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A Ukrainian woman is the dream of any man. It is no wonder because representatives of this nation are usually considered friendly and good-natured ladies. Among their advantages, we can emphasize naturalness, reliability, innate charisma and sensuality, passion for life, beauty, devotion and tenderness, simplicity in communication, and sexuality. Are you surprised? Didn’t you know that one woman can combine all these traits? Let us surprise you a bit more showing what it is really like to marry a Ukrainian woman.


Pros and Cons of Marrying a Ukrainian Woman

A Ukrainian woman has all those wonderful feminine qualities that make her a queen of the heart and the ultimate dream of absolutely any man. They are very beautiful and wise, they become good employees, wonderful wives, and outstanding mothers for their children. Let’s find out more about them.


They are feminine

Ukrainian single women are the most passionate natures of all the women on the planet. At the same time, such a woman never makes an effort to conquer a man – all men are at her feet. Her appearance can be expressed in one word – “erotic”. In short, if there is sexuality in the flesh — then this is a Ukrainian woman.

They are perfect hostesses

Most of the Ukrainian girls like the traditional role of the hostess of the house. They can be genuinely interested in cooking delicious food, quickly become masters of desserts and all sorts of culinary delights. Also, a Ukrainian wife is looking after her home and keeps it clean.


They have beautiful appearance

They are the most beautiful girls in the world. And this is true! Due to the fact that people are attracted to their beauty, they may seem to others much more beautiful and attractive than they really are. They also have a specific genome, which ensures their high diversity and exotic features.

They are faithful

In most cases, they are one-man women. So, if one of these girls really love a man, then there is no doubt that she will be very devoted to her partner.

They are not jealous

Marrying a Ukrainian girl, you may forget about jealousy. She will not limit the rights of her spouse and will respect him. But it also means that she expects you to be 100% respectful towards her feelings and never betray her.

They are excellent mothers

These women are authorities for their children. Children love and respect their mothers because they are like friends to them. However, they demand discipline from their children.


They are educated

Almost all Ukrainian women have higher education and a lot of them learn languages. That is why they are much more attractive as wives than any other women.


One of the main negative qualities of Ukrainian women is their quick temper and desire to “murder” everyone in the state of rage and anger. However, people have to provoke and annoy them for a very long time so that these women show their aggression. Other negative qualities are:

They are too focused on earnings

In some cases, Ukrainian women put money in the first place. However, this quality can be explained by the fact that they are realists who know that life is impossible without money. We think you agree with this as well.

They love their country

If you want to marry a Ukrainian woman and live in your country, then be prepared that the Ukrainians will miss their home very much. Young wives from Ukraine sometimes get depressed and stop enjoying life. Especially it can be noticed during the first few months. But it will end soon. Usually, it takes a little time — from six months to a year.

They love their relatives

If you want to marry a Ukrainian girl, then you should know that you will be closely connected with her whole family — first of all, with her mother. A Ukrainian woman remains a “mother's daughter” as long as she has a mother. And this means that her husband will also have a mother. Her mother. And there is a father, siblings, grandparents and many other relatives besides a mother.

Should I Marry a Ukrainian Woman?

The most difficult thing in life is to find a good wife! But then, if you make the right choice, there will be a reward for life. You have to understand that there is nothing better in the world than a good wife. Career, money, football, friends — all this is not so important. The main thing is a family and a loving, kind, understanding, sacrificial, caring, and affectionate wife, who is a good mother for children. And as you could understand, this is a Ukrainian wife. But before you marry one of these girls, it is worth to look closer to her. Is she ready to marry you? Will she make a good wife? So, follow our advice:


Readiness for marriage

This includes the ability to accept a partner as he is, readiness for compromise and responsibility. Many girls dream about a wedding from childhood, but this doesn’t mean that they are ready for marriage. But, for example, the ability to refuse some habits for the sake of family life is a good sign.

Attitude to life

A lot of people divorce because of everyday problems. If your girl doesn’t know how to cook sandwiches — it is not a very big problem, you can teach her. But if she categorically doesn’t want to participate in solving home issues, she will have to choose: either she will take some responsibility or you will look for another wife.

Attitude towards money

Excessive wastefulness is as unpleasant as excessive stinginess. The norm should be determined by a future husband based on his own financial state, life experience and attitude towards money, not on woman’s.


Attitude towards children

As a rule, people plan to have children after marriage. You should know in advance whether a girl can have children. If not, then is she ready to undergo treatment or take a child from an orphanage? Or is she a representative of the childfree movement? Or whether she dreams about a big family and expects to have at least 5 children in ten years? It is better to discuss all these nuances in advance.

Relationship with mother

Very often, mothers have a huge impact on their daughters. This can be good, but more often it harms the relationship of loving people. It is much better if a girl has already separated from her mother and has become more independent.

Don’t look for a perfect appearance

Someone likes blondes, someone — brunettes. Someone likes skinny girls, someone — plumpish. Remember that everyone changes and her beauty is not forever. You marry not in order to show off a wife to your friends but in order to live happily with her. So, if she loves you, she will respect you, she will cook for you, and she will help you. This is much more important than the appearance.

Probation period is one year

Our advice to you is to wait and not to marry at least a year after you get acquainted. Sometimes this period can be shortened, but it is better to wait long enough. Pay attention to how your lady communicates with her parents, with her friends, what she likes, what she wears, how she spends her free time, how she spends holidays etc. Otherwise, you can marry a girl you don’t know at all. And your family life may become just horrible — your habits may be so different and incompatible. Therefore, don’t hurry!

Is It Easy to Marry a Ukrainian Woman?

If you think that it is so easy to marry a Ukrainian girl, then you are mistaken. These girls have certain requirements for men. You have to comply with their demands (even if you are a foreigner). Here are the main ones:


The concept of kindness is very virtual. It is obvious that a person can’t be kind and good for everyone. But a man has to be kind at least for a particular woman.

Sense of humor

Who doesn’t like to laugh at good jokes? There should always be a place for humor in a family. Ukrainian women always fall in love with the funniest guys. In this regard, the owners of an excellent sense of humor marry more often.


One of the main priorities for a girl is the mind of a man. He may not be very rich, but if he is smart, then such a man automatically becomes very attractive. There is always something to talk about with such a man and a girl may be sure that he can help her solve some serious problems.


Every woman feels like behind a wall with such a person. And she has absolutely nothing to fear. “Do you need a new fur coat? Not a problem, dear! How much do you need? Take my credit card!”. And this doesn’t mean that you buy a girl and that she only needs your money. This means that you love her and want to give her everything you can. A Ukrainian girl would totally appreciate it and never take advantage of your generosity.

Love to children

When a woman gets married she thinks that this is a man with whom she can have children. Therefore, it is very important that a man has warm feelings for children and wants to have at least one child with a particular woman.

How Much Does It Cost to Marry a Ukrainian Woman?

So, how much money you have to spend on women while dating and on the wedding itself?


Dating period

Many men present their girls a lot of gifts at the very beginning of relationships (sweets, flowers, and other things; some men give even expensive jewelry or a car). It is up to you what to give a girl. But if a girl demands something from you, think about what she really needs from you — your attitude or your gifts (a girl should want you, not gifts).

However, don’t forget about 3 holidays in the year — her birthday, Valentine's Day, the anniversary of your love. But, again, don’t give expensive gifts on the stage of dating! A girl can start dating you just for your money. The optimal price of a gift is up to $50, A maximum — $100.

Serious relationship

The stage of dating has passed and now you have a serious relationship and maybe even live together. So, should a man provide a woman? Why is it still considered today that a man should give money to a woman? Maybe because every man from childhood knows that he has to support, protect, please, etc. his woman and a family. After all, why do you live with a woman and don’t want to provide her? In addition to everything, you just force her to develop masculine qualities in herself (she has to earn more), thereby blocking the development of femininity, which, in turn, puts the harmoniousness of your relations at a dead end. After all, you know each other for months and you understand that she loves you not because of your money. So, give her gifts and don’t be a slob and she will inspire you. Believe us, the more your woman enjoys — the more successful you will be.


Whatever people say, a wedding is an expensive event. You need to pay a lot in order to organize it at the highest level. The expenses wait for a bride and a groom literally at every step, from buying outfits to renting a banquet hall. We advise you to calculate every detail of your wedding in advance in order to avoid various surprises in the preparation of the wedding budget. Newlyweds may arrange a luxurious wedding for 200 people or arrange a modest party for the closest people. In any case, you still have to pay several thousands of hryvnias. Let’s consider in detail:

Wedding ceremony The price of the submitting of the application is 35 UAH. But the situation changes when we are talking about the registration of marriage. Here everything depends on the wishes of the newlyweds during the ceremony. They can order additional services. For example, musical accompaniment of the event, a mini-banquet after a wedding ceremony, and so on. On average, the state officially pronounces you husband and wife for 200 UAH.

  • Rings

An ordinary gold ring without stones will cost 1000 UAH. A ring with a small diamond costs about 10 000 thousand UAH. Combined rings will cost approximately 3000 UAH. White gold ring costs from 5000 thousand UAH and more.

  • Wedding dress and suit

A usual dress will cost at least 6000 thousand UAH. But if a bride dreams to wear couture dress, then you will have to pay several tens of thousands of hryvnias. Also, if you don’t want to buy a dress, you can always rent it. The rental price is from 2000 thousand UAH and higher. A wedding suit will cost approximately 4000 UAH and higher.

  • Bride’s bouquet

Such an important attribute of the wedding ceremony like a bouquet of bride will cost about 1000 UAH. Of course, you can find cheaper, but such flowers will not look exactly the right way.

  • Makeup and hairstyle

The bride's hairstyle directly depends on the length of her hair. Usually, the longer the hair, the more expensive the services of a hairdresser. Prices for wedding hairstyles start from 450 UAH and higher. Wedding make-up will cost about 500 UAH.

  • Restaurant

The cost of a place in the most ordinary restaurant starts from 400-500 UAH for one person, and this is not including alcohol. As a result, you will have to give for a banquet at least 15 000 UAH without alcohol (with alcohol — about 30 000 UAH).

  • Hall decoration

An inseparable part of any wedding is the decoration of a hall. Approximate cost of the decor is 2000 UAH. The price may vary from the quality of materials used for decorating, as well as from the size of a hall.

  • Photo and video

This is quite expensive. However, you can ask a photographer to work only a few hours, so the price of his/her service will be several times lower. But, it's better to capture the whole wedding, not just a small part of it. On average, wedding photos and videos will cost 10 000 thousand UAH.

In addition, you will have to pay for different important wedding details. For example, it may be invitations for guests, accessories, wedding cake and so on.

Hope this article will help you understand whether you want to marry a Ukrainian girl and how to be a perfect man for her.


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Aug 21,  2020,  9:32 AM

My girlfriend is Ukrainian and I want to propose to her. Thank you for the detailed guide, now I know how to do everything correctly, the traditions of the Ukrainian wedding and its approximate price.

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