpha males, who are leaders and dominants. This logic can be understood. Life with a ringleader is not a bed of roses. And indeed, not every human female is able to wear the crown of a chosen superhero.

Let's cease talking about the leaders of everything in this world and pay attention to those who are in the second place of the pedestal. Beta males can be divided into "leaders" and "keepers" as well. From the social hierarchy point of view, they are at the level to which ethologists have assigned them the second letter of the Greek alphabet, but this doesn’t cancel the fact that they also are quite a significant rank of the public pyramid.

  • Modest success instead of the big hit

Betas are usually men who have achieved considerable success, they don't have big businesses but still, work hard and reach their goals. These are top managers, small business owners, lawyers, heads of companies and large enterprises, deputy chief managers, and various kinds of directors or managers.

  • Nothing falls from treeshow to not be a beta male

This type is formed out of different managers appointed “from above,” or managers who have got posts under the acquaintances’ or friends’ protection. Sometimes completely opposite people may be united by one similarity, they all build their careers on their own, sometimes putting a lot of hard work into it. Everything that the alpha male would get easily or for free, for example, the ability to achieve success and rule the world, goes to these guys with sweat and blood. And they really deserve honor and respect for their efforts!

  • Work hard, but follow the plan

If loot sticks to alpha males, as if magnetized, and profitable projects chase them in life, then players with number “two” have to work pretty hard to achieve the same success. However, if the alpha, thanks to his unusual natural ability to produce energy in bigger amounts than ordinary workers, can work from dusk till dawn without getting tired, the manager usually has a tight schedule, and God forbids him to work extra hours! He has a strict plan and perceives the overload as his biggest enemy. "Work smarter, not harder," they say.

  • Organizing is the key

Beta male personality allows them to give instructions and create rules. In the matter of creating all sorts of laws and designing plans or schemes, it can be said that this is completely their element. If alpha males personify natural power, then beta leaders are the law. The slogan of their life is to take care just of their big ego and, on the off chance, of the well-being of their family. Their personal success is the goal of their life. Our leader’s world is a society of consumers. To give humanity his strength and energy is the sincere need of the alpha male, and the need of the beta male is to own everything that can be taken away. However, both of them are equally sincere.

  • A penny saved is a penny gained

Main beta male characteristics show that they are able to perfectly save money, earned with honest and dishonest work. Their stinginess sometimes borders on greed, but it is through this ability that beta males accumulate impressive fortunes in their bank accounts. Extravagance is not their fault, especially when it comes to the chosen one. They are likely to buy gifts for their beloved ones on a grand scale.

  • Sexual characteristics

Beta males very often subconsciously imitate the behavior patterns of polygamous leaders. But alpha and beta are polygamous in different ways. Leaders love women sincerely, and their desire for females is natural. They have many lovers because they are able to please everyone with their wide souls, sexual activity, fertility, and financial viability. If a woman gets into the pack to the leader, she can be sure that she has gained confidence in the future for the rest of her life.

Beta imitators do not boast a phenomenal libido. In fact, they do not want women with all the passion like alpha males. But they know for sure that a real man should have a relationship with a woman, so they strive to get a partner, naively believing that the abundance of a sexual relationship is the main difference between an alpha male and all sexual losers.

  • Jealousy – the sign of diffidence?

But the main problem of coexistence with beta males is their pathological jealousy. The manager does not even need to be given a reason, he will masterfully find it himself. He will develop his suspicions with an artistic taste. And, nevertheless, life with these guys can be quite comfortable and prosperous. It is only necessary to be able to adapt to them and learn to forgive the minor weaknesses of the stronger sex.

  • Family before anything else

Nevertheless, betas usually have an obsessive drive over getting into a relationship and being encircled by women, this doesn't give them a true pleasure. The thing is, they sooner or later realize this is not what happiness lies in. But when they grow up, they start treating family very high and will devote their life to children if they have ones. They want to pass their knowledge, business or anything they have been working on. Because, once again, they see things from a practical point of view, and it would be a pity for them not to leave anything after death.

If you doubted, "Am I a beta male?" but in these characteristics, you have recognized yourself, then you might fall into this category.

Do Women Prefer Dating a Beta Male?

The consumer society imposes its own standards on us, but our natural instincts are indestructible. Therefore, even now, like many millions of years ago, human females choose alpha males to give birth to healthy offspring. However, dating a beta male has various advantages, and women who want a healthy relationship with a person they can rely on, choose this type. Of course, it differs, and we can give the final answer who women prefer most. Each type of men is suitable for a certain kind of women.

How to Stop Being a Beta Male?

As we have mentioned, the theory of the social hierarchy of males was denied even by the creator himself, but not by the creators of training like "How to become an alpha male." how to stop being a beta maleAs a rule, these are either business trainers with their leadership workshops, the aim of which is to turn outsiders into leaders and financially successful people or pickup masters who offer a few pieces of training on seducing women. Here are some tips on how to not be a beta male that they suggest.

  • Physical strength, health and high levels of serotonin and testosterone can make you alpha. It develops through sports and nutrition adjustments.
  • Willpower.
  • Conflict resistance.
  • Impudence, not going beyond the behavior acceptable in society.
  • Purposefulness. Alpha goes right through to the end. It applies to girls, to employers, and to clients.
  • Courage. The alpha male has nothing to be scared of, he is already a winner.
  • Ability to be responsible for their surroundings. Whether the head of the family or the head of the company, an alpha is able to take responsibility for the people entrusted to him.
  • Ability to show their alpha masculinity in practice, not in words.

Of course, this advice is very general and will not help you until you decide why you want to become a real alpha. The best option is to stay yourself and get rid of those traits that don’t satisfy you.

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