It goes without saying that making a relationship work can require truly titanic efforts. Despite love is the ground of any prosperous relationship, it is clearly not enough to build a healthy long-lasting relationship only on love. In order to construct a steady relationship, both parties have to be aspiring to work on it equally.

Undoubtedly, being mutually caring, understanding and everything else are the must-have traits to own a perfect, enduring relationship. Though, one partner can’t undervalue the importance of those petty gestures and habits that will draw a smile on your crush’s face. We are not mentioning some expensive gifts and dining at luxurious restaurants. It is mostly about being brought a cup of tea in the morning when you are down with a horrible headache. Or something plain simple as dropping your lady love home when it’s late out. But before we go for a review of how to make relationships work, let us firstly define the signs of a working relationship.

making a relationship work

What defines a working relationship

1. The ability to speak your mind

One of the ways of how to know when a relationship is not working lies precisely in this point. Relationships flourish if the couples can express their thoughts and feelings freely and sincerely. That means no stuff is off-limits for discussion and you both feel heard. The frank communication is one of the basic concepts in projecting a lasting life together.

2. If you have your own space

Just because you’re in love doesn’t suppose you have to spend every single minute together. Taking time to have your own business and spend time with your friends keeps your relations fresh and gives you both the chance to develop as individuals without preventing your growth as a couple.

3. You decide jointly

Needless to say you don’t have to call all the shots. And neither does your lover. From what show to watch on TV to where to go on vacation, you make decisions together and consider each other’s concerns and proposals. Of course, this may mean you’re going to watch The Expendables on Saturday night, but on Sunday night, it’s your turn to make concessions.

how to make your relationship stronger4. You treat each other with respect and kindness

You understand that neither of you is perfect and you accept and appreciate each other for the person you are right at the moment, not the person you might become. Nothing can probably be more important than treating the beloved person with care, attention, compassion, and gratitude. If you ever catch yourself on demonstrating more respect to people you barely familiar with than you show your partner, take a step back and review your priorities.

5. You fight

Disagreements are totally normal because it is a part of the mechanism making relationships work, so if you don’t go for arguments, chances are you are actually holding down. But when partners in their relationships fight, it hardens their mutual spiritual bonds. Yet, make sure you avoid name-calling and offensive language. Fighting also ensures you understand each other instead of just trying to score points by calling names. And what comes if you’re wrong? Yup. You apologize.

6. You find joy together

Healthy relationships MUST be filled with laughter and fun. This doesn’t mean you’re giggling all around the clock or that he/she does not drive you up the wall from time to time, but it does mean that your life together is mainly cheerful in some really simple ways (laughing at the same things while making dinner, for example).

7. You keep planning for the future

When you imagine your life in one year, three years or a decade, can you still see this person alongside? Does he/she share any of your major goals for the future, such as giving birth to a child or moving in a new house? Also, do you want a life-long relationship with this person? Don’t be feeling forced to stick it out if it simply sounds like a fine idea. Shared goals and sweet times are good, but not way enough in the grand ocean of things.

8. If your love runs deep

You might have never thought, but there is a huge difference between truly loving somebody and being in love with this person. When you are amazed, committed and charmed, when this person’s dreams mean to you as much as your own, when it’s difficult to imagine your life without this person and when this person becomes an ideal by which all others are judged and estimated, you just might have found the latter. And while love doesn’t often remain exciting and sometimes changes to good and comfy, like an old rocking chair, that deep, passionate “I need you” can help you build the foundation for a stable, durable relationship that may outlive your youthful charms. Small wonder that relationships take work to be functioning, so now prepare yourself to learn these simple, yet effective tips on how to make your relationship stronger.

Making a relationship stronger in 7 steps

1. Send a good morning and good night message

One of the superior tips to make your relationship stronger is to create a good mood for your partner throughout the day. Everybody will agree it is a nice feeling when your day begins and ends with a sweet message from your lover. We are not talking about some complex, soppy texts that in fact make no sense. Wishing your partner a good day in the morning by getting him/her a cup of coffee, or a good night kiss just before he/she is about to fall asleep is all the effort required to bring a desired smile on your partner’s face.

2. Follow the “three-day gratitude” plan

In order to begin bringing more thankfulness to your relations we recommend the following three-day thankfulness schedule:

  • Day 1: Pick up three character traits that you adore about your partner and focus on these qualities for the whole day.
  • Day 2: Define three things that annoy you about your other half. Then forgive him/her those things.
  • Day 3: Tell only kind and gentle words to your significant other for the entire day.

Consider this three-day plan as the purification which guarantees you getting rid of the feelings keeping your relationship away from succeeding.

3. Keep the relationship fresh

One of the greatest things to make a relationship stronger is that you develop a really close bond between you two. The other side of the coin, however, is that the newness gradually wears off and people always love when it’s new. In fact, there’s an effective way to keep the novelty alive - frequently try out new activities for just two of you. This induces the eagerness and the unpredictability that follows from the unknown, even if you’re with a person whom you claim to know as well as the back of your hand.

things to make a relationship stronger4. Maintain the joyfulness

No exception, we all love to play, in spite of our age. Practice the following: have a good fun together, do something stupidly ridiculous and just let things go. In addition, the next time your partner says something that bothers you, try responding with a joke instead of taking defensive position.

5. Constantly grow together

You may not think of it, but your love is a living organism that needs being fertilized in order to grow and evolve. The best means to raise it is to inspire it with changes. Introducing shifts to a relationship has been said to be the key component to couple happiness. These changes can be minor, but they have to loosen the routine enough to make both of you notice. Switch roles. If she always does the table setting, do it yourself. Or breach the routines - play hooky from your work and take up something awesome together, like visiting an amusement park or simply play frisbee in the park. Or try out something new, for example, a sky-diving class together or go on a mediation retreat because runaways really make your relationship stronger.

6. Put up a decent fight

Do arguments make a relationship stronger? Sure, they do. Love is beautiful, but at the same time it can be emotionally tiresome. Arguments particularly can leave you feeling overloaded, embarrassed and demanding time to make up your mind. The common saying “Don’t go to bed irritated” can put pressure on a couple to sort out something that doesn’t always have an instant solution. Take your time to solve an issue. It can last for hours, days and even involve a few ardent discussions, but do not ground arms when your relationship is worth fighting for. Don’t make doubt – fighting makes a relationship stronger!

7. Ignite the flame of passion once more

In any respectable relationship, sex is much more than just a physical act. It is essential for the viability of your spiritual connection, too. It’s also something only the two of you share, it makes you both feel the warmth and closeness, it brings you together when you’re drifting apart. And did we mention that it’s a whole bunch of fun?

Striking up those sparks when you first meet is easy. But setting a strong, steady flame? That’s the hardest part. Right when you got yourself a loan, a potbelly, and a decade or two of togetherness under the same roof, it can be extremely hard to ignite the fire you felt when you first got to know each other. That is when it’s even more important to protect your mutual life and make it a priority.

Furthermore, touch your partner more often. Touches produce awakening, comfort and support both on physiological and psychological levels. Though, it doesn’t have to be much of a touch. Holding hands on a walk, giving a hug or kiss or daily embraces remind you that you are closely bonded.

You may search the Google for “how to make a relationship stronger” or “ways to make relationships stronger”, but the answer might be right beside you. As the years pass by, you will keep revisiting, rearranging and reimagining the passion you have for each other. Now that’s something worth holding on to.

Sure Signs of a Strong Relationship

You've learned what defines a working relationship, and you've learned how to make your relationship stronger. But to make sure that you are moving in a right direction the knowledge of what makes a relationship strong is not enough, as you need also know the signs of a strong relationship. So, let's dig into the sure signs of a strong relationship.

1. Mimic

While it may sound strange, but people in a strong relationship often start mimicking each other. You've probably noticed that your friends may change a bit, when they enter a relationship. They adopt certain habits that were absolutely uncommon for them. They get interested in things that never bothered them before. And they start using certain catch-phrases or words that they never used previously. Guess what, it's the influence of their partners. It's not that you are not in love with your partner when certain interests of yours doesn't match, but your relationship won't go any further if you have nothing in common at all. Partners in a strong relationship often develop interdependence, which is a clear sign that you maintain a good level of closeness and love.

signs of a strong relationship2. Support

You can't build a strong relationship without supporting each other. You need to support each other's opportunity for growth. When your partner gets an opportunity for a new job, which allows him or her financial growth and a lot of career possibilities, you need to support him or her, even if this job would require him or her to spend a few months a year in another country, you should support your partner anyway. If you fear that your relationships are going to fail because of the job opportunity, it means that you are full of egotism and that your relationship lack trust. If you don't trust your partner, then your relationships are going to fail regardless of whether your partner is going to be away for half a year or not. The sure sign of strong and thriving relationship is partners who support each others' opportunities.

3. Non-Sexual Touch

If you are feeling that your relationship is getting weaker because you have less sex than you had at the very beginning, you shouldn't worry at all. Partners in a strong relationship often engage in non-sexual touch. It doesn't mean that partners in strong relationship don't need sex, but thriving relationships are not sex-centred, as partners feel good with non-sexual hugging too.

4. Sharing Emotions

Partners in a strong relationship don't keep their emotions to themselves but share it with each other. It's not just talking with each other, hiding your true feelings about the issues you discuss, but sharing your emotions. If you don't share your emotions with your partner, it is a sure sign that you don't trust your partner, which, in turns, means that your relationship is most likely to fail.

5. Paying No Attention to Other Attractive People

Last but not the least, people in a strong relationship pay less attention to other attractive people. The 2009 study showed that a thriving relationship activates attention block to the allure of attractive people.

Strong relationships don’t just happen. In order to have a flourishing relationship with your significant other, you have to do the work. Use the tips above to begin strengthening your relationship right away. After all, a healthy relationship is an important component for living a great life. When finding out how to build a strong relationship with your crush, always note that it’s the little things that matter most. Remember, relationship building is always a hard work requiring much dedication from both sides. It’s all about two of you to create an ideal match. It’s not all butterflies in your stomach. It’s choosing to show love and care in ways that are easy and absolutely free. There you have it. Be honest to yourselves. Remember: change demands time and every single step counts.

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