First, casual, French, formal – there are so many ways to express your feelings and intentions through kissing. For sensual romantics, a kiss is a symbol of love and passion, and that’s all there is to it. For others, it’s a friendly gesture or a way to show sympathy.
People see social awkwardness as a weakness, but it may not be right. Lack of sociability can mean something else. Small talk is never easy for such people.
The standards of beauty among the male half of humanity are not particularly different. It is known that men prefer slim, graceful, long-legged girls with nice shapes and pretty faces. Many eastern European actresses who have made their names in Europe by acting in Hollywood films are quite suitable for this type.
Every year, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity get involved in all kinds of sports. They did not pass football by either. Since the end of the twentieth century, women's football began to gain popularity. It now attracts not only with its sports fight and heat but also by its participants' charm. You can read about the top 20 most beautiful of them below.
Humiliation, insults, accusations, and domestic violence are the most common forms of abuse in relationships. But there is another form of violence which is distinguished by its "invisibility". This type of abuse is called emotional neglect. What is emotional neglect in a romantic relationship?
Psychologists say that about 60-80% of information is transmitted non-verbally in communication. However, this happens when we meet in person. When communicating with someone on the Internet, you receive only a small part of the possible information, and, therefore, your conclusions about the interlocutor are incomplete.
A needy person always wants more. They are constantly unhappy and feel anxiety caused by fear of loss. While the other person feels more depressed. They feel trapped in a relationship that gives them nothing. As a result, partners break up. So, let’s find out how to not be needy in a relationship and avoid clinginess in dating.
The kind of relationship we have with our parents determines our relationship with ourselves and others. Attachment to parents is formed in the first year of life and is fixed by the age of four. When you are an adult, the type of your love affection manifests itself in all relationships with others, but especially strongly in romantic ones.
Without social networks, most of us can no longer imagine our life. But the power of Facebook, Twitter, and other media resources for family relationships can be more destructive than constructive. The published statistic figures evidence this. Social media cause every third divorce in the world. The absence of barriers and a wide choice of partners for communication in social networks lead to a surge in desires.
If you notice that girls don’t agree to spend a second date with you or refuse to meet at all, it’s time toreconsider your communication manners and behavior with the ladies. Even if you consider yourself abrutal male, you need to be able to find common ground with women.
Independence is the key facet of every healthy relationship. Asmarriage counselors say, two adjusted gears make a workingmechanism. Sometimes we tend to perceive love as themaximum dependence on our significant other, because the moretime we spend together, the stronger the bond is. But is it true?
Breakup is a normal and rather common stage, which, unfortunately, often brings a lot of unpleasant emotions, even if you broke up “peacefully” and by mutual agreement.  When you come to a conscious decision to break all the ties and, for example, remain friends, you leave your comfort zone and change your usual way of things.
Most often, the prospects of a relationship with a person are evident after a few first dates. However, there are situations when relationships get stuck in one phase.
It often happens that it is difficult for a young man to startcommunicating with a girl he likes. In such situations,unwarranted modesty and shyness usually interfere. Theguy is not confident in his abilities.
People are all different as well as loving couples. However, there is something in common in all romantic relationships – they consist of dating milestones. What does it mean? Why are milestones so important for the healthy development of relationships? How to celebrate dating milestones with a loved one? Let’s go further into the matter!
It’s OK for us, people, to feel a little bit blue in a relationship. Sometimes it is inevitable to miss your partner, beg them to text you or stalk them on social media. But what does it help essentially? If your partner doesn’t want to pay you enough attention, there is no way you can make them do it. Neither manipulations nor requests will make them interested, unfortunately.
When you fall in love with a person, the last thing you think about is power in a relationship. You feel butterflies in the stomach and look at the world through pink-colored glasses. The whole life together is ahead, and it should be necessarily happy. You want to see your beloved woman happy, so you rush to fulfill her whims and do everything she wants
Want to know how to date a Sagittarius woman? We’ll share the main tips and tricks to win her heart and tell you about the peculiarities of Sagittarius' character you should keep in mind.What are Sagittarius women like in a relationship and what surprises do they hold for their potential partners? The question is tricky since these ladies have a very unusual idea of love.
In a serious relationship, both partners are planning a long-term perspective. The promises and obligations of both parties don’t change. Both a man and a woman willingly invest all resources in a serious relationship and are not afraid that it will be in vain. So, how do you know if your partner is serious about you?
We all had a struggle of not knowing how to end the date properly. Instead, we immersed into that awkward feeling, being unable to say goodbye in a romantic way. Sometimes, we do not know when to end the date, which leads to bittersweet conversations. Consequently, even the best meeting can turn into a stalemate.
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