Tatyana, 30

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Birthday4 Oct, 1993
Marital statusnever been married
Body typeslim
Height5'8" - 172 cm
Weight108 lb - 49 kg
Eye colorhazel
Hair colorblonde
English levelgood

I am a calm, tender, affectionate, kind and responsive person. The time spent with my family is very important to me. I am an open person. I am very ingenuous in expressing my feelings I easily get acquainted and get along with people. My friends say I am impressionable and feel the mood of other people very well. At the same time I can be careful with giving my trust to somebody though I think I am a trustful person. I really feel the need in attachment and protection. The attention of the surrounding people really inspire me and like to be emotionally involved in what is going on around me, to feel, not only to think. I understand other people very well, I am flexible and I can change my views, to look for the compromise but I have my main significant life principles and they shouldn t be put in doubt and stay the same for me as they are the part of my character. It is difficult for me to understand people who change their major views depending on some situation. I need to feel love and be loved. I wish to see a person beside me with whom I would wish to stay for the whole life. Understanding is very important for me, beloved people are not only those ones who look at each other but those who look at one direction. I think that every person can express the inner world and soul in different ways. I am very rich in my expression and in my interests. I think I am a creative person with good imagination. I think that communication is one of the things that are so important for me in life. I like to spend time in a friendly and warm company, to have a lively conversation. The support of my friends is really important for me. I admire the time spend by the fire during the picnic, when my friends and I can both joke around and tell anecdotes, chat and when I can look at the fire and think about life, looking for some valuable answers for me. I like to watch soccer and basketball. I enjoy going to the theatre. Walks by the see mean a lot to me as it is difficult to withstand the beauty and romance that nature is giving us. I like to sail, to feel the sea splashes, the breeze that is playing with my hair and my dream is to share this interest with my partner one day



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Searching for man aged 35 to 80

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