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The Sexiest Nationalities in the World

There was a recent survey done by Big 7 Travel about the sexiest nationalities in the world. They were ranked in the form of a top 50 list. Let’s take a closer look at the nations that were featured in the top 50. The bottom of the list was comprised of the following countries.

hot Ukrainian girl

From 50 to 40: Ireland, Croatia (which is the lowest ranked Slavic country on the list), Belgium, Slovenia, Norway (which was quite surprising to us, as we always thought that Scandinavian countries are the birthplace of some of the most beautiful people in the world), the US, Germany, Lebanon, Pakistan, Wales, Tunisia.

From 39 to 30: Sweden (once again, quite surprising to us), Scotland (if their local cuisine was one of the deciding factors in the survey – they might as well be on the top 5), Egypt (and we thought that the sons and daughters of Cleopatra will be a lot higher on this list), Thailand, Morocco, Argentina, Russia (a bit surprising, especially considering the winner of this list), Lithuania, China, Israel.

From 29 to 20: Nigeria (which is weird because they almost always end up in the top 10-15 of similar lists), India, Poland, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Colombia, Finland (they are the second highest rated Scandinavian country on this list, a bit of a disappointment), Hungary.

From 19 to 10: Japan (I personally think that Japanese people are somewhere around the top 8, I don’t know that many people who would agree with me on that), Czech Republic, Bulgaria (quite an unexpected result), Barbados, Kenya, Dutch (they have their own separate group from Germany as a whole), France (once again, I would’ve thought that French people would capture a place on the top 10, but they were a bit short of that goal), Costa Rica, Canada.

From 9 to 1:

9. England – the highest rated part of the United Kingdom, England has earned its place on this list.
8. Armenia – an unexpected placing, at least to those who have never seen Armenian women.
7. Italy – now that’s a classic pick, no questions here, I don’t think that anyone can really argue with the beauty of Italian people.
6. South Africa – it’s true, South Africa has united lots of different cultures under its flag.
5. Australia – no personal experience when it comes to Australian people, but it seems like all of the surfing does have a positive effect on their beauty.
4. Brazil – how can you argue with that? Brazil is the country of carnivals, beauty, emotions, and pure joy.
3. Philippines – they have a very unique look, like no other country in the world.
2. Denmark – finally, a Scandinavian country has got a meaningful place on the list, and rightfully so.
1. Ukraine – this may be the most surprising outcome out of all, at least to those who have never been to Ukraine or have never even seen a picture of a Ukrainian woman online. There are no questions about it, there can be no discussion on this matter, those who disagree – know nothing of female beauty.

Here's Why Beautiful Ukrainian Women Are the Best

Thus, Ukrainian women are the most beautiful people in the world, Ukrainian men are fine, but not as stunning as their female partners. But why is that? What do we know about Ukrainian women? They like men of all countries of the world, they like foreigners of all types, shapes, and sizes. They like reliable, caring men with a sense of humor. These qualities are considered ideal for any woman. Distinctive features of the appearance of Ukrainian women are dark hair, blue eyes, and a good physique. However, today, Ukrainian women with a classic appearance are rare.

Be that as it may, regardless of the proportions of the body and the color of the eyes (or hair), Ukrainian women have been widely regarded as the most gorgeous women on Earth by most connoisseurs of female beauty. What is the secret of their beauty? Let’s talk about some of the most important Ukrainian women characteristics and important things to remember about dating Ukrainian single women.

A little about Ukrainian cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine is quite high in calories and fats, but it is very wholesome, and it is unlikely that you will ever find yourself hungry in a relationship with a hot Ukrainian girl. Ukrainian culture, in general, is quite traditional and family-oriented, just like their food. That being said, the most interesting part is that, despite lots of calories and fats in their diet, Ukrainian women still manage to look amazing. They work out, use all sorts of different diets, and even when they do get plumper, they still look amazing because of their naturally proportional bodies.

Skin care

Ukrainian women spend a lot of time on their appearance, this also applies to skin care. They use all sorts of different products, lotions, scrubs, gels, creams, various types of makeup products, etc. They do it every single day, but this is not the only reason why they are so beautiful. They use makeup to emphasize their strengths and hide their weaknesses, not to create artificial beauty. However, there is a bit of a downside to it.

A few words about makeup

This is perhaps the biggest complaint that I heard from men all over the world that had dated a Ukrainian girl in their lives. And that is that they spend a lot of time applying their makeup and standing in front of the mirror, being late for meetings, parties, birthdays, etc. Now, I agree that it’s true, they do spend a lot of time in front of a mirror, but isn’t all of that time worth it in the end? I mean, how can you complain about something like that, especially when, no matter what, they know what they are doing, and they are excellent at it. Now that’s what I call nitpicking.

Great physical shape

As we’ve mentioned before, Ukrainian cuisine isn’t the lightest collection of dishes on the planet. They are wholesome, filling, and quite high in fats, but this doesn’t mean that all women and men are fat. No, not at all, I would say that the percentage of fat people is very low, especially among sexy Ukrainian women. It is very much common for Ukrainian women to try out many different diets in their lifetime, some of them may be a bit ridiculous, but they do everything in their power to stay in great shape, which gets a lot of admiration.

Great genetics

Ukrainian women can be sure they won a genetic lottery. It’s easy to say Swedish women are hot, Philipino girls are small and dainty, but have you seen regal Ukrainian beauty? Not to be biased, Ukrainian women are versatile in how they look. According to the National Beauty Contest, Ukrainian girls are the most attractive to the overseas viewer’s eye as everything, from hips to bone structure, is close to perfection. How did they manage to get these results? 

Ukrainian women don’t like to be compared to Russian or Belarus girls because they are a different nation. And even though these nationalities were intertwined for so long, Ukrainian women look nothing like their Slavic girlfriends. They have a different bone structure, skin and eye color, other hair, and not similar faces. 

Kindness and a cute face

Appearance is not always the defining thing in a woman. Sometimes her emotions, smile, and positivity make an outer image 90% more attractive. Women of Ukraine are like butterflies – colorful and light. They are sincere and bubbly like children but have a definite feminine side. They are cute and approachable, and easy-going women always look attractive to men. How do they manage to do it? It is easy! Ukrainian women know class since childhood. They know that each difficulty must make them stronger, so there is no point in sogging and waiting for a better resolution. Ukrainian women don’t like to sit around and whine about life. Although living in this country may not be as luxurious as in other European places, Ukrainians see a positive note every day and try to keep a smile. This is what makes Ukrainian girls instantly charming and mysterious. 

Luxurious mentality

Although foreigners think that Slavic people lack taste and would wear anything from a mink coat to expensive jewelry to a daytime job, it is only partially true. Ukrainian women are still very natural, amazing with their makeup and styling choices, but can sometimes be pompous. But you will never forget this woman, that’s for sure! Ukrainian girls like to look impeccable and immaculate on their first, second, third, fourth, and fifth date, and it will continue the same way long after marriage (if the marriage is healthy and successful!) Ukrainian girls like high heels and skirts, but that doesn’t apply to women from big cities, as they prefer to keep the classic or sporty style. 

How Can You Meet Hot Ukrainian Girls?

Are you interested in finding Ukrainian women for marriage? Well, you are a lucky man. There are lots of different online services that allow men from all around the world to meet beautiful Ukrainian women online. Men from all corners of the globe are interested in Ukrainian women dating, and, in general, in Ukrainian brides. J4L allows you to meet the most beautiful Ukrainian women one can possibly find and do it online, so don’t waste your time and start dating Ukrainian girls right now by using J4L.

You can also meet beautiful Ukrainian women in different places in real life. For example:

Ukrainian women love visiting overseas countries. They just love traveling and adore to broaden their minds with new experiences. Ukrainian girls don’t sit and wait for the opportunity to go to the best resort, actively dreaming of going abroad at least somewhere and compare the living in different countries. So if you happen to be in Ukraine, offer a girl assistance and invite her to your country. Show her around. 

Ukrainian women love social media. Because Ukrainian girls are so beautiful and mesmerizing, it is not sinful to show off those delicious bits on Instagram. And be ready to be flooded by hashtags and pictures. If you want to meet a hot Ukrainian woman, just search for photos under the #Ukrainian_girl hashtag, and see how many amazing results you can get. The more – the marrier. 

International forums and other peculiar places on the Internet. Ukrainians are big into getting new information. Those who know English on a decent level would use Reddit, Facebook, and dating boards to search for love. Ukrainian beautiful girls like to bless the Internet with their hot photos, so you can stumble across a smoldering woman anywhere, even in the most random Internet places. How can you spot her? She will look confident, have an amazing smile and piercing eyes, and initiate conversation with a foreigner. 

Beauty Tips from Famous Ukrainian Models


Ukrainian women

"I am sure that the most important thing is fresh skin. I do not smoke and rarely drink alcohol. I wash my face, then use a tonic, and then apply a moisturizer. Depending on a situation, I apply a face mask in the morning and evening."

Vera Brezhneva

beautiful Ukrainian women

"My morning begins with a smile, a glass of water and lots of energy. I read all sorts of literature on the topic of health, energy, and I visit the gym every single day.”

Ani Lorak

sexy Ukrainian women

“The first law of beauty for me is healthy sleep. It is in a dream that nerve cells are restored, and the skin gets some time to relieve itself from fatigue and stress. My right hand in the battle for beauty is water: I try to drink a lot since it is water that helps the skin be moistened from the inside, be elastic. This is especially important since I have to travel a lot because of the nature of the profession, which naturally doesn’t have the best effect on the skin condition. Therefore, to reduce the effects of frequent flights, there is always a moisturizer, scrub, eye patches, and other useful products in my bag at all times.”

Nastya Kamenski

hot Ukrainian girls

“My parents gave me curls. I’m not gonna lie - this is the best hair in the world, and I’m so grateful for them. In the morning you wake up with a complete hairdo! If I don’t have enough time to wash my hair in the morning – it’s not a big problem, nobody will notice. Why is that? Curly hair is porous in its structure, which means it is constantly dry, especially during summer. Therefore, you need to be careful with your hair. I wash my head every other day and strictly adhere to this schedule! First comes shampoo, then I apply a mask for 20 minutes. After washing off the mask, I use a little serum and oil on my hair. When I have time, I try to dry out my hair naturally. As you can see, there is nothing hard about it, curly hair is awesome.”

Zlata Ognevich

Ukrainian girl

"The most important thing is to drink plenty of water, so I always have pure water with me. I prefer to combine Maria Galland Precious Day Cream with serum Maria Galland Profilift 3D Serum, which includes hyaluronic acid, it refreshes the skin, and in general, it is a must-have product for every woman that pays attention to her beauty."


"First of all, I always wash my face. Cleansing the skin is the main thing about it. I do it with ordinary soap. Yes, you are probably surprised by that, but it works. First, I wash off my makeup by using various products such as, for example, micellar water, and then soap. It will dry out your skin a bit, but it is still the best way to get rid of makeup. After that, you can moisturize your face with a lotion or a tonic. Also, try not to keep makeup on your skin for longer than 5 hours."


"Whether it's morning or evening, I wash my face with a foam mask, then I use a moisturizing tonic. I don’t like to wash off my eye makeup by using various products, I try to select a high-quality universal product for everything that I do. I also have vitamin C tonic from a Spanish professional cosmetics manufacturer Natura Bisse, it simultaneously moisturizes, cleanses, and tightens the skin."

Comments (3)



Dec 4,  2020,  1:04 AM

I’ve known a woman from Ukraine and listen… she was absolutely GORGEOUS! Had a bit of a snobbish character at first, but this is how Slavics are at first all the time. She turned out to be the sweetest lady I have ever known, completely fell in love head over heels with her. Still remember this woman till this day!



Dec 4,  2020,  9:48 AM

In reality, women are not that hard to understand. It’s just we are too scared to lose them and usually will come across something we fear the most. If you stop thinking about it too much, girls will be much more favorable and will even ask you out first. Yes, this is just common sense and years of practice. If you are too young, don’t be scared of being rejected!!!



Dec 4,  2020,  9:49 AM

Ukrainian women are in the top list of the hottest nations in the world. All the tastes are different, but I prefer me some thick Ukrainian girls with an hourglass figure. They always look stunning in a red dress with a red lipstic… MAN I love Ukrainian women!

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