There are men who give gifts to women and this is normal since the more a man invests in a woman, the more important she is to him. As strange as it may sound, but most women do not know how to accept gifts! If you get the answer: "Oh, it was not necessary!", "I do not deserve this!", "Do not buy such expensive flowers!" – it means that the woman sends the wrong information. After all, when a man gives a gift, his goal is not to give another necessary or unnecessary thing but to make his sweetheart happy, to give moments of joy and satisfaction. When instead of joy and happiness a woman responds with pragmatism, low self-esteem or sadness, the man simply stops giving gifts!

Gifts should not be an obligation but a joy and a sign of attention. You should give a gift in a good mood. Every man knows what his lady is interested in, so you can always make her happy. It is not necessary to give presents too often, otherwise, it will become ordinary and will no longer be perceived with such enthusiasm.

funny gifts for girlfriend

Practical gifts

  • a fashionable scarf, gloves or bijoux. Let your dearest girlfriend feel like a real lady who knows a lot about accessories.
  • a certificate for a purchase at a perfume store. Your beloved has the right to smell not only like "fragrant soap".
  • a beautiful makeup bag. The girls have not only a lipstick in their beauty kit but also a lot of interesting things that need to be organized and stored in one place;
  • a leather belt is a good choice. No, not like the one Chuck Norris wears, but a thin, elegant belt of a neutral color that the girl will wear for any occasion;
  • a watch. This accessory is worn not only by the bellied politicians but also young ladies.
  • a beautiful umbrella. But please don’t try to present one with cartoon characters or huge flowers and diamonds! Choose a noble black umbrella.
  • a leather purse of a neutral tone.
  • a stylish diary. Yes, the one in which the girl will write down a brilliant business idea or a love letter;
  • a soft blanket. It is necessary for the girl to relax after busy workdays. So give her such a nice opportunity.
  • a subscription to the fitness club. Just do not try to mumble something like: “I decided that you might need to get yourself in shape”, otherwise you will be incinerated with her bewildered look. It is much better to say with a radiant smile: “I want you to be able to relax in the pool or doing yoga”.
  • a certificate for visiting a beauty salon is a great solution. Science has not yet proved the link between a beautiful manicure and a good mood, but the fact remains: all these masks, peels, sugaring and other mysterious procedures make women tenderer.
  • a tumbler or a small thermos. Such a gift is especially good if the girl often travels or she is a cool businesswoman. We can see her “flying into the office”, in a trench coat, sunglasses, and with your tumbler.

Funny gifts

Girls and women love funny gifts for birthday or other holidays no less than men. Comic presents will bring a real joy to people with a developed sense of humor. It is difficult not to please with such a surprise. Any cool thing will cheer up the girl and be remembered for a long time.

  • Socks with unicorns for dreamy persons. If such a gift doesn’t seem to you enough, then buy warm unicorn slippers for a complete set. They are more expensive and are sold in e-shops.
  • A soft toy "Teddy Bear".
  • Money-box in the form of comical subjects;
  • A nice cup with a funny print on it.
  • You can buy many different cool gifts for a very low price. Any gift will cheer you up and become special if you give it from the heart.

Gifts for a wife

It is quite difficult to find a perfect gift for your wife, especially if you have already presented practically everything that is possible. But do not be in a hurry to get upset, there are still many things in the world that she would like to get from her beloved husband. So, before buying a gift, think about its purpose. Either she wants practicality or perhaps romance.

best gifts for her 1. Dishwasher

If the duties of your wife include daily washing of dishes with her hands, then you need to purchase a dishwasher for her immediately. It will save your beloved from the mass of hassle and free up to 3 or even 4 hours every day. There are always plenty of dishes if there are children in your family. It is better to fork out and buy a more powerful and roomy machine. You can always take a loan in case of a shortage of money. In this case, you should not be afraid of the loan, since now almost all large stores have interest-free loans that allow you not to overpay for the goods.

In addition to the dishwasher, you can also consider other household appliances that can facilitate the work of your wife: a microwave oven, a washing machine, a blender, a mixer, a multi-cooker, and much more. Think about what is missing in the house. However, remember that the gifts of this type are quite controversial,because not all women treat them positively.

2. Personal care appliances

Any woman, regardless of her character and mindset, loves to take care of her body. Today there are a lot of professional tools that help women to look even more effective and younger. So, what devices we are talking about: hair dryers, hair straighteners, epilators, manicure sets, etc. We want to note that we are talking about professional kits and technology, These things have a fairly high price, but they are worth it. First, not every woman can allow herself to spend such an amount of money, cutting down the family budget. Secondly, such a tool will save money, because you don’t have to go to a beauty salon once again if there is the same tool at home.

3. A tablet or e-book

Girls are curious enough and they don't like television programs much. Therefore, they often read women's magazines, books, and also surf social networks. You can buy a tablet, which will become an indispensable assistant for your wife. An e-book is a great option for those who like to read literature. Of course, it can be done with a tablet, but e-books will not make the eyes tired.

4. Favorite perfume

Such a banal gift will never cease to please women. If you know the brand of your spouse’s favorite perfume, then this is guaranteed to be a good gift, because perfume is one of the most practical souvenirs for a woman. However, we want to warn you that if you are not sure about the correctness of the choice, it is better not to risk, as women are quite serious in choosing their fragrance.

5. Gift certificate

If you know that your wife wants a set of new lingerie, some clothes or cosmetics, but you do not understand absolutely anything in it, you can buy a certificate for a certain amount. The wife will be able to visit the specified store at a convenient time for her and choose there what she wants. Now let's move on to the gifts that are worth giving to women who value romance more than practicality and relevance.

6. Pets

It looks very cool when the husband comes home with a basket, beautifully decorated with a bow, out of which looks a kitten or puppy. It is unlikely that at least one normal woman who has a positive attitude to animals will give up on such a cute creature.

When choosing a pet, one should take into account a lot of moments and first of all pay attention to the personal preferences of the wife: does she like cats or dogs? Which color, breed?

However, if you are not sure about the correct reaction of your wife, it is better not to prepare such a surprise, because a living creature in the basket requires care, attention, and education from your family. Do not dare to leave this kitten or puppy outside, and if the gift did not work out, then look for "good hands" that would take the defenseless animal.

As a man, you’re simply obliged to give your beloved a beautiful bouquet, and even better if it is huge. After all, think about whether your wife ever got 101 roses!? Let it be the only gift from you but very romantic. Such an event will be remembered for the whole life.

7. Fruit bouquet with delivery to work

A beautiful bouquet of fruit will be an original gift. In addition to the fact that this bouquet looks very impressive, it will be incredibly tasty. We recommend that you not just give it in person but order courier delivery to the workplace. Such a move will be very spectacular and unexpected. The spouse will be surprised by the gift, and it is also very pleasant for her to tell colleagues that such a gift was sent by her husband. In addition, she can drink a bottle of wine with her friends and taste fruits from your basket after work. The main thing to consider is what kind of fruit your wife loves so as not to spoil the surprise.

gifts for wife 8. Romantic journey

This is an expensive pleasure, but it will produce the maximum impression on your wife. It is very difficult to imagine a female representative who would not have dreamed of a romantic trip together with her beloved man, especially when it comes to the cold season of the year when you want to escape to some southern country.

Best gift ideas

Balloon Flight

Some women consider such a flight to be a very romantic act, since the two of you will rise into the sky. It is best to fly in the early hours, watching the sunrise, or, conversely, in the evening, watching the beautiful sunset. It is difficult to imagine the place and situation more romantic. The second type of women will relate to such a gift as an extreme activity. You must agree, there will be a lot of drive from the flight, and such a flight will certainly not be forgotten soon.

A jump with a parachute

It is a great surprise for women who love extreme sports and have always dreamed of jumping with a parachute. Naturally, she will not be able to do it alone, since for such a jump you need to prepare for a long time with an instructor. It happens like this: you come to the training ground, you are given a short briefing, after which you get on a plane / helicopter, take off into the air and take a jump along with the instructor. Practically nothing will be required from the wife, except not to interfere with the person to perform the necessary actions, that is, just to fly and watch the beauty of the scenery. You may not worry about safety, as in these situations everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

Photo session with a professional photographer

Any woman always wants to look irresistible and this is a fact on the basis of which you can arrange a professional photo session for her. The wife can not only add the received photos to the family album but also frame and hang them on the wall. And also upload them to social networks, so that all her friends can envy or simply admire her beauty. The photographer should be looked for carefully. It is better to study his works, so that there will be no problems with the results later.

Bad ideas for gifts

Lace underwear

Oddly enough, but only men like the lace underwear. For a woman, all this gives a banal hint at the intimacy. Therefore, if you want to present underwear, try to find out whether your girlfriend is a fan of elegant lace.

Angels, vases, figurines

In our rating of gifts for women, we drew your special attention and reminded that first of all it is worth knowing whether the girl is a fan of such things. If yes, you can give it. But if you have an opportunity to refrain from such a gift, use it, because such figurines can be regarded as negligence on your side or an attempt to get off with a gift. But this, of course, does not concern expensive sculptures or figures that were made to order. In general, such gift is very controversial, so before you give it, visit the young lady`s home. At least once.

Intimate toys, costumes, etc.

It’s not a secret to anyone that all couples like to experiment. Such gifts can be misinterpreted, especially if you have never tried this before. If you really want to give something like that, it’s better to wait for Valentine's Day. Then all this will be on fleek.

Cheap jewelry

If finances allow, it is better to choose precious jewelry. Moreover, among this segment, there are not only extremely expensive diamonds but also quite democratic options with minerals, semi-precious stones and the like. If there is no money for jewelry, you will always be saved by bijouterie.

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