Like all women, Ukrainian girls have a number of requirements for their potential partners. If you’ve met a Ukrainian beauty and want to win her heart, the first thing you should is to make a good impression. She needs to realize that you can be the one she’s been looking for. Of course, the most important thing in a man is his personality and all Ukrainian women want to find a decent man who possesses all those qualities that make him a real Man. But if you want to impress a Ukrainian woman, you should pay attention to different aspects – from your appearance to behavior.


Dress sharp. If you’re wearing a stained shirt and shabby jeans, the odds of attracting her attention are niggard. Clothes make the man and you shouldn’t forget about it. It doesn’t mean that you should immediately get a tailor-made suit and designer shoes and show up being dressed only this way. Overdressing is not good if you’re going to have a casual date. When it comes to men’s attire, Ukrainian women appreciate simplicity and taste. So make sure you look neat and elegant.

Don’t try to make an impression. The main thing is not to overdo with your efforts in your attempt to impress a Ukrainian girl. It’s understandable that you want to please her but going out of your way, you may come across as weak or conceited depending on what you’ll do. Ukrainian single women can’t stand show-offs who brag about their jobs and incomes. Even if you have a remunerative job, don’t focus her attention on it.

Be confident. Women find confidence the sexiest trait in men. If a man knows what he wants in this life and acts without hesitation, he definitely attracts women. Another manifestation of confidence is person’s ability to communicate with different people easily. This is a trait of strong personalities and Ukrainian ladies really want to see this kind of men by their side. You should also differentiate between confidence and overconfidence because the latter is a great turnoff for women.

Make her laugh. A sense of humor is a gift and if you have it, you should use it. Psychologists say that the easiest way to impress a girl and to get her interested in you is to make her smile. Humor is a great icebreaker and it’s a perfect tool for winning the girls’ hearts. Rich jokes and timely witty remarks are admired. You should avoid rough jokes because Ukrainian women don’t like rude men.

Be sincere. Ukrainians value sincerity most of all and they immediately notice when their interlocutor deceives them. You should be frank telling your Ukrainian date about yourself – there is no point in hiding something because the truth always reveals itself sooner or later. Being sincere doesn’t necessarily mean telling everything that’s on your mind. There are things that are told at the initial stages of a relationship and the ones that should be revealed only after some time. Sincerity is essential while paying compliments – your words should go from your heart otherwise she’ll not take them seriously.

Talk about your family. Since family is a number-one priority for all Ukrainians, telling your date about your parents and siblings will make your conversation more personal and show that you care about your family. Also, it will give her an idea of your background and your views on family in general. It shouldn’t necessarily be a separate topic you’re going to discuss but mentioning your nearest and dearest in a conversation is essential if you want to make a good impression on your Ukrainian date.

Show your interest. She needs to feel that you’re interested in her personality. Men often make a huge mistake by focusing only on themselves when trying to make an impression. They turn the conversation into their monolog and talk only about themselves enumerating their virtues. In order not to repeat other guys’ mistakes, make a dialog out of your conversation. Ask different questions concerning her personal interest, hobbies, travel experiences, etc. This way you’ll let her know you’re genuinely interested in her and get to know her better. Listen carefully to her answers – you’ll need that information when choosing a present for her or a place for your next romantic date.

Reveal your talents and passions. This is a fact that women easily fall for talented men. It doesn’t mean that you should be a famous actor or singer to attract a Ukrainian woman. If a man has a hobby or is very keen on something, women immediately find him very attractive. According to psychologists, women tend to think that talented men have a greater potential to become successful and they are interesting personalities as well. Tell her about the things you’re passionate about, be it music, driving, traveling, gardening, etc.

Be a gentleman. Women like courteous men so if you want to impress a Ukrainian woman, act gentlemanly. Make her feel a real lady by holding the doors for her, helping her with her coat, offering her your arm while walking, and helping her get out of a car. Those are good manners and they are very much admired by Ukrainian girls. Such courtesy from your side will make her feel womanly and this is what every Ukrainian woman wants.

Bring flowers. In terms of Ukrainian dating culture, it’s a must to bring flowers for a date. While this tradition is considered obsolete in Western countries, in Ukraine you should necessarily show up with a bouquet to make a good impression on a Ukrainian girl. However, a large bouquet is too much for the first date – a single long-stemmed rose or a small bunch of flowers will do. If you buy several flowers, make sure there is the odd number of them (it’s not appropriate to give the even number of flowers). Ukrainian women view the flowers as a sign of your attention and appreciation.

Be sensitive. Of course, women are looking for a strong man who is as reliable as a rock. But at the same time, they need a tender man who is not afraid of expressing his feelings. It doesn’t mean that you should cry together with her at the end of a movie – this way you’ll only show your inability to control your emotions and it will only turn her off. Being sensitive means feeling your partner’s mood and being there when she needs you.

Show your appreciation. Ukrainian women are educated and intelligent and they’re looking for the man who’ll respect them and praise them for their accomplishments. There are some men who envy their women’s success and can’t be happy for them. It can be explained by their weakness and lack of confidence – traits that will never attract a woman. That’s why while communicating with a smart and beautiful Ukrainian, don’t forget to say some nice words about her endeavors and achievements. If she tells you about her hobbies, ask her some questions to express your genuine interest and admiration.

Be romantic. Watching romantic movies, women dream about meeting the man who will be at least something like the main male character. So if you plan to impress a Ukrainian beauty, get romantic. While dating online you may send her some small but romantic presents such as a dried flower, your childhood picture, or a special souvenir from your last trip. When you start seeing each other in real life, ask her out for a romantic dinner or organize your date at some unusual but romantic place.

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Finally, I found something useful. Hope this article will help me in the future. Talking about a sense of humor, here can be problems due to different backgrounds and her not so perfect English. I think it can be used somehow later when two people know each other quite good to understand jokes.
19.06.2017 00:40
Undoubtedly, the information is useful. But there is another good tip on how to impress a Ukrainian girl. All women want men's attention. And it’s not about buying expensive gifts. Although small surprises are important for women, the main thing that they want from a man is his attention and interest in her personality. A Ukrainian woman wants a man to notice that she has painted her nails, changed hairstyle, bought a new dress, and that she does all this for him. Every lady wants to be a priority in the life of her chosen one!
10.01.2020 03:13
Very good advice! I recommend them to everyone who wants to meet a Ukrainian girl! Moreover, these tips are good for any type of dating, both online and offline.
10.01.2020 03:14
Every Ukrainian girl dreams of a fairy-tale hero, a strong and courageous charming prince. These women are extremely romantic. A Ukrainian girl always has an image of a man she wants to meet. However, women rarely voice what they want from a man. Therefore, it can be difficult to guess what should be done to attract a particular woman. But the above-mentioned tips work well for every Ukrainian girl!
10.01.2020 03:15

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