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Couples need to resort to fun activities. Sometimes life is too boring as it is. Bringing new things into a relationship is crucial. When was the last time you played with your boo? Was it a computer game, outside sports, or naughty activity?

Even if you think that games are stupid for adult couples, let me prove you wrong. We get devoured by routine with time. Our brain slows its creativity, we get lazier and feel less adventurous. It is a fair way to let a relationship wilt. And what is important in relationships? Fun! If you don’t want routine, it’s way merrier to fulfill any wild wishes inside a computer world or in your bedroom. Want to join, gamer?

fun board games for couples

Round One: Fun Board Games for Couples

Some think that board games for couples are not fun, and you will resemble a retired household. Well, you may not have tried FUN board games for couples! Even if your ADHD gets you dying every time you play Monopoly, I swear, there are better games than that!


Although the packaging looks like the infamous Monopoly, it has nothing to do with this game. However, Monogamy is as (if not more) iconic, because now you do not have to kill your partner after the loss of your property. In this game, you do not lose. You gain. What do you acquire? Emotional intimacy, passion, romance. Everything you have ever dreamt of now could become a reality. Hot desires? Dirty dares? Funny questions? You got it!

I’ve never…

If you are brave enough, these cards await you. I am not sure which road will you take, but your relationship will never be the same after this truth. Ask tricky questions, put your partner in an uncomfortable position, bombard them with a sudden request, and, most importantly, do not be scared of the truth you are about to hear! Any women seeking men can flex on their impeccable sense of humor during this!


This is one of the most fun games for couples to play at home. Everybody knows about this fun bit. You have a headband where somebody puts a card of an inanimate object, an animal, a profession, or a kitchen utensil – whatever they pick. And you have to guess who you are based on the following questions and hints. Players aren’t allowed to drop hints, though. They can only say “yes” or “no.” Don’t worry, there is a card with relative questions you can ask. You also have limited time for your guesses.

Would you rather?

Hands down one of the best question games for couples. The rules are pretty simple: you have cards with questions that start with “Would you rather?” You have to answer honestly. Sometimes the options are just too hard. There are several editions to this game, including a naughty, a hilarious, a scary, and a romantic one. And best of all, it comes as an app! And it’s free, well, almost every edition of texting games for couples.

best board games for couples

“Most likely to” game

Another fun game for a couple that will make you know each other better. The rules are simple. You have a set of sentences that start with “Who’s most likely to…?” You have to choose which one of you is most likely to sleep in, eat away their feelings, mess up the room, and snort at night. It’s a touching game that will bring out a lot of pleasant memories.

Great Sports Games for Couples

If you are an active sporty type, there is no need for you to sit at home and soak in boredom. Get in your best gym clothes and go to a beautiful mellow piece of land that will make you breathe deeply and get in touch with your inner chi.


Even if you’ve never played badminton, it doesn’t need that much equipment. You can even play it in the yard with your little white rackets. What makes this game so romantic? In involves a lot of moaning and gasping! Just kidding, but for real, it’s a fun way to stir up your working week by playing something interesting and training your athletic skills.


Tennis is a harder game because it requires balls (no pun intended). But if you are not a skillful and precise kicker, it can be a little hard for you to catch and ricochet from the start. Well, practice makes perfect! Also, you can purchase very groovy tennis clothes and feel like a rich suburban couple.

Roller skating

Roller skating is not the easiest if you’re naturally clumsy, but that’s easier than actual skating (we’ll get to that later). Purchase two pairs of skate shoes, go to a park or any flat surface, and skate like a pro! Try competitions, slalom, tricks, and cool flips but don’t forget about safety. Soon you’ll feel confident enough to travel for long distances together.

Ice skating (figure skating)

Unless you take figure skating classes, it may seem intimidating and slippery first. But don’t be afraid of that! It’s all about trust. Just hold each other’s hands and go into this rink like legends. Don’t be afraid to fall or have a few bumps – it’s a perfect representation of every relationship. You’ll always get back on your feet and help each other!

Water sports (canoeing, water polo, surfing)

If you have the luxury to live near the water, you should definitely try water sports. Unless you live by the ocean, it’s a great opportunity to get fun and wet and experience something new! Canoeing brings you together as a team, while surfing and water polo makes you physically stronger.

Video Games for Couples to Try

If you are too young and fierce for board games (or maybe you’ve tried them all), and if you have a decent gaming computer or consoles, it’s time to boost out your gamer skills and play as a team or against each other in these games. Video games for couples are the best option for nerds who don’t feel risky enough to take sports together.

1. Portal 2

Portal 2 is a game (don’t be shocked) about… portals! It’s also sprinkled with good humor and tough but not annoying brain puzzles and challenges. You need to create two portals to move around and solve issues. Valve thought it through just in case you want to play with your girlfriend. In a cooperative campaign, you get a chance to experience 6 hours of immaculate gameplay. If you want to get a grip of lore, I recommend you start with the first issue of Portal which dates back to 2007.

2. Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

You can download this game from Steam. It can be played either by 2 or 4 players. In the game, you have a spaceship and a number of stations. You need to move your avatar from station to station, preventing the ship from crashing and battling enemies. You get a whole package: powers, romance, and a boss-fight.

3. Overcooked

If you are not a fan of battles, try a game where you work as two chefs who are in a constant hurry to serve good food to their customers. The game gets as hot as jalapeno sauce till the end of a game.

4. Mario Kart

It’s one of the classic games for couples to play. It’s an arcade chill game that will make you race against your lover.

5. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is a platformer with marvelous graphics where you get to immerse yourself into the world of fantasy.

Play, explore new levels and collect loot!

video games for couples

Hot and Naughty Games for Couples

Now we got to dessert! If you are an adult (hopefully you are), there is an interesting list of sex games for couples prepared for you that will spice up any boring evening! These games are simply essential for couples who passed their honeymoon phase but want to save the romance.

1. Naughty dice

You can purchase naughty dice, as well as make it yourself. Write down a bunch of romantic or naughty actions on a piece of paper. Roll the dice and whoever gets the hottest action has no right to skip the round!

2. Naughty Twister

Purchase a white jumpsuit and cut out circles from colorful fabrics that are divided into sections, the similar you would get in a normal Twister game. Saw those circles to the suit on private part areas. Each color indicates a tongue, a hand, your backside, and whatever else you want. If the arrow shows on the blue, and the blue indicates her breasts…well, you get the jizz. I mean, the gist.

3. Sexy truth or dare

One of the best naughty games for couples hands down. As a truth, you have to ask any spicy question about their desire or experience. As a dare, you can really go with absolutely anything.

4. Spin the bottle

One of the OG kissing games for couples. Even though you play alone without a group of friends, who can stop you from getting each other every time?

5. Sex scratch card

You can get this poster at any game store in the “adult” section. It’s just a scratch card with a bunch of experiences. Each time you achieve something in sexual life, scratch it off from a poster.

6. Pick a card

Take any deck of cards but give each card a different meaning (for example, a spade is a kiss, the heart is a massage and so on). Let them pick a random card and fulfill their desire. You can even go as far as the deck ends.

7. Sex Jenga

Purchase a usual Jenga, but whoever fails the tower gets to fulfill a secret desire of their partner. It’s going to get steamy in here!

8. Hide and seek

Unless you live in a one-bedroom apartment, play sexy hide and seek with each other. But even if you do, get creative with it.

9. Strip cards

You know this game because it’s as old as the Universe. Play an easy set, but whoever loses the poker game has to strip down completely. You can also tease each other along the way.

10. Any kind of role play

A lot of people are into role-playing these days. Try cosplay, movie characters, and professions, whatever your deepest desires are.

Well, here is the complete list of everything you can do with your partner from an energetic morning to an active night. Now you will never be bored on a Saturday night with your boo. Enjoy!

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Nov 4,  2020,  10:20 PM

Due to quarantine and self-isolation, my husband and I spend more time at home and often do not know what to do in order not to be bored to death. We have long wanted to find a hobby that will be interesting to both of us. We have a computer and a laptop, but we use them only to watch movies or TV shows. But you gave me a great idea, my husband and I are going to play video games! I, for one, would like to try Portal 2 as I love all kinds of riddles and puzzles. But my beloved husband prefers more active games, so we will probably try "Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime". Thanks for the good ideas, you helped me a lot!



Nov 4,  2020,  10:20 PM

My girlfriend and I have been living together for a year. Do you know how we spend most of our leisure time? We play video games! I’m very lucky that my girlfriend loves such pastime as much as I do. One of our favorite video games is called “Splatoon”. Perhaps this is the cutest romantic multiplayer shooter ever. There are two teams of halfmen-half-calamaries with huge paddle rollers who try to repaint the world in their own color racing each other. Whoever paints the better half of the level – wins the game. Everything around is bright and sunny, you don't need to kill anyone. The game is really positive.

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