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In 2010, researchers from the University of Chicago claimed that about 40% of men and 17% of women between the age of 75-85 continue to have an active sexual life. For a society in which the cult of beauty and youth reigns, such figures may seem unexpected. Nevertheless, sexuality does not disappear with age. During intercourse, a kind of discharge for our nerves and muscular system occurs.
About one percent of the population is asexual. Yes, these people can have sex, but it is just a mechanical process for them. They do not feel excitement or sex drive at the sight of other people. As a result, a huge part of human experience is simply inaccessible to them. Asexual people can fall in love, and their relationship can be quite strong.
What’s an aphrodisiac? This is something that helps in establishing contact between men and women. Our article is devoted to this mysterious and magical substance. Let’s figure everything out.
We will start by giving a list of 10 cases for sex with an ex-partner, 5 of which are good ideas, 5 of which are bad. If you are asking yourself, should I have sex with my ex, then the following will be helpful to you.
If you briefly look at the articles about abstinence on the Internet, you will find out that abstinence can bring harm and benefit, a nervous breakdown and creative upheaval, the appearance of healthy offspring and a complete loss of erectile function, good health and terrible diseases. It's not for nothing that the scientists still argue over this piquant phenomenon.
Some men don’t have any difficulties with winning women. Yet, the majority of guys often don’t know how to attract the opposite sex. To be successful with women, you need to know what they look for in men, which traits they admire, and which qualities push them away.
All people want to be confident in their partners, and all of them are afraid to realize one day that their significant other cheated on them. Women are usually not the ones to blame for infidelity, but according to numerous studies, they do cheat. How to tell that a girl is cheating and what made her do it? Read on to find out.
How to convince a girl to have sex if there are always fear and doubt? These simple tips can help you learn this, but it is important to understand that the theory should always be fueled by practice: it is not enough just to read the recommendations. Women love actions!
The level of testosterone is one of the factors that differentiate a man from a woman. It is known that a high level of testosterone increases libido. So, a man with a high level of this hormone is usually sexually active, easily excited and tireless in sex. In addition, such men have well-developed musculature, great muscle strength, high endurance, and good health. Moreover, a sign of high testosterone is a low masculine voice. It is also believed that its high level is crucial for the successful social life of men. So, what else should you know about testosterone?
Premature ejaculation is a fairly common problem. Although many men hide this, the statistics of resorts to sexologists on this occasion speaks about the magnitude of the problem. It is also worth noting that not all men have the courage to tell the doctor about their problem and try to cure it. But this is a big mistake - premature ejaculation can be treated in the overwhelming majority of cases.
Many couples do not know what to do with sex when there are only two of them, and here there are three participants, which means three times more opportunities, but also three times more different nuances that must be taken into account.
In general, one-night stands are a very interesting practice. Who can blame you for that? However, before you start, you need to figure out how to one-night stand someone and not to spoil anything. There are some one-night stand rules that should be taken into account.
Sexual drive is a more common term traditionally used to characterize libido. In any case, there is no way libido can be measured. Instead, it is usually understood best in simple terms. For instance, a low male libido depicts a reduced interest or low sexual desire.
With foreplay as an intimate prelude, you and your lover are more likely to achieve mutual pleasure. Read the following guide to answer the question what is foreplay.
So, what does the perfect sex look like? What are our sex expectations in relationships? We will navigate you through all the sex expectations gender differences.
Today, psychologists, sexologists, and glossy magazines say that sex games are very pleasant and useful. Thanks to this propaganda, many couples were able to learn previously unknown pleasures. If you are tired of the monotony or just want to make it pleasant to your lover, then this is what you need.
This is the 21st century. Sex may happen right on the first date and never happen again. To tell the truth, I don’t see anything bad in both casual sex and casual dating.
Many men make mistakes in bed. Some of them are insignificant and some annoy women. Sometimes, it comes to serious scandals and even partings. We give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the list of the most common mistakes men make in bed.
Passion is a very important component of strong and healthy relationships. Everything “boils” inside of both partners when relations just begin. So, we will figure out here how to behave with Russian women in bed.
How exactly can dating Russian women impact your sex life? Well, they combine different qualities: modesty and pride, innocence and passion. Good girls in ordinary life, Russians get on fire when it comes to making love. However, sex with Russian girls isn’t something to approach irresponsibly. Mental gaps between your cultures influence the way each of you perceives physical contact. So I want you to look at these tips below to increase your awareness about what your significant other wants to get from you in bed.
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