Where to meet girls is one of the most frequently asked questions, the answer to it is already obvious, though. After all, girls are absolutely everywhere, that means you can get to know them anywhere. But, if you are in Kiev for the first time and want to know more about where to go, this article will help you not waste time but really have fun and find a soul mate among pretty Kiev ladies. We will tell you about the places you can visit to get to know Kiev Ukraine women and describe the most popular places in the city that really deserve your attention.

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About Ukrainian Girls in Kiev

So what's so special about Ukrainians? We will try to tell you at about least several qualities of the girls from Ukraine. That is a fact that Ukraine single girls are really worth your attention thanks to the following moments.

1. Beauty. Ukrainians have been recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the world for years. According to foreigners, you will not find so many pretty women in any other country around the world.

2. Sensuality. Ukrainians are emotional and passionate. When you meet a Ukraine girl, you may notice that she shows the whole range of feminine feelings: tenderness, jealousy, resentment, mercy, ability to understand and support.

3. Wisdom. The ability to get out of difficult situations, to solve serious problems or to lead a man to success are qualities that help Ukrainians survive even in the most difficult life circumstances.

Where to find girls in Kiev?

Kiev is a huge metropolis, approximately 3 million people live here. And there are many tourists and visitors to this magnificent city as well. It means Kiev is busy, modern and rich in cultures and entertainment. That is why you shouldn't even worry about finding girls here, they will find you themselves if you go to the right places. Parks, streets, bars, and cafes are common locations for meeting, but we are going to talk about some particular places.

Bars in Kiev to Meet Ukrainian Chicks

We can say for sure that a cafe or a pub is a perfect place for a quick and easy acquaintance. When in the bar, no one is in a hurry, and the atmosphere itself is created for easy communication. Especially if the place is popular and crowded. In addition, the probability of meeting beautiful Kiev ladies in a cafe is much bigger than in any other place or even a club.

meet ukraine singlesGirls usually come to clubs to dance, so starting a conversation in a club is much more difficult. While a bar is a place where you can join the girl, sitting alone and start a lovely conversation, without trying to shout because of loud music or immediately intending to get her drunk. She will be in a good mood because she has come there to relax. And you can choose the right moment to start a conversation.

Skybar. As we have mentioned, it is easier to get acquainted in restaurants and cafes than some people think, especially if you often go to the same place. For many, this place was and remains SkyBar. It is always nice to go there to chat with old acquaintances and meet new ones. You can talk with a stranger on the bar or meet Kiev Ukraine women in the smoking room on the terrace. As a rule, in this kind of places, you can meet all sorts of friends or make new acquaintances. In such bars, communication and dating get unobtrusive and comfortable.

Pink Freud. Another reason to visit a bar is that if you got there because you enjoy this place, you can be sure that the people who surround you got there for the same reason. That means you have something to talk about and finding a common language with them is not difficult. And if you still have problems with dating, feel free to drink something for Dutch courage! Pink Freud is perfect for this, there are a lot of authorial cocktails here, original parties are held in this place, and the atmosphere is not pathetic, but on the contrary, cozy yet sophisticated.

Boutique bar Biancoro. The next bar we are going to tell you about is the boutique bar founded by a famous Kiev restaurateur, Sergiy Gusovskyj. Classic Italian and French cuisine will make your taste buds scream from satisfaction. Traditional drinks of this place include a variety of cocktails, and the wine list boasts of some great Italian exemplars. The interior has been made in the modern style with the lounge area specifically for the bar and unique furniture in the main hall. If you are a real wine addict and love good custom-prepared cocktails, this place is a must visit for you.

Pr bar. The atmosphere of home and comfort reigns here, it is a perfect combination of the loud parties, hot summer, and young and fashionable people. There are also gaming consoles here for you to enjoy your time! You can meet beautiful girls even without noticing it! A serious relationship can start anywhere, so why can’t it start there?

To be bar. This restaurant is located on Podol. It isn’t just a place where you can eat and try a couple of cocktails. Airy rooms, plenty of space, each table is comfortable and designed for pleasant time spending. In the menu, you will find dishes from Italian cuisine, seafood, and sushi sets. You can order a hookah here as well. We will round up simply: you will surely meet somebody there. It is always a whole crowd of people chilling in To be bar, but everyone is happy about it. And it seems that this atmosphere is what they come for.

Nightclubs in Kiev for Dating a woman

Where do women in Kiev spend their free time? Some of them love music parties, while others still say that clubs are not their cup of tea. But one thing is for sure, if you enjoy clubs and decide to visit one of them, you have all chances to meet someone pretty there. Clubs have their own rules, and special atmosphere regains here. In the club, people relax and allow themselves a little more than they would in ordinary life. If you enjoy dancing and are obsessed with the magic that happens in clubs as soon as the city goes to sleep, the list of the best Kiev nightclubs presented below is just for you.

D.fleur. This is the top-notch legendary Kiev club. It combines the best gastronomy, design, music, and concept. It is a restaurant and a party venue, which is open only 3 days a week. From 6.00 pm to 11.00 pm you can enjoy the refined cuisine of the chef which is based on the best traditions of the Mediterranean and Asia. And after midnight the restaurant turns into a luxurious party hall until 6 am.

Caribbean club. Caribbean Club is one of the oldest clubs in Kiev. It was opened in 1998, but in 2013, there was a total renovation, including the concept of this place. Now the Caribbean Club is the only concert hall in Kiev, where events take place seven days a week. Professional stage, high-quality light, and good sound attract Ukrainian and foreign artists. Popular singers' performances, rock and jazz concerts, theatrical plays, salsa, stand-ups, disco and night parties, theme parties and much more. In addition, the Caribbean Club has the largest club screen in Kiev. So, you can visit this spot to watch the key sporting events as well as enjoy the presentations of the video works of different artists from time to time.

Chi. This restaurant of Indo-Chinese cuisine, party place and lounge bar is a grand project of the chain of restaurants called "Carte Blanche." The name C H I has a long history. In Indo-Chinese culture, this word represents cosmic or spiritual energy or breath. The first thing that amazes everyone who enters the restaurant is the interior which is magnificent, to say the least. The restaurant also has a unique sound system. Even loud music will not interfere with your conversation, which creates a feeling of comfort. That is why CHI is an elite place with a focus on details.

Closer. Truly a special place for all Kiev admirers of club culture and lovers of techno. A closer is a cozy place, located on Podol. This is one of the best global locations for rave tourism according to the Berlin online electronic publication called "Electronic Beats." The club was also included in the list of the 20 best techno clubs on the planet. Not only Kiev but the whole world recognizes that this metropolitan club deserves attention.

Sorry, бабушка. This place is another great location to go to with the intention to meet somebody. There is a certain ease in the atmosphere here which is similar to European bars. People are more open and inclined to communicate. They are ready to move from the eye contact to real actions and start a conversation.

kiev ladiesMeet Ukraine Singles on the Street

Meeting on the street is one of the most difficult options in the whole dating practice. There is practically no context in such meetings, and things can get complicated. But this kind of flirting is attractive from the point of view that you can meet absolutely any girl anywhere in the city. Regardless of her social status or plans, you can just approach her and say a few kind words. So, do not be afraid to meet girls on the street, especially when you find out about the best locations to do this in Kiev.

Hydropark. When it's hot outside, and you want to swim, eat kebabs outdoors by the water or just walk around in the fresh air, this park, which is located on islands in the middle of the Dnieper river, will be one of the best solutions for you. Now there is a large number of restaurants, cafes, beaches, and sports sites. So that means there are a lot of beautiful girls here too.

Kontraktova square. Kontraktova square is one of the oldest and most interesting squares in Kiev, it is the most important one on Podol. If you travel to the Lower Town, you will definitely go through this area. It was the main shopping center of the past centuries, previously called Alexandria Square. But today, it is the center of the cultural life of the capital. Concerts, festivals, and other events worth visiting are being held here on a regular basis.

Meet a single woman on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. This one is the main square of the country and the most popular and visited place in Kiev not only among tourists but among city residents as well. Some of the institutions situated here are:

  • the "Ukraine" grand hotel
  • October Palace
  • Kiev State Conservatory
  • the "Globus" shopping center

Obolon Quay. This quay is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Kiev at any time of the year. It is always a pleasure to walk here alone, with friends or with a loved one. And finding your perfect date here would be even a bigger pleasure, especially considering the fact that in the evening you can meet even more people here than on Kreshchatyk.

Сons of Live Acquaintance with Kiev Girls

There are some disadvantages to living on-the-street acquaintances too. For example, the girls who walk down the street can be involved in their thoughts and not in the right mood for your signs of attention. It is better not to disturb them. You should approach any girl carefully and start with a few pleasant words, with an offer to help or, on the contrary, asking for something.

But, if you have failed to interest a girl in Kiev, you can have fun without a partner as well. Do not worry! Even if you come to Kiev to meet a girl, it may turn out that not one of them is suitable for you. You can walk then, explore the city, go to see a movie and do many other things for which the company is not needed.

You can use the help of dating sites, and there you will definitely be able to meet someone, but we will talk about it later. Anyway, you can focus on exploring the city because there is always something to do in Kiev!

Dating on the street has its drawbacks, it’s not always possible to find the right approach to a person in a few seconds, and you can be rejected very quickly. But remember that Kiev is big, and your perfect girl may just not have met you yet.

Online Dating Sites Benefits

kiev ladiesIt is a great idea to meet someone from the city you are going to visit online. That means when you arrive at your destination, your Internet friend will already wait for you, together you can spend a lovely time, she can show you the city, and your journey will become ten times more interesting! Here there are a few websites where you can meet Ukrainian singles from Kiev who will be glad to welcome you in their hometown.


This is a Ukrainian service for communication with entertainment elements. You can write a message to the user or rate photos. You can meet people from all over Ukraine. Judging by the fact that many Ukrainians have met their perfect match using this particular site, it really works.


Mamba is one of the first dating sites available in Ukraine. However, it is not popular among those who want to build serious relationships. If you plan to visit a city and need just a companion for a few days, then it will come in handy.


This one is an international site that has already registered more than 13 million profiles worldwide. When registering, you will need to pass the test. Based on the results of this test, you will be offered a list of users who should match you because of common interests or traits of character. It takes about 30 minutes to take the test, but the results are worth it.

As you can see, there are plenty of places in Kyiv where you can go to meet your love and make new acquaintances. Luckily enough, you will end up finding yourself an interesting interlocutor for the evening there almost always. Because these parks, bars and night clubs are popular among locals and many beautiful Kiev Ukraine girls like to spend time in here. But even if you do not find anyone on the first try, do not give up, there are so many activities you can do in the capital of Ukraine if you are on your own. Even being alone, you will not feel lonely, this marvelous city will not leave you any chances to feel sad or bored!

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