Dating remains one of the main topics that people are bothered about. Generally, it starts at school. If you are not dating someone, then you are weird. As a result, everyone is obsessed with finding their perfect match. You think that you are weird because you are not dating anyone, and thus you are convinced that you should devote your time to searching for prospective partners. You are getting depressed, as you think that you are extremely lonely without a partner. You may have problems at work or at your studies, but you think that they can be solved only once you've found your perfect match.

How to Embrace Your Loneliness and Have Fun Alone

While you do trust your school memories that continue haunting you, you are doing everything absolutely wrong. Maybe loneliness is indeed a disease (as a lot of people think) that needs to be cured. But you can't cure loneliness without embracing it. If you manage to embrace it, you will be able to have fun by yourself. You will stop feeling lonely and you will get more interesting for your prospective partners.

How to Be Happy Alone

You need to know how to be happy on your own, if you want your feeling of loneliness to be less exhausting and frightening. But it is really hard to embrace loneliness when a lot of people around you claim that loneliness should be treated; that you need to find yourself a partner. But actually, you can just enjoy yourself while being lonely. We've collected some tips on how to be happy alone, and we offer you to check them out without further ado.

Don't Try Distracting Yourself From Loneliness – Embrace It!

Naturally, we try to distract ourselves from things that frustrate and scare us. If you are afraid of loneliness, most likely you are going to try and fool yourself into believing that you don't feel lonely. But there is no point in trying to hide away from loneliness, as there is no way that you are going to be cured from it or have fun while being alone. The very first step in your how-to-deal-with-being-alone-manual is to embrace your loneliness. You need to acknowledge the fact that you are lonely, and only after that you would feel relieved and would be able to take the next steps in having fun on your own. It's that simple – just embrace your own loneliness.

Positive Mindset

The hardest thing about having fun on your own is trying to have a positive mindset. Definitely, when the vast majority of people are telling you that loneliness is bad, it's hard to stay positive about it. But if you want to enjoy your alone time, the positive mindset is pretty much required. Otherwise, you may develop depression, thinking about how lonely you feel without a partner. You need to learn how to be happy with yourself, and it is impossible without having a positive mindset. "How can I have a positive mindset about loneliness?" you might ask, but we can assure you that after you embrace your loneliness, you won't have any problems with staying positive about it.How to Embrace Your Loneliness and Have Fun Alone

Force Yourself Into Growing

The best way to gain a positive mindset is to force yourself into growing. You don't have a date mate? It’s not a big deal. Think about the things you ever wanted to achieve. Did you want to learn something new? Did you want to make a trip to another country? Did you want to learn new skills in your profession? Maybe you wanted to change your profession? Regardless, it's time when you can do all that. That's how to be happy with yourself. You may believe it or not, but a romantic relationship can easily become a hurdle to achieving certain goals in your life. If you don't have a date mate right now, use this time to achieve things that you always wanted.

Find Something New For Yourself

You can try something new for yourself. Try surfing, rock-climbing, try playing musical instruments. You never know what can become an interest for you. If you feel lonely and bored, the best thing that you can do is to start developing new interests. Maybe you are into drawing? Why not try your hand at gardening? The easiest way to enjoy the time you are spending with yourself is devote it to something new. It can be something as banal as collecting stamps or butterflies to something like collecting old bikes. That's how to be happy on your own. To cut a long story short, you should start developing new hobbies that would be really interesting for you.

Do Things You Normally Wouldn't

Is there something that you always wanted to do, but for different reasons you never tried doing? Maybe it's time to try it? You never tried making a trip throughout the country via hitchhiking? Why not to try it now? You never tried joining different clubs? Maybe you should try it now? Have you ever thought of becoming an art model? Why don't you try it? If you want to have fun while being alone, you should try doing new things. It will give you more confidence. And confidence kills the very fear of loneliness. As you are on your own, you can allow yourself to do whatever you want. So, do the things that you generally won't do and you will stop being afraid of loneliness.

Make Dates With Yourself

No, we are not offering you to ask yourself out to go to a cafe or restaurant and have a candlelit dinner with yourself. But you can do it, as it goes along with doing things you normally won't do quite well. That's how to have fun alone. But jokes aside. What we are offering you is to try to get to know yourself better while you are alone, instead of pitying yourself because of your loneliness. Reflect on your strong sides and flaws. Think about the things that you would like to change in yourself. Do you have any dreams that you never tried to materialize? Anyway, you need quality time with yourself, and you can't spend it better than trying to get a deeper understanding of yourself.

Things That Can Help You To Be Happy

Everything mentioned above can give you hints as to how to be happy on your own. But there is a possibility that that's not enough for you. In this case, you may need more detailed advice. So, here are our tips on how to remain happy while being alone.

Organize Your Apartment

If you are fixed on the fact that you are lonely, you are most likely keeping your home unorganized. A lot of people believe that you need to organize things only when you are sharing your home with someone else. But you need to start doing it for yourself, that's will keep you busy while you are alone, and you will be proud of yourself after accomplishing it.

Cook New Dishes

Another sign of being alone is either cooking something simple or not cooking at all and ordering food delivery. If you want to enjoy your being alone, you should try cooking something new. Nobody is telling you that you are going to become a chef, but you can develop a new and interesting hobby.

Have Long Relaxing Baths

You are always in a hurry, when you are on your own, that's why you are most likely to take showers. But loneliness gives you an opportunity to spend as much time with yourself as you want. That's why you should have long relaxing baths that will help you distract from all of your worries about being alone and enjoy it.

Make a Habit Of Self-Care

When you are lonely, you are most likely not to care about the way you look, which is strange because how are you going to attract anyone? When you start dating you won't have enough time for self-care, as 85% of your time will be devoted to your partner. Being alone is a perfect opportunity to develop self-care habits.

Abandon Your Bad Habits

You've probably promised yourself that you are going to quit smoking or drinking once you've found your perfect match. But your bad habits are threatening your own health, so why not devote your alone time to giving up smoking or drinking? You should try to abandon your bad habits when you are alone, and, believe it or not, it's going to make you happy.

Learn New Languages

You always wanted to learn Chinese or Japanese? Or maybe you always wanted to learn Spanish or Italian? Regardless of that, devoting your alone time to learning new languages is one of the best variants of spending it. Learning new languages broadens your outlook and you can gain absolutely new attitude towards your loneliness.

Find New MusicHow to Embrace Your Loneliness and Have Fun Alone

We like sticking with certain singers, groups, and music styles. But you shouldn't limit yourself to one music genre. You've been into rap and couldn't figure out why a lot of people are fond of progressive rock or grange? Your alone time is the best way to discover new music for yourself.


When you feel that you are suffering from your loneliness, you are most likely to check out different blogs in hope to cope with it. Why not write your own blog? Aside from keeping you busy while you are alone, who knows, maybe your writing will help other people to deal with their own loneliness.

Record Every Beautiful Moment You Live By Yourself

You find difficulties what to write about? Why not record every beautiful moment that you have while living on your own? First of all, it could help you realize that loneliness is not the synonym of unhappiness. Secondly, if you create a blog about it, it can help a lot of people to realize that they can actually enjoy loneliness.

Rules of Being Happy Alone

Advice and tips are great, but you need to follow certain rules to be happy on your own. A simple set of rules, which will surprise you with their simplicity and make you wonder how those rules haven't crossed your mind before, will help you enjoy your loneliness and realize that it's not that big deal. So, let's check out the rules of being happy alone.

1. Understand that you are good enough on your own.

2. Others' opinions are great, but your opinion is valuable too.

3. Appreciate the silence.

4. Learn to have conversations with yourself.

5. Value every interaction with other people that you have.

6. Create rather than consume.

7. Start pursuing your plans as soon as you make them.

Enjoy Your Being Alone

A lot of people consider loneliness to be the greatest horror in their lives, but there is nothing horrible about loneliness. The reason behind the fear of loneliness lies in the fact that people don't know how to keep themselves busy while being alone. If you follow the rules that we've mentioned above, you won't have any problems with being alone. Embrace your loneliness, and you will realize that you can have quality time with yourself, which can help you become a better version of yourself.

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