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Girls are strange creatures. Therefore, it is impossible to say that girls have certain canons of the male beauty. An appearance is not always the main thing when choosing a man, it's only a matter of taste. However, if you consider only the appearance, then, according to many girls, pudgy guys are very nice. Not all, of course, but most of them are handsome. In addition, they are good-natured. There is an opinion that the athletic partners make their partners match them, improving the body with exercises and denying themselves the goodies. At first glance, this task may seem overwhelming to the neophyte because not everyone is ready to reshape their habitual way of life and take up sports on a regular basis.

In addition, any woman will hardly feel comfortable if she looks worse against the background of a partner with the body of the Greek god. People, as a rule, are afraid to be rejected and prefer to follow the path of the least resistance. They are looking for their matches. Despite the trend to go to the gym, athletes are a minority. The goal, that will not be too difficult to achieve, is preferable.

dating while fat

Dating while fat – how to get the best of it

People like to get acquainted, to look for new friends, serious relationships, to communicate. Nobody is too fat to date. Nowadays, fat men have almost the same chances to find their life partner as slender people. After all, the main thing in a person is their soul, and the body can always be corrected. You can start dating at any age and in different places.

The most important thing here is to be confident in yourself, to show your feelings boldly. If you like someone or just want to fall in love, do not be ashamed of your excess weight, do not consider it the main drawback. If a girl sees your insecurity, this will not help you in any way because men who are unsure of themselves do not achieve much in life, they just cannot be assertive in many serious matters.

If you are still shy about your appearance, it's time to go to some collective classes that will be attended by the people who think about dating while fat. In this case, you raise your self-esteem, and you will have the opportunity to find a partner.

On the Internet, you can easily find at least one site for fat people dating. The only thing you need to do is to register and look for a beloved partner who will be interested in fat dating. Try to fill your profile with some interesting and fair information about yourself, upload high-quality photos and don’t dwell on the fact that it is fat people dating site – you, as well as other people with excessive weight, deserve to be happy, not less than people with the athletic bodies. The serious relationship will not become a big problem for you if you register on a serious dating site. You need to find not just a girl but a compatible partner. After all, if a couple does not have anything in common, such relationships will not last long.

A fairly common way of fat people dating is dating agencies. In their databases, there are enough questionnaires, so you can choose the right candidate for a place next to you, perhaps for marriage.

You will be surprised how many Ukrainian girls like fat guys. Girls feel more comfortable with them and do not try to seem better than they are. The girl next to the fat man feels cozy and relaxed because you can eat together and not worry too much, and then go on a diet together. All the talks about sexuality are something purely personal, intimate. It cannot be said that one body is sexier than another. The existing standard can influence the declared opinion of people, but this does not say anything.

fat people dating site

How to get a girl when you are fat?

Well, in fact, everything is not so bad for you. If you weigh more than the norm, it is not a reason to be alone because you may get a girlfriend. Of course, it's good to have a sports figure but having an amazing personality is much better. Almost all single women are more attracted to men's character rather than the shape of the muscles. You need just to learn the simple secrets of dating while fat.

  • If you are fixated on your excess weight, maybe it’s high time to go to dieticians and get a corresponding weight loss program? Go to any gym and work on your body. Why should you do that? If you do these two things then you will develop a positive attitude that is extremely necessary when it comes to dating while fat and your total lack of self-confidence.
  • When you talk with girls, try to have fun and not think too much about how to impress them. "Is she interested in me?" "What can I do to continue meeting her?" Stop asking yourself such questions. Live the moment and have fun. Women like guys with a charming personality.
  • If you want to start living a healthier life and you need a support, start dating a fat girl. It is much easier to lose weight together when both of you cook only healthy food, both of you prefer walking and attending some sports classes, you have many topics for conversation and one desire for the two of you. It is not the whole list of reasons to date a fat girl. In addition, maybe you are one of these guys who dream about a fat girl dating just because you like curvy women. In the last years, a part of men who are involved in fat women dating has increased, the plus size girls are in vogue now.
  • Try to develop self-confidence and accept the things that you cannot change. Nobody was born with a silver spoon in a mouth. To succeed in dating, you should accept everything that you do not have, and then focus on what you have instead. You will be surprised how much talents and virtues you have. You can use all your advantages to attract amazing girls and not make them feel that they are dating a fat guy. Find your passion and devote some time to your hobby. Doing that, you will become a more interesting person. By the way, women like men who have a passion.
  • Be yourself and love yourself. This is necessary when it comes to dating an attractive woman. Once you accept yourself and begin to devote some time to the things you like, you will be able to cheer yourself up. If you love yourself then you will have many options to meet many people in your life. And if you love a girl more than yourself, then you will be sad if she refuses to be involved in dating a fat guy.
  • Don’t be afraid to come up to a girl you like. The worst thing you can get is a banal refusal if the girl has a boyfriend or she simply does not like you. However, even in this case, you will get the experience of talking with a girl you like and maybe become less worried in the future. Try to use dating sites, communicate with girls online for several days and invite them on a date, it is much easier to communicate with a person whose interests you have already found out and who has already known how you look like.
  • Don’t be fixed on the girl. If she starts ignoring you after a couple of dates then she has lost interest in you. This can happen because of your insecurity (what girl will date a guy who is afraid to kiss her on the third date?) or because of your excessive importunity. Constant calls, messages, gifts and different signs of attention indicate that the guy puts the girl above himself. In most cases, girls prefer to break up with such guys because all the girls want to see self-sufficient men next to them and not a guy with the behavior of a puppy. Therefore, in the relationships with women, it is necessary to show adequate selfishness, to be guided by your own desires, interests, and not be afraid to realize them.
  • You think that everybody owes you. The state must give you some benefits and friends must meet you at the airport at 3 a.m., the girls must give you their phone numbers and call you first if you have just looked at them. Such guys, firstly, usually turn out to be boring and egoists, who talk only about their unsatisfied needs. Secondly, they do not often know how and do not want to give anything to someone who is next to them. However, any relationship is a joint activity.
  • Nobody likes moaners. If it's so unbearable and you should certainly tell somebody about your suffering, take a notebook and write down all your problems and disasters. No one girl wants to listen to the fact that the weather is rubbish, you hate your neighbors, your parents are too old and you are too fat, the last season of the "Game of Thrones" is boredom and so on, in the same minor key. And if you think that the girl will try to persuade you and to prove that life is really beautiful and amazing, it's in vain. She will rather date someone who is not so sensitive to the imperfections of this world.
dating while fat

Find your motivation for self-improvement

Being fat is not such a big reason to keep you from acquaintances with beautiful girls. Nevertheless, your own thoughts about your constitution are much more important for your success with women.

Most of the inexperienced fat guys are afraid of just making eye contact and constantly try to take their eyes off, they don’t understand what insolence and self-confident behavior are. Indeed, if you suddenly begin to behave like a dominant while not being him in fact, the girl will leave you at the first check because most of them are perfectly able to determine the real personality of a man. It is worthwhile to understand that the ability to build relationships with the opposite sex is an ordinary skill that can be obtained as a result of constant practice. When people want to learn how to stand up for themselves, they go to the fights and they can fight back in a year or two of constant practice. Talking about dating girls, the things are the same. You should set the goal and start communicating regularly with the girls, ask them out on dates and go through all stages of the relationship from just dating to bed.

You will get refusals and fail from time to time, but this learning from your own mistakes leads ultimately to success. Put all the knowledge into practice and soon the question, " How to meet a girl if I am fat " will remain in the past.

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Aug 21,  2020,  9:41 AM

I am overweight too, but it doesn't stop me from dating. What really matters is how you behave. You need to be self-confident. Girls are attracted to this more than to a beautiful appearance.

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