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It has long been known that Russian girls are considered to be the most beautiful in the world. Most foreigners who have visited Russia confirm this. Many of them say that they have never seen such attractive women like in Russia. But beauty is not the only thing that Russian single girls can boast of. We decided to find out why, after all, Russian beauties are the best. And why is it better to marry a Russian woman than any other girls?

marry a Russian girl

Advantages of marrying a Russian woman

1. Russian girls are the most caring

Most of the men look for gentle, understanding, and caring women. Western standards urge modern girls to live full lives, build a career and so on. Unlike feminist-minded Americans and freedom-loving Europeans, Russian girls know from the kindergarten that they will have children, will have to maintain coziness of the home and will have a husband for whom they will have to cook dinner in the future. They will do everything for you. In the end, you will appreciate this over time, especially when your friends will complain about their freedom-loving and extremely uneconomic girlfriends. So, you will understand that Russian women are perfect for marriage.

2. Russian girls are the most unexpected

Russia has the whole palette of the most diverse, brightest and most attractive representatives of the fair sex on Earth. Do you prefer blondes? You are welcome! Or do you like fatale brunettes? You will find them in Russia! Moreover, Russian brides, unlike European women, will please you with a new hair color and hairstyle approximately every six months, so you will be surprised every time.

3. Russian girls are different

Nowadays, the fair sex is socially active, successfully builds careers, travels a lot, and has financial independence. Yes, there are many beautiful long-legged girls with big breasts who prefer mini-dresses and have no other virtues. But there are many girls who not only attract the admiring glances of others but also show their manners, grace, and intelligence.

4. Russian girls are very slender

Yes, they eat potatoes, dumplings, white bread and patties with cabbage. But every hot Russian and European bride knows her perfect weight and tries to lose some excess weight every spring. Yes, they are slender. Most of them have the perfect body shape of 90х60х90. And you will be surprised by her appetite and slender legs all the time.

5. Russian girls are the most well-groomed

Of course, every self-respecting Russian bride will always look perfect. Moreover, you will not find women with gray hair because even mature ladies look after themselves. Most likely, you will never see your girl without makeup, in sweatpants, and in a sweat shirt. She will always look graceful for you.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, in the subway and on the playground, you will meet ladies with salon hairstyles, beautiful braids, from which you will not be able to take your eyes off.

6. Russian girls know how to dress beautifully

Russian girls renew their bright wardrobe every weekend. They know what fits them. They skillfully match and change accessories: neck scarves, belts, everyday jewelry and handbags, as well as shoes. And they manage to get the reputation of girls with a good taste without spending huge sums on the basic wardrobe. The first thing foreigners notice when they come to Russia is the beauty and impeccable appearance of Russian women. They confidently walk in high heels (and they will not be bothered if the asphalt is covered with 10 centimeters of ice) and with a designer bag in hand.

7. Russian girls are educated

It is not enough for a Russian girl to attract a man only with appearance. They know that people, regardless of sex, like to communicate with those who are smart, polite, attentive, and interesting as interlocutors. You will learn the latest news and hear about new books and movies from her. Also, any Russian girl will tell you about culture, politics, art, and travel.

8. Russian girls are brave

She will always stand up for your honor. She will trust you all her savings and give a kidney if necessary. She will follow you into the taiga and will live in the wood, she will travel with you from one military town to another, she will get involved in a fight for you and will be able to win it. She will never leave you alone.

9. Russian girls are tolerant

A man should be strong and confident in the eyes of a Russian girl. He should be the one who does everything quietly, silently and without unnecessary fuss. The important fact is that a Russian girl will tolerate a lot of household "surprises" in the form of lost socks or a catastrophic lack of the deduction from her man when he will look for a comb or keys, she will tolerate his panic attacks, diseases, and his breathless snoring.

10. Russian girls are very sexy

Russian girls don’t hurry with intimacy. They prefer to seduce partners. They try to create a romantic atmosphere in every possible way: walking in the autumn park, talking over a cup of aromatic coffee in a café, or dinner at a restaurant. They carefully plan the first sex. They think about everything to the smallest detail, from the menu to the color of bed linen. Also, Russian girls are not indifferent to preludes and sexual games and pay special attention to the erogenous zones of the partner.

Most of them are monogamous. The only reason they may change partners for a long time is that they want to find the perfect one. Representatives of this nationality don’t imagine sex without love. Intimacy is not just a fusion of bodies for them. It is the fusion of souls. They unlikely will have sex in a cheap roadside motel with the first man who offers to have sex.

How to charm a Russian girl

Russian girls for marriage

If you look for Russian women for dating, then you have to know that they receive a huge number of messages from bachelors on international dating services. What attracts Western men in them? Mysterious Russian woman's soul worries practical man's minds, forcing to admire and love them. And what does she need in order to give you her reciprocity? It is worthwhile to figure out what a Russian woman, who came to the dating site in search of a foreign husband, waits for.

1. Confess your feelings

The first and the most important advice is that you should declare your feelings. Even if you are not sure of reciprocity, or are sure of non-reciprocity — it's worth confessing. First of all, you will not lose anything. Secondly, if a girl likes you as well — then everything is just wonderful. If a girl is not indifferent to you but she doesn’t know about your feelings, her attitude towards you will change after she will get to know that you like her. Of course, she will not fall in love with you immediately, but, at least, she will pay attention to you.

2. Show your confidence

A man is not just a boyfriend or a husband for a Russian woman. He has to be hope and support for her, a real man in whom she believes and next to whom she wants to feel protected and confident in the well-being of her family. A Russian woman will always expect male behavior from you. For example, inviting her for a dinner in a restaurant, you should be prepared for that your lady will not even think of opening her purse and pay for her dinner portion. You have to be a gentleman.

3. Be ready to change

For example, the girl of your dreams likes strong athletic guys and you are a modest adherent of the classical style. Tell her that you are ready to become different for her sake and ask for help. If a girl is not stupid, she will appreciate it. And, by the way, you don’t necessarily have to change. Sometimes the willingness of men to change is quite enough.

4. Catch the right moment

It's important to choose the right moment. The most successful one is when a girl needs support and help. For example, she quarreled with her parents or she didn’t enter the university where she wanted to study — it can be anything! Girls appreciate support at these moments. Even if she looks indifferent like she doesn’t care, she still needs your support. But don’t be obtrusive – be persistent.

5. Do lovely little things

A bag of sweets anonymously left in the pocket of her coat or a little flower may play a big role. It is especially good to emphasize the awareness of the girl's addictions — for example, she adores chewing marmalade, so that's it and it's worth putting it in her pocket.

6. Be interested and consult

It's all simple: ask her what books are worth reading or what movies are worth watching. Be sure to give feedback. Tell her about your impressions after watching or reading what she recommended.

7. Don’t lose yourself

No matter how wonderful a girl is, don’t forget that you are a unique person. In no case agree on everything that she offers or says. You have another view of things, then say it and justify your opinion. If your points of view are completely irreconcilable, then just don’t focus on the hot topics.

8. Call her by name

There is no better sound for a woman than the sound of her name. By the way, it refers to everyone.

Russian bride

9. Leave her in time

If you can’t do anything, or a girl has made it clear to you that you are not in her taste, you should step aside and forget about her. If something doesn’t work with a particular girl, then it will work with another one.

What they want to see in men

There are main traits that Russian women pay attention to when choosing men:

  • Humor.
  • Intelligence and education.
  • Creativeness.
  • Politeness.
  • Attentiveness.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Adventurism.
  • Purposefulness and perseverance.
  • Confidence and courage.
  • Charm.
  • Understanding the body language.
  • Sexual skill.

Of course, all the above qualities should be developed. It is important to remember that any Russian woman is unique in her own way. There can’t be a perfect system that ensures success every time. But don’t hurry to abandon your own system. Successful men also often hear "no." They just don’t take it to heart, but move on. But losers perceive failures at their own expense increasingly losing self-confidence. This is a huge mistake. If you want to marry a Russian girl, then you should be persistent. Hope these perks prove that Russians are the best women and you will actively look for this kind of girl now.

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Aug 21,  2020,  9:34 AM

Russian girls are the kindest, beautiful, and gentle. You will never really want to date a girl of another nationality if you have a Russian girlfriend once.

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