The fact that tens of thousands of men desire Ukrainian women for marriage is not new. Yet international dating is full of tricks and westerners not always know how to do it right with a Slavic lady. What you should understand from the beginning is that marriage is an essential part of any Ukrainian girl. Any man she dates can become her husband in the future so she wouldn’t fall for a first available candidate. According to the tradition, long-lasting relationships should sooner or later be transformed into a proper family; your proposal may determine the entire course of your love life. That’s why it is so important to do it the best way you can.

How to Plan a Perfect Proposal to a Ukrainian Girl

How to plan your proposal in 5 easy steps

Pick the venue. The ambience means everything to a Ukrainian girl as romance is what she longs for in her everyday life. Watch out what she tells you about places she would like to go to and maybe, one of those will become the venue where all your life will change forever.

Choose the time. You can’t plan the proposal on your own. The fact you can carve a few hours out of your schedule doesn’t mean she can do it too. Make sure she won’t be busy during the day you’re gonna make this important step. The entire occasion should be planned carefully.

Rely on her preferences. You two probably like similar things if you decided to marry this woman. And this is great! Compatibility is what holds any relationship together. Prepare every component according to her, not your tastes. This is also a chance to demonstrate how much you care.

Prepare well ahead and come in advance. Westerners who want to find Ukrainian girls for marriage should learn one simple rule: a man always arrives first on a date. In Slavic countries, women have the right to be late while their beaus are expected to be punctual.

Keep the secret. Better if you don’t let her guess until the right moment comes. Will the entire magic be ruined if she becomes aware too early? No, I wouldn’t say so... But your surprise will be far less impressive then. Take care of conspiracy!

Proposal ideas that can help you to overwhelm your fiancée

All women have different tastes and any man has his own conception of a perfect proposal. Yet there are a few ideas that almost 100% work if you dream to marry a Ukrainian woman. Take a look and maybe, you will pick something handy!

Go out for a dinner. Dinners are rather a traditional way of how to propose. However, if you seek Ukrainian girls for dating, keep in mind they love all the common romantic stuff: an engagement ring in the champagne glass, one hundred roses, live music etc. Quite simple to prepare and typically affordable – the main element here is your attitude towards your bride-to-be and the words you say.

Organise a special date. Here are as many ideas as far your fantasy goes. At the same time, don’t forget about your Ukrainian girlfriend’s preferences. Likewise, she might have mentioned some activities she wants to try or places to visit so keep it in mind to make your dreams come true. Also, one of the variants is to set everything exactly how it was during your first date – you will be able to remember all the wonderful things that took place on your love path.

Invite her to a sporting event. Yes, this way of proposing has already become a cliché in the West but Ukrainian girls know what it is like only from films. This scenario isn’t really common in their native country so if you and your beloved one love sports, you can make your proposal unforgettable by using simple tricks. Although some people think your private life should be your own business, men who desire to marry a Ukrainian girl will definitely succeed in their mission! Of course, you will need to arrange everything well in advance to make this day flawless.

Take a romantic trip. A rare lady from Ukraine doesn’t love travelling so world tours can indeed give you an opportunity to meet Ukrainian girls for dating. But the other problem is that not all people there can actually travel a lot due to the unstable economic state of the country. That’s why your future wife will be happy to escape the routine together. Pack your ring well and don’t let her find it until it’s time!

Go on a scavenger hunt. Romantic hunts are good for loving hearts as they not only a way to propose but also a way to bring two people even closer. Basically, there are two main ways of organising those: you can plan a tour across the nearby area or even set a world tour. Think of places where meaningful events of your joint life happened and recall hints and phrases that would tell her about how much she means to you. On the other hand, don’t be too obvious – she will like discovering on her own.

Set a flash mob. The popularity of flash mob proposals rapidly grows all over the world; one of the greatest things about it is that you have a plenty of variants how to do it. By the way, you can invite her family members or friends to participate in it if there is the possibility. Ukrainian ladies are very fond of their dearest people so your fiancée will be excited about sharing such a special moment with them.

What to avoid doing when you propose to a Ukrainian girl

As you can see, planning a great proposal to a Ukrainian lady is not so hard. Learn what you should never do in order to keep it perfect.

Being timid. It is not something astonishing that men lose their speech and strength looking at gorgeous Slavic ladies. But here is what anyone who thinks about dating Ukrainian women must know: they need confidence in men. Do what you should do in a straightforward manner!

Being non-wordy and unemotional. Some guys take manliness wrong – in their view, a real man should be impervious to any emotional triggers and display brutal coldness. This doesn’t have sense. A proposal is another opportunity to confess your deep love.

Pushing her to answer immediately. If you look for Ukrainian women for dating, remember they are into playing the traditional female role in relationships. In Eastern Slavic countries, girls usually need some time to think about marriage; they don’t like rushing the things.

  • What to do if she says “no”

In fact, it is a super rare thing when Ukrainian girls say “no” they are sincere and take dating seriously but let this simple instruction be here just if there is the case.

Don’t get mad. The very first thing to do if your beloved one refuses to marry you for some reason is to calm down. This is not the end of the world; moreover, this is not the end of your relationship I guess. Just don’t take any ill-advised steps and try to figure out what the matter is.

Speak to her. If your proposal has been rejected, you are entitled to know why. Again, Ukrainian girls are deeply concerned about their love lives; there must be a proper reason she says “no”. Maybe, she isn’t ready to move far aboard and leave her family and friends behind or she thinks you should’ve got to know each other better. It never hurts to ask.

Never give up. Sometimes, it is necessary to pay more effort if you want to marry a Ukrainian lady. She might ask you to give her more time to think – it is natural and you shouldn’t blame her. You see, marriage is a very important move for any Slavic girl. Continue building your love and everything will be all right!

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