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Help Ukrainian Ladies Survive The Bloodshed - Timely Gift Items!

What any armed conflict causes is a growing fear that evokes psychological mechanisms of rejection in people witnessing it. It is especially disastrous for the female population programmed to preserve life, not destroy it. Many single Americans realize that surviving this ongoing war is currently the most challenging task for a Ukrainian lady.

How to help Ukraine now In Its Fight Russia

Are you feeling obsessed with the “how can I help Ukraine” thought yet? No worries, someday you will give your Ukrainian lady a dazzling red gown and invite her to a fine restaurant to celebrate the end of this war. But for now, while red resembles only blood in her eyes, the greatest gift you can make is to ensure her safety and security. 

Therefore, the best charity to help Ukraine will be bringing support to a suffering girl. It is very easy to help Ukraine from the USA by sending protective equipment. Look through the most critical elements you could send to defend her:

Body Armor Vest

The Level 4* bulletproof vest is designed to protect against assault rifles and shrapnel from explosives. The body armor consists of two bulletsafe ballistic steel armor plates to protect against bullets. To prevent injury, it utilizes special layers that destroy bullets and catch the remaining fragments preventing any penetration.

  • Bulletproof Helmet

The ballistic helmet* is designed for individual protection of airborne troops and special forces from deadly projectiles. It provides head protection from bullets, ricochets, explosion fragments, and blast waves. The helmet is lightweight with an adjustable chin strap system to fit more comfortably. 

Respirator Gas Mask

The respirator* is widely used and adopted by military organizations all over the world. It can counter multiple threats such as biological, chemical, radiological, and nuclear agents. It is designed to comfort the wearer's time in the operational area.

There are many ways to help Ukraine but sending the protective equipment that will save her life is the best way to show your care and support. Purchasing and delivering current equipment for the money received through your generous donations is very important to us! 

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to the website.

2. Сhoose a girl from Ukraine** in the Ladies Gallery.

3. Click on the ‘Send a gift’ button in her profile.

4. Select one of the ‘Most Needed’ gifts and click on the ‘Choose this gift’*** button to send it.

* The models of equipment may vary depending on the class of protection 
** Delivery to Ukraine only
*** Delivery time extends up to two weeks due to the war constraints

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