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When a guy can’t find a girl for a long time, and all his attempts to start dating end in failure, he begins to ask himself the question, “Why don’t women like me?” After all, it is obvious that if some guys have a new girlfriend every week while you stay alone, then you have a problem.

And indeed, many guys have problems with girls because of their misunderstanding of simple and banal things. And now we will tell you about everything, and finally, you can start dating girls and get positive attention from their side. And it’s easier than ever, you can change everything.

why don't girls like me

What Do Girls Appreciate in Men?

Of course, now almost every guy wants to know what girls appreciate in them and how to build good and strong relations with one of them. The whole problem is precisely the lack of knowledge and the required information. Therefore, let’s analyze what girls want to see in their partners.


Girls want men to able to support them. They want to be listened to without moralizing; they want to date a man who can give practical advice, instill confidence in themselves, support in undertakings, inspire for some important matter, and convince that they will succeed in spite of temporary difficulties.


Any woman is looking for stability in a man. She expects her relationship to be reliable, stable and trusting. And if the guy promised something, he has to do it. The dream of all the women of the world is to be protected, and the expression “as if behind a stone wall” can be heard more and more often from their lips.


Harmony is important in the relationship between a woman and a man. To come to harmony, the man must learn to treat the woman with respect. Respect is a sincere recognition of the merits and the importance of a person as a person. If you don’t respect your lady, then you will be treated the same.

Sense of humor

The fact is that a man who knows how to joke and laugh is associated with a feeling of joy and happiness. It seems that he is self-confident and calm, so he will find a way out of any situation. Besides, if you find a girl who laughs at the same jokes as you, this can be considered a good sign that your relationship will be strong and you will not ask yourself, “Why girls don’t like me?


The inquisitive mind is valued much more today than a nice body. Women clearly understand that the mind promises a good prospect and in many respects. It is a guarantee that the man will provide for the family. However, it should be remembered that intelligence helps in relationships only in combination with such qualities as assertiveness and skillfulness.

Good appearance

Women like well-groomed and attractive gentlemen. Many of them think that if you can take care of yourself, then you can be trusted and take care of someone else. So, all the time you think girls don’t like me, remember that untidy clothes, uncombed hair, dirty nails, unpleasant-smelling socks, t-shirts in stains, and similar items only push them away when you try to make a positive impression.


why girls don't like me

Women love independent men. They can independently and quickly make the right decisions, don’t depend on the opinions of others, and have their heads on their shoulders. Women can always rely on such men. They approach all the problems that have arisen with complete understanding and determination. They don’t postpone for tomorrow what requires immediate solutions and fully control the course of their lives.

Why Girls Don’t Like Me

Many guys and men who meet single girls ask why girls don’t like them, what’s wrong with them and how to attract girls. After all, when the girls are interested in you, you meet, communicate, and your life becomes much happier and better. But for this, you need to know some tips on psychologists and put them into practice.

There is too much of a nice guy in you

Most young women seeking men are convinced that kindness in a guy is a sure sign of his weak character. That is, instead of considering such a quality as the dignity, they take it for an annoying weakness. On the other hand, cruel men are perceived by women as strong, self-confident individuals who can defend their girls in any situation. Also, in psychological practice, specialists often have to deal with women for whom a day without scandal means “unsuccessful.” And nice guys will never handle such permanent stress.

You are unconfident

Unconfident men don’t tend to be active. These men avoid disputes and hate competition in any form of its manifestation. The reason for this behavior is banal fear of failure. This makes it difficult for a man to succeed in his career, which by itself doesn’t increase his level of self-esteem. So, you ask, “Why don’t girls like me?” The psychology of an insecure man is such that he tries by all means to avoid obvious conflict. He is not too fond of change and new acquaintances. He’s just scared to break the usual way of his established life.

You are an arrogant jerk

We all sometimes are arrogant. And most women think that arrogance for men is just a mask, behind which they reveal their vulnerable soul. But in most cases, this is not so. Men are what they seem. An arrogant guy will never consider a woman equal. He will always show you that he is better than she and others around you. It is very difficult with such people. But girls want their men to admire and tell them compliments, and not vice versa.

You have no interests or ambitions

If you want to be interesting to the opposite sex, then you also have to work on your inner world. Pay attention to how your colleagues, family members or friends respond to you: perhaps you are constantly depressing everyone with your problems and creating a bad mood. Women love erudite and self-sufficient men. You can earn a little, but communication with other people and constant work on yourself will allow you to be multi-faced.

You are rude and negative

Why don’t girls like me? On the one hand, men should know their value, but on the other hand, overly rude men push women away from them. Their condescension towards women seldom brings success, and often can completely harm relationships with women. And if you want to avoid this, you should reduce your rudeness. The vast majority of women don’t like rudeness in all its manifestations and all spheres of life. Girls love guys who can communicate beautifully. When a person is rude, it spoils the relationship of a girl to a guy. Therefore, try to be more positive in communication.

Your sense of humor is awful

A man without a sense of humor is a boring man. He is the most unwelcome interlocutor that a woman can only have. It is even worse if a potential boyfriend has awful jokes. Not all jokes are perceived equally well. Humor should be witty and subtle so that a woman reacts in the right way. It shouldn’t be rude and too vulgar. Women are sure that men who can make them laugh are smarter and more interesting than those who are too serious. In their opinion, such men are much more honest and sincere.

You look unattractive

Girls are very squeamish. And if you still don’t understand and ask yourself, "Why girls don’t like me?" then maybe you have dirt under your nails, and your hair looks as if you haven’t washed or cut it for a couple of months. If it is so, then don’t be surprised if girls go away from you! Take care of yourself and be neat and well-groomed if you want to please girls. Wear fashionable clothes, use good perfume and deodorants, make a haircut, always have your hair shaved and combed – and your chances of success with girls will increase significantly!

You just choose the wrong girls

Some men choose women who are not capable of serious relationships and are trying to get love from them. Some of them don’t need your soul and heart. They need your money or positive emotions from you. And to get it, they use all means. They almost professionally seduce you, promise anything, just to put you on the list of their victories, and then lose interest in you. This scheme is well-developed and therefore, there is no point in believing in their tales of love. You are just a link in the chain of their victories over men.

How To Make Myself More Attractive For Girls?

This is going to be a short self-help lesson to defeat your Nice Guy Complex. Girls don’t like neither arrogant jerks, nor shy and withdrawn boys. So what if you established a certain way of behavior, and now it’s killing your dating life? Here is what you want to do:

Ask your friends for a commentary of your behavior

People know better because they observe our moves and can successfully evaluate someone else’s behavioral patterns. You maybe think that in your head, you look like a hero, or a macho man, while the girl thinks you’re too awkward. And vice versa, some men underestimate themselves, diminishing their positive qualities and being too shy from the start. It is better to ask your friends a rating of your social interaction. It works best if you belong to the same circle of friends, and talking to girls in a group is a normal practice for you. Don’t be scared to get criticized; it’s all for a good cause. 

Work with your insecurities

Most people are self-conscious about something. We all think that we are less than smart, handsome, or have a terrible job. But in reality, people see you in a different light than what you perceive yourself. Then why do women dump you? It all happens because you act rigid and establish personal blocks from the beginning of the communication, not giving a girl any chances to come up to you and select a comfortable level of closeness. Both of you might be equally self-conscious, but if one doesn’t break this circle, you’re going to beat around the bush and stop approaching the lady you like. Consequently, both of you will fail the chance of meeting, never knowing you liked each other in the first place. What can you do with that? Write out your insecurities, and try to think how realistic they are indeed.

Work with your insecurities in small sections

For example, if your main focus is on your appearance, try to ask your closest circle to rate your looks from 1 to 10. It might be painful to come across that kind of evaluation, but critics are the best way to improve ourselves at the end of the day. Try not to be harsh on yourself too. List out all the things you would like to change in your appearance, behavior, mental or intellectual qualities. After that, work your way up to perceiving a whole picture. Work in sections, trying to improve things you don’t like every day. Read 30 pages of any book, go to the gym, develop responsible traits in your character, meditate, communicate with people, and soon you will feel much more confident.

Go to therapy

If none of those things work, the reason might be in your wrong perception or childhood trauma. Sometimes it is difficult to get rid of our insecurities without the help of a professional. If you feel unqualified, helpless, delving into depression, it is better to stop that toxic mindset and change things immediately. Talk to a professional, list your main insecurities and fears so that the therapist knows what to work with. It is better to spend your coin on a qualified professional, but not on pickup masters and seduction coaches. These people will do you more harm, and you will never understand how a healthy relationship works. Establishing a good connection within your soul will lead you to a confident attitude, which women absolutely love.

Realize that old people are insecure

There aren’t many sane, overly confident people who win girls hearts left and right. In reality, confident men are just those who have more experience. But because you are too scared of rejection, you don’t acquire a certain level of skills to help you with dating life. Dating can be done through trial and error, so you need to realize that even the most genius heartthrob has gone through a couple of rejections. This is alright. Some people just take things lightly, and so should you.

How to Understand That a Girl Is Flirting?

The girl reacts sharply to you 

what to do to make a girl like you

The girl immediately turns her head as soon as you appear. She listens carefully to what you say. The girl is secretly looking at you or openly stares when she notices you. If you get the attention of a girl, it’s for a reason. In return, the girl herself may try to attract your attention with looks, actions, or loud laughter. 

The girl is emotional and funny

She smiles when you speak. She laughs at all jokes, even not the best ones. The girl seems to catch every word. 

Obvious flirting 

She behaves a little defiant and very emotional. She looks you into eyes, licks her lips, twirls a curl, plays with her eyebrows, lowers her voice, "accidentally" exposes parts of her body. 

A girl is often next to you 

It seems like a coincidence and fate, but a girl is often next to you. She seems to be trying to be where you are. You run across her regularly, which is a bit unnatural if you follow the theory of probability.

How to Make a Woman Like You

You find her cute, you like her, but you don’t know how to make this woman fall in love with you? It seems to you that you lose in many ways in comparison with other guys. If yes, then take a look at the tips on how to interest a girl easily.

Honestly admit your flaws and work on them

You have to become a real man. In the meantime, you will change for the better. You can practice, get acquainted and seduce other girls. When you feel that you become more self-confident and correct your appearance and behavior, you can begin to act. To please the familiar girl who doesn’t love you, you need to change your image in her eyes. It is necessary to turn from another guy in the gray mass of “friends” into a man who evokes emotions so that she sees you and says to herself, “And how didn’t I notice this handsome man before?”

Try to improve an appearance with perfecting your style

When you want someone to like you, it is very important to pay attention to your appearance. Clothing doesn’t have to be branded or super expensive. They just should fit you. So, what to do to make a girl like you? Watch your cleanliness, regardless of the body or clothing. Make it a rule to always wash and iron clothes on time so that when you meet a lady you like, you have a nice look. Also, be sure your shoes are clean and smell well. Clean shoes are one of the indicators of male concern for his person.

Master your communication skills

You understand that people who are interesting in communication attract. Remember what girls love? Don’t allow stupid and ridiculous pauses, embarrassing you both. If you meet a girl not for the first time, you might have already managed to find out what she is interested in, her interests, hobbies, and many other things. Therefore, from your side, it would be very reasonable to learn more about them. It will be useful for you too (self-development has never stopped anyone), and it will allow you to avoid unnecessary pauses in communicating with a girl.

Learn to listen and respect girls

How to make a girl like you? Carefully listen to a woman, and this will help you understand what she wants. The girl’s stories about her successes, difficulties, and hobbies will facilitate your communication and allow you to understand her. For girls, it is important to speak out, especially if, at the same time, she will feel confidence emanating from you. Try not to interrupt a woman, carefully listen to her. If the topic seems boring to you, you can easily take the conversation away and ask questions. Your attention will increase the confidence of the girl, and it will be easier for her to communicate.

Final Thoughts

From the reading above, it becomes clear what should be done to please girls. First, you need to listen to your heart, then ask the brain, and after the lady you like, she will tell you what to do. Be bolder, taking the initiative in your own hands. If you like a girl, don’t be ashamed to show your interest in her. Remember about etiquette, sense of humor, generosity, and the ability to listen, and, most importantly, strive for originality.

What is inappropriate in communication with girls?
It’s bad when a guy who wants to improve his self-esteem and become popular among girls starts flirting with everyone he meets. You need to understand that everyone around will know about this feature. What girl wants to communicate, in fact, with a womanizer? Also, it is unacceptable to pursue girls as it will only scare them. Just behave like a normal man.
Is this because of the appearance?
Appearance plays an important role in whether a person likes it or not, but not always. Men who didn’t have an outstanding appearance became good husbands, but they also had other qualities: a sense of humor, self-confidence, unique charisma, etc. This doesn’t mean that you can forget about the appearance and not take care of yourself. At the first meeting, the girl will certainly pay attention to how you look. Therefore, take care of yourself, be sure to take a shower, use deodorant, and so on.
Is it possible to attract a girl who doesn’t like you?
In theory, everything is possible in our life, but practice shows that there is a little chance. Situations when a guy persistently tries to achieve reciprocity often don’t end well, and a relationship that is nevertheless established in this way quickly ends. Therefore, respect a girl and don’t humiliate yourself, otherwise, you will only cause irritation in her. If you confess your feelings and are rejected, just step aside and look for someone new.

Comments (3)



Oct 15,  2020,  2:14 PM

Actually, I have been flirting with one of my friends who is a girl. Recently, she has started sending me her pictures. Some parts of the body are open and the eyes do not lie. Actually, I don't mind dating her, but at the same time, I am very confused about whether she likes me. I read this article and a few others, half of them coincide with my situation. In short, what should I do? I still think the best option is to endure and then see if the hints are more aggressive. But advice is still needed.



Dec 3,  2020,  10:11 PM

I still cannot date women who are overly confident because they intimidate me. I just try not to think about their reaction, but most of the time, I think that my methods are underwhelming for a beautiful lady. Sometimes it's just an obsessive thought that doesn't have any explanation. But it's a good point that you have to go through tonnes of rejection to finally feel more comfortable with dating.



Dec 4,  2020,  9:49 AM

n reality, women are not that hard to understand. It’s just we are too scared to lose them and usually will come across something we fear the most. If you stop thinking about it too much, girls will be much more favorable and will even ask you out first. Yes, this is just common sense and years of practice. If you are too young, don’t be scared of being rejected!!!

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