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Unfortunately, most couples get cold to each other after some time of living together – men start visiting hot women dating sites, and women want to feel love with other men. For some families, this happens quite quickly, but someone can keep warm and passionate feelings for years.

This article is intended for men who are not indifferent to the fact that their family life can ruin because of their indifference and want to save their marriage, revive love and breathe new life into intimate relationships. So, how to be romantic with your wife?

how to be romantic to your wife

Are Romance and Intimacy Important in Marriage?

In today’s world, people fall in love, get married, and at some point, they realize that there is no romance in their family relationships. And without this feeling, you can’t build a prosperous family. Everyone should know that romance and intimacy must be present in family life. Only in this case, we can talk about high feelings, mutual understanding, and love.

The question, “What are romance and intimacy?” worries many people who want to build relationships, but don’t know how to do it. Between two people, there are certain relations. First, men are looking for single girls online, get acquainted, and become friends. Then feelings flare up, and at the same time, love and affection appear. When you want to make pleasant things, actions, and surprise your soulmate – this is what is called romance and intimacy. Therefore, everything depends only on the desire of a man and a woman to contribute something romantic to their life.

It must be remembered that everyday difficulties, an active lifestyle and other modern factors can negatively affect people in love. They forget about romance and intimacy, although they are capable of this. Seducing your wife, you have to do your best to satisfy her morally and physically.

Why You Should Try to Seduce Your Wife?

Unfortunately, when people are together for a long time, it often happens that a married bed transforms into a place for rest and sleep instead of a bed for love and carnal joys. Therefore, not only newlyweds but also experienced men sometimes look for advice on how to seduce your wife. Undoubtedly, it’s very difficult to be romantic nowadays because the times of serenades under the window and other cute nonsense have gone. However, you should still try to do something really special for your lady. Why?

You get new impressions

“How to make my wife want me?” – you may ask. Nothing will make you more desirable than feelings that leave pleasant sensations. How can you achieve this? So, first of all, you don’t need to be afraid to talk about your fantasies. Everyone has a concept of what makes them feel good. Of course, for several years of marriage, you have developed your favorite actions in sex and everyday life. But for a change, you can sometimes experiment because there may be something unknown but unexpectedly pleasant for both of you.

Your connection goes stronger

If you have problems in your relationship, grievances have accumulated. Don’t punish each other with a refusal of intimacy because this will only further disconnect you. It is best to “blow off steam” in sex than to “boil” endlessly and figure out who is right and who is wrong. After good sex, there will be more mutual understanding and desire to give in. And this is the main thing in the relationship. A feeling that this time everything will be as usual, as always, kills desire. Therefore, partners should be in constant search, trying something new and pleasant.

seducing wife

It can save your marriage

How to make your wife want you sexually? There is nothing sexier for a woman than to feel that you are investing incredible efforts in a relationship, and we guarantee that if you devote all your strength to developing your connection, a woman will understand that you are a devoted and passionate lover. Sometimes sex may seem like hard work, but if you are with the right partner, you should still have the feeling that it is worth all the effort. When you try to seduce your wife, she will feel that you still love her, that is, she will not look for other men.

Guide for seducing your wife

Marriage often deprives spouses of the joy of spending time together and sex ceases to be an indicator of satisfaction. To restore a healthy relationship, you need to know how to seduce a wife after many years of married life. For this purpose, you can use different methods that work quickly and efficiently. They will help establish a spiritual connection and achieve mutual understanding in the family.

Make an emotional connection

The life of a modern woman is literally in full swing. With such a crazy rhythm of life, it is very difficult to remain calm and mentally balanced. Therefore, men often complain that their soulmates are becoming more grouchy, nervous, and generally unbearable every day. And besides, they often refuse to have sex, referring either to fatigue or a headache or an early morning rise. How to make your wife want you? The first thing that needs to be done by a loving man who dreams of a happy life together is to establish an emotional connection with his wife. Just feel her condition and don’t demand things that she can do later.

Be gentle and attentive

In the issue of wife seduction, it is very important to remain calm in response to the wife’s mood. It is sometimes useful to agree with what your spouse tells you and do as she asks. After all, you always need to remember that a woman is weak and needs a loyal defender and supporter. And for this, simply bring such uncomplicated moments into her life. Give your woman a relaxing massage to relieve the fatigue accumulated during the day. At night, don’t ignore the erotic massage, and see what miracles it can do with a woman. Wake her up in the morning with freshly brewed aromatic coffee and a delicious breakfast.

Compliment her

Remember how often you showered your girl with pleasant words and compliments at the dawn of your relationship. Then you wanted to conquer it. And love was so strong that you wanted to shout about it to the whole world, and first of all, to your loved one. And what happens at this stage of your life together? You should never forget that a woman loves with her ears. Therefore, regularly compliment her and praise her appearance. Tell your lady how much you value her and that you can’t imagine your life without her.


What else can help cope with fading feelings if not flirting? For the spouse to feel young, desirable as in those years when the relationship was just starting to flare up, add the following points to them: wink, smile mysteriously, look at her all the time, gently kiss her with the words, “You are so sexy.” In general, you have to know how to seduce your wife and what she likes. And this will make the spouse pay attention to you and do something pleasant in response. So, communicate with your wife, look into her eyes with a look full of love, show tenderness, and desire, and this will melt her heart, even if it is already starting to freeze.

Help relax

How to seduce your wife? To do this, you can make a foam bath. Also, light a couple of large candles to create a more romantic atmosphere. Pour champagne or wine into glasses. Seeing such a lovely picture, the wife is unlikely to remain indifferent and will invite you to join her. After the bath, it will not be amiss to give a massage for your sweetheart. A relaxing and gentle erotic massage can work wonders. To make seduction more successful, you can turn on pleasant music and use aromatic massage oils.

Ask her to go out

How to make your wife want you sexually? If you want to have a sexual continuation of the evening at home, you can take care of its romantic beginning in another place, for example, in a restaurant. Makeup, manicure, a beautiful dress, and a neat hairstyle will make your wife feel special. She will certainly appreciate your efforts, and after such an amazing dinner, she will reward you with a passionate and tender night of love.

Romantic Date Ideas for Family Couples

When a loved woman evokes a trembling feeling, you want to surprise her and do special things for her that are not even characteristic your habitual behavior. All this is justified by the impulse to give maximum pleasure, seduce and give an unforgettable feeling of surprise. Even if a man doesn’t consider himself a romantic person, he should still set himself up for romantic actions, especially if they come from the very depths of the soul. So, how to romance your wife?

how to be romantic to your wife

Home date

Create a warm atmosphere in the apartment. Having decided to arrange a romantic evening for your wife, it is necessary to prepare the apartment, creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere in it. Light candles and spread rose petals. This will help you. You can organize a themed evening, for example, a date in the Japanese style or an evening of memories with viewing old joint photographs. The main thing is your fantasy that will help prepare the room for a date.

Romantic dinner

Although it can be considered a banal answer to the question of how to be romantic to your wife but such a dinner with a proper organization will certainly make a good impression on the lady of your heart. The key to success is the location of a date, for example, for dinner, you can choose a restaurant on top of a skyscraper. In this case, you and your spouse will be able to enjoy the view of the city and communication.

Chocolate date

Magic properties are attributed to chocolate: it improves mood, awakens a light perception of the world as in childhood, and warms the soul. All that you need is a cozy cafe table, aroma of cocoa, fresh pastries, hot chocolate, a suitable atmosphere to show your love and an original gift in the form of a funny toy, etc. By the way, handmade gifts are suitable for a chocolate date. You wife will appreciate such a present.

Date outdoors

Walking in the fresh air and even a little physical activity is a good way to take relationships to the next level. You can enjoy nature and communication with each other at the same time. And besides, a date in the fresh air is a great way to get to know each other better as you have a lot of time to talk. The best ideas for a date are a bike ride, a visit to the botanical garden or a walk in the park, a conversation while drinking coffee in a summer cafe or tennis, and winter, a ski trip can be a fun date.

Dance date

No, it’s not about a nightclub, although this is a good option. If you are not afraid of a new experience and quite relaxed, then you can arrange an evening of fiery salsa or tango for your soulmate. Take a few lessons in advance and surprise her with grace and passion. Don’t be afraid that something will not work out. You too are not professionals, so you will just have fun!

Quest date

It is believed that quests are entertainment for a lot of people, although the organizers promise a lot of impressions for two people as well. So, if you want, you can tickle your nerves, looking for a way out of the maze, revealing a crime or hunting for treasures. Just don’t get too carried away with the process because you are not here to show off erudition and resourcefulness, but to give new feelings to your loved one.

Romantic photoshoot

Meet a like-minded person in advance – a photographer specializing in the field of romantic photos. He/she will tell you where and how best to organize a romantic photoshoot. Perhaps you go to a studio with an interior in the style of shabby chic or take some original pictures in nature. In any case, enjoy communication of each other, taking unique and romantic images. This is the answer to the question of how to make your wife fall in love with you again.

Seducing your wife is a normal desire that helps spouses feel their past passion. If relationships and sexual life are no longer pleasing, start acting while time allows you to turn things around. And summarizing, collect all these tips together in your head, and create some kind of chain of actions, thanks to which you can return notes of romanticism and love in your family!

Do women need regular sex?
Regular sex is a guarantee of a woman’s physical and mental health. Sex with orgasm is considered excellent prevention of gynecological and oncological diseases. How much sex does a girl need? It depends on her sexual constitution – temperament. Depending on what sexual constitution the girl has (high, medium, low), the regularity of sexual intercourse that she needs can vary from 1 time per day to 1 time per week.
Why doesn’t a wife want sex?
To begin with, a man shouldn’t think that the problem is his insensitivity or inability to make love. Maybe a beautiful wife has postpartum complications, gynecological diseases, or any severe psychological trauma with psychosomatic consequences, or sex is simply painful for her. Sometimes the reluctance of intimacy is associated with hormonal changes during pregnancy. Maybe stress at work or in any other important area of ​​life forces a woman to withdraw into herself. There is no need to worry because everything will be fine soon.
How to recognize when a problem occurs?
When a wife doesn’t want her man, the signs are different. It all starts with a different set of excuses when a partner asks her to have sex. A banal headache or just fatigue is often used. If this rarely happens, then perhaps the woman really feels some kind of discomfort. But in the case when stupid excuses are used constantly, such a situation should alert the man. Try to talk to your wife first.

Comments (3)



Jan 10,  2020,  7:33 AM

Thanks for the article! This is very useful information that helped me not only to seduce my wife but also save our relationship! At first, everything was fine in our relations, but over time, passion faded away and we began to pull away from each other. Following your advice, I became more attentive to my wife, her desires and feelings. I was gentle, always came to her aid, made compliments, flirted, and even arranged romantic dates outdoors. And our relationship has improved markedly! Now, we again feel the passion and display love towards each other!



Jan 10,  2020,  7:37 AM

In my opinion, the main thing is to create an emotional connection with a beloved woman. A romantic dinner, a small pleasant gift, intimate massage – such things seem insignificant but make a lot of sense for women!



Jan 10,  2020,  7:38 AM

Guys! Do not know how to understand a girl? Just be more attentive! Ladies often talk about their feelings, you only need to listen. It happens that a wife every day complains about her husband’s actions that offend her, but he simply pays no attention to it. If you rack your brains on how to seduce your wife, the answer is often out in the open, you just need to hear it. This is great if a man can not only understand the problem but also help in solving it. If this is not in his power, then sincere sympathy is quite enough. Indifference will never help to seduce a woman.

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