When it comes to something serious, any decision is a risky thing. We all decide to finally say goodbye to a carefree life, sooner or later, and settle down. It is clear that it is very difficult to part with freedom and many people remain alone for the rest of their days. It is time to leave the sins of youth (if you had them) in the past; the time of a strong relationship has come. Today we will talk about those who decided to settle down. But how to understand that you really found a soul mate?

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What does it mean to settle down?

The times when the future partner was chosen by parents are left far behind. Modern people have their own freedom and choose partners for themselves more than once. In this context, it is not so important whether we are talking about official registration or permanent relationship, even if a couple doesn’t live together. Despite the fact that today you will not be surprised that relationships can start and break up in short periods of time, countless times, almost everybody has an idea that it will be time to settle down sooner or later. But why is it so difficult to decide in favor of this or that partner? Note that the words “settle down” mean to be more calm, restrained, and unhurried. Every person comes to this idea one day. Many of them sometimes experience a feeling of rebellion, unwillingness to part with their freedom. But when a person decides to settle down, it can basically mean one thing: he or she met love and is ready to start a family. The appearance of a person with whom you wish to share life and raise your own children is the determining factor when you understand what it means to settle down. It comes with age, whether you want it or not.

When are you ready to settle down? It depends on a person. Unfortunately, we often decide first to go through a series of affairs and only then, after about 25, we seriously think about finding a life partner. Modern people, even in their 50s, feel young, go to nightclubs, and absolutely don’t want to depend on family and loved ones. Today, it has become a huge problem as the number of divorces is increasing, and the birth rate is falling. Think what can be in 100 years. Summing up what has been said, it can be noted that the word “settle down” is a kind of concept of growing up, but there are no rules without exceptions and in this case, we can say the following: this word is also used when an adult and sometimes a mature person, who depends on many factors in life, can behave frivolously, stupidly, thoughtlessly. It would be quite nice if there was someone nearby who would say: “Maybe it’s time to settle down and become serious!”

Ready to settle down quotes

There are people who say: “I’m ready to settle down and start a family life”, but it turns out that they aren’t. Sometimes we want to close our eyes to all these norms that tell us to be right people. Sometimes we want to get closer to the state when no one decides for us. We just live as we want. However, even at such moments, it is necessary to have a sober head and remember that we must stop one day. If you are already ready for this, then check your thoughts with these quotes. They will show you what it means to be ready to settle down.is he ready to settle down

1. “Victories in the love sphere are a beautiful thing, but it is time to settle down in order to feel what real happiness is.”

2. “Men are used to lying. They are doing this all their life. But it’s time to settle down and show yourself as a real man.”

3. “A person who settled down is a person in a superlative degree.”

4. “Understanding comes with age. The truth is that age comes alone, and a person continues to fly through life, like a moth, showing frivolity and carelessness. The life of smart people leads to a family. Silly ones end up with ignorance and degradation.”

5. “It’s never too late to wise up and settle down.”

6. “If a person doesn’t settle down before the age of forty, then it is better not to try to do it after.”

7. “A man begins to appreciate happiness only when he gets married and settles down. But it can be too late.”

8. “Men are so boring when they don’t settle down! They lose all their charm.”

9. “In order to really settle down, you need to reach some degree. No matter what degree it is. You just need to take the first step in this direction.”

Am I ready to settle down: a quiz

In your life, there may begin a period when you understand: “I need to settle down and take a decisive step”. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to achieve something in your personal life. But living under the same roof, sharing the bed and everyday worries is a dream for some, and a nightmare for others. If you still don’t understand what you need for personal happiness, then check the statements. If you agree with all of them, then you should change your way of life.

1. Can you change your lifestyle? Can you live together but without sex (this is an important condition)? Can you solve problems calmly with this person? Some people don’t know how to negotiate and calmly discuss the difficulties with a loved one. If you have not learned this yet, then you are not ready to become serious and settle down.

2. Are you ready to sacrifice your interests for the sake of another? In every relationship, there comes a time when you have to compromise (and sometimes make sacrifices) for the sake of your dear person. Sometimes it’s about the little things when you spend the evening watching a movie that’s not particularly interesting to you. Sometimes the changes are more significant: to be close to your loved one, you need to move to a new city or even change the country. In a healthy and happy relationship, partner’s happiness is as important to you as your own.

3. Do you feel a strong desire? Starting a serious relationship because you are twenty five years old and “it’s time to settle down” is a very bad approach. None of the normal relationships were built on the foundation of “the society said so and I have to do it.” As long as you yourself don’t feel the need for it, don’t even try to start.

4. Do you feel good being alone? This is another very shaky foundation for relationships: you just need someone to be nearby. Does your future partner need it? He or she is not a babysitter. So, learn to be a good friend to yourself and then attract other people into this event.

5. Do you have enough time? Relationships take time, it is a fact. If a career is in the first place for you now, then it’s probably worth waiting for a while with serious relationships.

6. Are noisy clubs and bright parties not important? How to settle down? Easy! It's time to revise life values and go in search of a serious person with whom you can build long-lasting serious relationships. This doesn’t mean that you need to completely abandon entertainment and meetings with friends. This is just not the primary task of your free time. You need someone for a quieter and more interesting pastime.

7. Are you ready to love and demand nothing in return? To build a strong relationship with a solid foundation and long-term perspectives, it is very important to take unconditional love for granted. Only such relationships lead to long and strong bonds. Those, who are looking for other relationships or make concessions to keep a partner for a while, are not ready to settle down.

8. Do you like everything about a person? First, it is impossible to change people. Secondly, why start a relationship with a person in whom you don’t like something? And you don’t like it so much that you create an action plan for “improvement”. Third, your “non-ideality” can also be a cause for other people’s anxieties. But do you want to change? Most probably, no.

9. Do you like only this person? You no longer want to renew your relationship with your ex. You no longer visit his/her page on social networks, don’t look at your joint photos and don’t strive to go to that particular cafe just because there is a chance to meet again. And even after the worst parties or just at the end of the lonely evening, you don’t look for a familiar number in your phone’s address book.

10. Are you no longer annoyed by someone else’s relationship? You don’t turn away irritably, seeing a couple kissing in the subway, you can spend a fun and stress-free evening with your friend and her/his loved one; you don’t think that everyone agreed to show off their happy relationship just to make you feel unhappy. If you no longer believe that everyone in love is happy except you – we can assume that you can start your own relationship because you are ready for it.what age do men want to settle down

11. Do you feel that this is the right time? There is no inner emptiness. You just say to yourself: “I want to settle down!” You are filled and you have something to share. But you are not looking for a person whom you can make happy, hoping that he/she will repay you with devotion for this. You’re just ready to settle down and meet a person with whom you have something common so that your life becomes even richer and brighter.

What age do men want to settle down?

If you ask friends, family members or random strangers at what age to settle down, you will most likely receive a variety of answers, ranging from “right now” to “never.” In fact, if you have a reliable partner, age is of secondary importance, but what does science say about this? When are men ready to settle down? In 20-25 years, men are already more prepared to settle down and start a serious relationship. It can be successful because partners can devote more time to relationships and domestic problems, and entertainment can be relegated to the background. But it is difficult for a couple to abandon the usual reckless pastime in favor of a relationship.

A good age for men to settle down and start a family is 25-30 years. During this period, they have already achieved something in this life: they finished their studies, got employed and stand firmly on their feet. Having time to enjoy freedom, they are ready to easily say goodbye to it for the sake of creating a family nest. But still, when to settle down? What is the perfect age for men? It is 30-40 years. At this age, people clearly realize that they want to create a family. They have a more conscious approach to the choice of loved ones, are ready for domestic chores, have a clear idea of what their “family ship” should be, and so on. They are drawn to the family hearth, coziness. During the “period of the middle age crisis” (40-55 years), people begin to rethink their lives, so the cases of creating new families at this age are not rare. But there is not the most favorable prognosis for marriage at this age. Anyway, it depends only on you. It is your business when to decide on such a serious and significant step in your life. Here, public opinion and generally accepted norms are not your lifelines. Be guided by your feelings, trust only your heart and let it not be mistaken!

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