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Community Rules

We believe that our Community is a nice and comfy place to be in, so please read these Rules carefully since they establish some guidelines of how to behave yourself to get the most of your time spent at our Site. These Rules are part of your Agreement with us.

Be natural and honest to each other

All Users and Members should be open and honest about who they are, their intentions. All personal descriptions should be accurate and truthful, to allow members to make informed decisions about their intentions against each other.

Creating fake accounts, malicious accounts, or accounts meant to impersonate another person, is prohibited on .

Be Respectful

Respecting people's time, attention, personal choices, and personal boundaries is essential to creating safe and trusting communities. Be respectful in interactions with people and in content posted on the Platform. Our Team may monitor and restrict behavior that is contrary to Terms and integrity of the Community.

Gratuitously graphic, disgusting, obscene, or violent content is prohibited. We don't allow content posted to upset, shock, or disturb a Meetup community or its members.

Bullying, harassment, exploitation, and acts of hate undermine community building in safe spaces where people can trust one another. Building real relationships requires us to be more compassionate and kinder towards one another.

Harassment and bullying are not allowed here as well.

Any attempt to use someone's insecurities or vulnerabilities for personal gain is considered manipulation or exploitation and is prohibited.

Hate speech, supremacy, or behavior that incites hate or violence against individuals or groups of people based on who they are or their beliefs, is prohibited.

Honor Personal Distance

Sometimes other Users or Members may decline your desire to communicate or meet in person or won’t support your wish to exchange contact information. Be respectful. Different people have different boundaries.

Sexual Content

Sexually-explicit images and pornography are not allowed on Non-sexual nude and racy images are generally allowed provided they are shared privately in contextually-appropriate communities, and not on public areas of the Platform.

Be Safe

All users and members should take ownership over their personal safety and should never put themselves or others in danger. We expect all users and members to be mindful and careful at all times.

We are very seriously against any attempts of misrepresentations, fake accounts, fraudulent activities like requests for financial aid from other members or users of We make all efforts to intercept and stop any such behavior but it is your responsibility and duty to be reasonable and not let yourself deceived. Whenever you suspect any such behavior from any user or member, please report us as soon as possible with all details.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

We respect the intellectual property rights of others. Posting content that violates another party's intellectual property rights is prohibited.

Age restrictions

All our members and users must be at least 18 years of age or another applicable age of majority under local jurisdiction.

Report Abuse

Our goal here is to create a respectable and welcoming place for our users and members. We ask that you help us by following the Rules and by telling us if something is in clear violation of Terms of Use or these Community Rules, please, contact our Support Team as soon as you can: [email protected] .

Effective date: September 11th, 2017 


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