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Online Live Video & Text Chat with Russian & Ukrainian Girls Ready for Dating

How to prepare for a video chat?

What do you usually do before the upcoming date with a girl? Probably, you choose the venue, call her to ask out, groom yourself on the agreed day, think about the questions you want to ask, buy flowers to present her with. When it comes to online dating, your virtual dates require less effort. In the course of a text dating chat, it doesn’t matter where you are and what you are wearing. What you text and how your court the woman through messages define your online dating success. However, texting soon becomes not enough if you strive to get to know each other better. For this purpose, some dating sites have the service of video dating chat.

When you decide to give your online relationship a new status, but it’s too early to come to visit your interlocutress in her country, then a Russian dating chat or a Ukrainian dating chat via video is a good alternative for a start. It’s almost like a blind date but you already know each other a bit without being acquainted personally.

So, here is what you need to know and what you should do to make your first video chat with girls go without a hitch.

Schedule your video date. Of course, you may be in the process of texting each other when suddenly you decide to make a video call. This scenario is possible if you two are endlessly attracted to each other, are quite brave, and have time for a live chat. Girls, you must know, are very conscious of their appearance. So, she may not agree to have a video chat right now because she doesn’t look her best. Of course, she won’t say it but find another excuse. The best solution here is to arrange your video date in advance so that both of you can prepare for it properly.

Choose the right place. It’s important to have the right environment around you when you have a virtual date. You probably have seen people in the cafes talking with their interlocutors via video communication. Well, it can work for somebody, but if it’s not comfortable for you to talk in a crowded place, then it’s better to do it at your home.

Create an appropriate background. If you are making a video call from your kitchen, it’s not very appealing for your virtual girlfriend to look at the utensils in the background. So, choose the best-looking spot in your apartment.

Make the picture look good. Basically, what she will see is your live picture, so awaken your inner photographer and set the light properly. If it’s daytime, don’t sit so that the window is behind you. Your face will be obscure. If it’s evening, place a lamp near your webcam – its light and the light from the screen will do to beam the best picture of you to her screen.

Check the Internet connection. The key to a successful video chat is a good Wi-Fi signal. Good sound and clear picture are your best allies.

Prepare questions. You’ve already discussed some subjects over your text chats. Now that you’re getting in touch as acquaintances, not total strangers, you should plan in your head how you’ll keep the conversation going. Since face to face communication is associated with stress, you should have a list of questions at hand in case your chat comes to a deadlock.

Should you be prepared for a live chat with girls?
Well, how do think? What would be your first impression from a woman on a video chat if you see her untidy, with the uncombed hair, and a total mess on a background? You will unlikely to continue a conversation. Therefore, before you start chatting with a girl online, prepare yourself. Dress neatly, but not fancy, shave well or get your beard look great, and take care of your background.

How to impress a girl through a video chat?

Usually, people decide to have a video chat when they like each other but want to make sure they like not an ephemeral image but a real person. So, it’s your chance to show yourself and see your virtual date in person, even though through a camera. It’s obvious you want to impress her. But how to do it? There are some rules.

First, keep it short. It should not last so long that she gets tired or bored.

Second, keep it light-hearted. The content of your conversation matters. Don’t turn it into a job interview. Avoid complicated topics and too personal questions. Imagine that you’re talking with your old friend and ask some general questions about where she is, what she’s doing, how her day was, how her cat/dog/hamster is doing, etc.

Another important point is the atmosphere of your chat. Do your best to make it flow like a river. Keep her attention and interest. Say goodbye when you see she wants the talk to go on – make her eager to have the next chat as soon as possible.

Watch how you behave in front of the camera. Don’t fidget. Radiate confidence and friendliness. Look into the camera, not at the screen. Your smiling face will help you make a good impression on her and even win her heart.

No one is secured against an awkward silence. When you are on a real date in some place, you can always comment on something or someone around you thus filling in an awkward pause. During a video chat, you can ask about some stuff you see behind your date’s back. A smile and then a sudden compliment are also good fillers of gaps.

Grooming is a must. If you think the camera will beautify your unwashed hair and unshaved face, you’re mistaken. So, take your appearance seriously in order not to disappoint your online girlfriend. The rule “dress to impress” works here too.

How to dress?

Enhance the picture by wearing the right outfit. If you are at home, it doesn’t release you from wearing smart clothes. Can you guess: will your crumpled faded T-shirt impress your date? You should understand that the way you’re dressed expresses your attitude to the people you deal with. When you are in the realm of Russian video dating and Ukrainian video dating, you should know that these women are very attentive to details, especially such details as your attire. So, wear a stylish shirt you would normally wear for a date. Make sure its color suits you, and you look superb in it.

How to Keep the Conversation Going on Live Video Chat?
1. Prepare questions in advance. You may have some important questions to ask a woman, right? So note them before you start chatting and peep there. 
2. Use your sense of humor. Every girl likes jokes, so be funny during a conversation. However, do not overdo: ladies love men with serious intentions, and Ukrainian women are not an exception.
3. Be nice and demonstrate your interest. Show her you are really interested: ask questions, tell her your story, do not ignore her questions in your turn.

Chat Starting Tips

There shouldn’t be much tension and fear since you are not strangers. Well, texting and talking face to face are two different things, and sometimes it seems that you talk not with the same person when you exchange messages and when you interact directly. Hopefully, your date will be consistent and you won’t be disappointed with her. Still, you should take into account that writing in a foreign language is not the same as speaking it. If English is your first language, try to use simple words to help her understand you better. It’s important to start on the right foot: greet her properly, smile, and ask something to get the dialog started.

Several starting phrases

You can start with the subject you left off last time as if it was a second ago. It goes like this: you get connected and then you say something like, “So you were saying you don’t like hot countries, where would you go on holiday then?” This will also make her smile.

A good start is to greet her, express your admiration and delight about seeing her live, and start asking questions about where she is now, what her town looks like, where her cat is, etc.

Always employ a bit of humor to eliminate the serious tone of your conversation. You should make her feel relaxed, and humor is the best tool to achieve it.

Mistakes to avoid

Although you chat with sexy girls, they are very decent inside. If you have serious intentions and your next step is to meet in real life, you should take gradual steps. It’s a bad idea to turn your first video date into a hot video chat. Sex-related topics are allowed only between the established couples who maintain their long-distance relationship.

A common mistake of people who are often engaged in video communication is checking emails or doing something simultaneously with the open video session. Your interlocutress will see that your eyes are not on her but on your screen. And it’s very off-putting.

Asking too personal questions can be awkward too. If after greeting her and asking about her day you introduce a question like, “Who is the most important person that influenced your life?” – it’s completely out of place and puzzling. Keep it simple, as if you are talking with an old friend.

Use these tips and tricks and have exciting and promising video chats!

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