Great Sex after 60: Is It Possible?

In 2010, researchers from the University of Chicago claimed that about 40% of men and 17% of women between the age of 75-85 continue to have an active sexual life. For a society in which the cult of beauty and youth reigns, such figures may seem unexpected. Nevertheless, sexuality does not disappear with age. During intercourse, a kind of discharge for our nerves and muscular system occurs. Therefore, to cope with stress, doctors often recommend not only healthy sleep but also healthy sex. It is believed that elders do not need or want sex as much as young people do. In fact, this is not always the case. For some, the interest in sex remains rather high even after 60. Others, having retired, discover for themselves all the charms of retirement, to which previously there was neither strength, nor time, nor opportunity. How not to lose interest in having sex after 60? How to stay in shape longer and what are the most popular misconceptions about the coitus at a mature age? Read below to find out.

Great Sex after 60: Is It Possible?

Male sex drive after 60: facts and advice

In a certain stage of life, men have a period of critical decline in the level of hormones in the blood. Earlier it was called male menopause, because during this recession men usually experience the same phenomena women do during the climacteric period: instability of arterial pressure, hot flushes, reddening of the face, irritability, poor sleep, depressive mood. However, they are not so clearly pronounced, comparing to ladies.

On the other hand, there are certain sexual disorders that disappear with the age. For example, such an unpleasant thing as premature ejaculation – elder men face it much more rarely. Sexologists have not completely figured out this phenomenon, but there is a partial explanation: adult men cease to worry as much as they used to in their youth. In general, a hormonal peak in the sexual activity of men tends to happen during youth, ebbing later gradually. The period of the critical recession comes around 60, today it is called andropause by analogy with female menopause. Andropause is determined by the hormonal level. At this time, male sex drive decreases dramatically. He can perform sexual intercourse, but he does not want to do this: laziness to get up from the couch or take a break from watching his favorite TV takes over. At the same time, it is precisely regular sex life that can sustain normal level of hormones and ensure their smooth decline.

Today there have been a lot of studies that show that in this period sexual act is extremely useful, but if older partners for some particular reasons have no sex, then at least mutual caresses are highly important, if not caresses, then at least kisses. All of this does not allow a man to quickly lose interest in intimate life and to curtail sexual activity. In this period, even some violence against a man must be done to keep him in a position, not to let him leave sex. Of course, everything should be done by agreement of both partners and with a thought of a bigger future goal.

Sex after 60 for females

The human body has some limitations for the maximum age for reproduction, but sexual activity can be sustained until the end of the days. And although it is often considered a taboo subject, intimacy between mature partners does not disappear anywhere. What is more, regular and frequent sex has a number of different positive effects on the human bodies. It is a common tendency that during the climacteric period women’s body is rapidly adapting to new hormone rates while for men this process can take up to several years. So, talking about sex after 60 for females, they do not lose their sexual libido with the age and continue to stay active and enthusiastic about having regular sex.Great Sex after 60: Is It Possible?

However, with age, the ability of tissues to retain fluid decreases. Not without reason, women begin to intensively use moisturizers, so that the skin does not lose water. The same thing happens with mucous membranes as with age they begin to dry up too. And then the act, especially if foreplay was not sufficient, becomes not very pleasant. Lubricants are recommended to be used not only during the menopause, but also after it, and before it - in case of insufficient moisturizing of the genital tract, with the slightest uncomfortable sensations at the beginning of sexual life. And there is nothing to be ashamed of, it's just like brushing your teeth using a toothpaste. Usual hygienic procedure.

Frequency of sex after 60 years of age

Now, having found out the main changes that happen to women and men bodies after a certain age, it is high time we discuss the frequency of the coitus as such. It is not a secret that the more often and actively a person leads a sexual life, the easier it is for him or her to undergo sexual reactions. Any forced restraint of any function worsens it. If a cast is put on a healthy person’s leg for several months, it will be difficult for him or her to do the first steps later.

In the first half of life, despite the fact that prolonged abstinence occurs not so rarely, because it is the time of meetings, dating and self-fulfillment - it is still not so risky. But later, it is desirable that the sexual life of both the man and the woman is regular. A few month long break at a man's sexual activity after 60 can permanently knock him out of the grip. For a woman, this is not so critical, but still an attenuating braking occurs. "Braking" is not a figurative physiological term, it is a sharp deterioration of the function without its constant support. Sexual function is not vital to human survival, so functions like this fade if not supported and practiced.

As you can see, regular sex has a bunch of health benefits and no one can tell you for sure, how often should you do it in order to stay happy and contented with your partner. If to add a little bit of statistics, an average person after 60 years of age has sex at least once per week. Whether it is too little or too much, you are to decide. Anyways, the best way to find an ideal frequency of coitus is through understanding personal preferences and body needs of your own and your partner.

Sex positions after 60

Not all sexual positions are suitable for the elderly. Sexologists often recommend older couples to refuse or at least minimize sex in classic positions. It can be physically tiring to be constantly sitting on a partner, or, conversely, being under him or her all the time. In addition, such positions are not always convenient from a medical point of view. For example, with such a disease as arthritis, it is most convenient to have sex on one’s side. The first position recommended is called spooning. The partners lie on the side, the man hugs a woman from behind. She can lift her foot at an angle for convenience. This position provides minimal physical activity and is suitable for people with radiculitis.

The second position is "lying on the back" pose. Just not on the bed, but on the floor. If your partner has a back problem, then you need to cover the floor with a mattress or a blanket. The partner sits on top and gently moves.

And the third, the gentlest posture is called "chair". A man sits on a chair, a woman sits on his knees, facing a partner. It is important: the chair on which the man sits should be low enough for the woman to touch the floor with her feet. So it will be convenient for her to choose a smooth pace, which is comfortable for both partners.

How sex life changes after 60

Great Sex after 60: Is It Possible?To understand how feelings change with age, you need to go back to childhood a little. As a rule, most people have a platonic stage of love first - when in the kindergarten a boy likes a girl, he gets shy around her, they play with toys together, and simple holding hands is considered to be very intimate. Or a schoolboy helps a classmate carry a briefcase. Then, at 14, the erotic stage begins - kisses, strokes, petting. And only then, when people are already fully engaged in their wishes and sexuality, sex comes.

With age, this all undergoes changes and goes in the reverse order. For the elderly, the platonic stage becomes important. You can often see how grandparents sit on a bench, look at the sea and hold hands. Therefore, with retirement and the emergence of free time experts advise to pay more attention to the spouse, to go somewhere together, to do something cute and friendly. Because common empathy unites people, and, with the years passing by, people begin to appreciate the soul and inner world in each other more. Health benefits of sex for elderly

We have described numerous aspects of having sex after 60 and now the last thing to mention is just how amazingly it affects our bodies. During the coitus, a general activation of the body occurs, the cells of people who have sex regularly begin to age slower due to the metabolic boost. To add a little bit more of science, with the accumulation of sexual tension, insulin production decreases. And after orgasm, in both men and women, all the endocrine glands, including the pancreas, come to a tone. Insulin production increases, carbohydrate metabolism is stimulated. Therefore, endocrinologists consider regular lovemaking to be an excellent prevention of type 2 diabetes.

In addition to this, for people who reach orgasm two or more times a week, death rates are twice as low, modern scientists say. Therefore, sex is considered to be one of the factors of life longevity. At the same time, scientists note that today older people are more interested in intimate relationships than their peers 20–30 years ago, and they feel themselves younger than retirees of the 80–90s.

Generally speaking, the issue of great sex in the old age is no longer a taboo. Couples continue to lead an active sexual life even after 40 years of living together and what is more, numerous cases from medical practice show that when a woman does not pursue the fear of an unwanted pregnancy, she liberates herself and gets more pleasure during sex. The main thing not to forget about is muscle tone and blood circulation. There are special exercises for muscles of the urinary organs, by the way, they prevent incontinence. In addition, the general tone of all muscles, which is achieved by regular walks, morning exercises, gymnastics, also influences the intimate muscles, and in a very positive way.

According to the results of some other studies, people who have sex once or twice a week have the number of antibodies called immunoglobulin A one third higher than those who do it less often. These antibodies are known to strengthen the immune system and prevent the development of infectious diseases. As you can see, the amount of benefits of sex for elder people is massive. In the end, if you were to ask me again: is great sex after 60 possible? The answer is absolutely «Yes!»

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