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Risks Notice


Our Company has been working in online dating business for more than 10 years. We appreciate and take care of each and every Member of our Site. Since the online dating bears some inherent risks, which cannot be 100% mitigated,  we must inform you about such risks.

Please read this Risks Notice carefully since it might affect your decision to use the Services available on our Website.

Services available on the Website

Our Company is NOT a marriage agency/broker but an online platform for communication. Our services do not include searching for a wife, assistance in creating a family, organization of personal meeting with other Members and the like. We do not register Members on our Website by ourselves but only provide communication services. In view of the above please be aware of the following:

  • We shall not be responsible for the conduct of any Member both online and offline;
  • We inform you that any Member may refuse starting or continuing communication with you for any reason;
  • Any Member may delete his\her profile form the Website at any moment;
  • Not all Members are available for communication;
  • The Company does not guarantee and bears no responsibility for the correctness of any information in Member’s profile, including but not limited to family or relationship status, and the trustworthiness of information provided to you during communication with any Member; the Company also does not guarantee the correctness of contact details provided by Admitted Members;
  • While using the Services you communicate with real people, you assume and accept the possibility of being insulted, cheated, humiliated or being offended otherwise. If you are a sensitive person we recommend you to refrain from using the Website.
  • In spite of the fact that we strictly forbid any erotic or adult content in communication via our Website, there is a possibility of violation of this rule by Members and your exposure to adult content. If you find this inappropriate or disturbing we recommend you to refrain from using our Website;
  • Webcam video streamed by a Member may be prerecorded; it is not technically possible for us to distinguish a prerecorded video stream from a live one;
  • The Company shall bear no responsibility and shall not accept any claims from you should you encounter any negative reviews or opinions on the Web regarding this Website or our Services;
  • You may be asked by a Member for material or financial assistance. Please, never do this! We strictly prohibit to provide other Members with any material or financial assistance;

The foregoing risks are inherent. The Company does its best to limit the risks, however, it can not guarantee that such risks will not materialize. The Company bears no responsibility should any of the risks materialize except as expressly provided in the Terms and our Refund Policy. Should you encounter with any of the foregoing, please report the issue to our support service at [email protected] in order we could take all appropriate measures against the breaching Member.


Members of our Website might use the services of translators to assist with overcoming the language barrier in communication with other Members. This means that in some cases a translator could be writing and sending messages on behalf of a Member.

The gender of the translator might not be the same as the gender of the Member.
Moreover, Admitted Members might use the services of translators offered by their referring Suppliers.

Since we use a Revenue Sharing business model (see Revenue Sharing), our Suppliers might induce their staff translators and/or Admitted Members to communicate with you in a way that would increase your spendings on our Website.

We are taking steps to reduce the risk that our Suppliers' translators will ever communicate on behalf of (or impersonate) any of the Admitted Members without first disclosing this to you. However, we shall not be held responsible in case any such practice takes place during your use of the Website.

Suppliers. Admitted Members

For the purposes of provision of our Services to you via the Website, we are cooperating with independent service providers (“Suppliers”) - marriage and dating agencies or alike. Female Members who are interested in dating services turn to such Suppliers. Thus, we may be interested in cooperating with such Suppliers and ask them to refer female Members to our Website for registration.

The Suppliers, including but not limited to:

  • act as “introducers”, that is, refer female Members for registration on our Website (“Admitted Members”);
  • provide all of the information and materials pertaining to the Admitted Members some of which  are displayed on the Website (including name, other personal details, photographs, videos etc.) as well as copies of the Admitted Members’ identification document
  • purchase and deliver gifts ordered by you via the Website to the Admitted Members;
  • collect the Admitted Members' paperwork, including the consent to personal meetings or the disclosure of personal contract details.

If you wish to find out whether a certain member is the Admitted Member, please contact us using the contact form or other contact details provided on our Website.

Suppliers' Fees

It is common for Suppliers to expect to be paid fees that are linked to the amounts spent by you while communicating with, and making gifts to, the Admitted Members of those Suppliers (“Revenue Sharing”).

Many online dating business models imply working with local female members' introducers on the basis of Revenue Sharing, therefore we may also do so in our relations with our Suppliers in order to remain competitive.

The foregoing means that the Supplier who referred a certain Admitted Member to us may be getting a share of the money you spend on our Website while communicating with that Admitted Member, and of other money you spend on the Website in connection with that Admitted Member (“Profile-Linked Fees”).

Profile-linked Revenue Sharing may increase the risks of incentivized communication and impersonation, as described below, or of other potentially deceptive actions.


Incentivized Communication. Impersonation

Due to Revenue Sharing, the Suppliers might attempt to increase your spending on our Website linked to a specific Member (and accordingly, to increase the Supplier's Profile-Linked Fees). In particular, a Supplier might:

  • share its Profile-Linked Fees with its Admitted Members with whom you are communicating (“Incentivized Communication”) and/or
  • instruct the Admitted Members' translators or other employees of the Supplier to communicate with you on behalf of the Admitted Members without the participation or knowledge of the Admitted Members, and without disclosing this to you (“Impersonation”).
  • This means that there is a risk that on our Website, as well as on other online dating websites you might be communicating:
  1. with a person directly or indirectly interested in increasing your spending on the Website; and/or
  2. with a person different from the person shown on the profile, and possibly of a different gender from that person.

We are working on mitigating and limiting the risk that our Suppliers will engage in any of these practices by introducing different compliance and checking procedures for the Suppliers. Please exercise caution and good judgment as we do not accept any responsibility for you being involved in incentivized or impersonal communication. Should you encounter any suspicious activity you think we should know about, please contact us so we could investigate and take actions

We shall not be held responsible in case any of these practices takes place during your use of the Website. However, we recommend you to read our Refund Policy should any of such risks materialize. By using the Website, you agree to the possibility of Incentivized Communication and Impersonation.

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