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A couple of centuries ago it was absolutely natural for a husband to be much older than his wife. At that time, such conjugal unions were popular and, as a rule, most of them were arranged by parents of a future bride.

Now it’s up to a groom and a bride to make decisions about marriage. Today’s couples are usually not so concerned about their age difference; for women, dating older men seems normal. Much more it disturbs people around them: their parents, friends, neighbors. Especially it concerns Ukrainian single girls. Opinions can be different and contradictory but the attitude is mostly negative and the greater the age difference, the stronger the reaction.

Is it OK to date an older man? How different nations approach this question?

The age difference here is the main aspect that should be taken into account. Psychologists agree that it's quite normal to date an older partner if the age difference between a man and a woman is no more than 6-8 years. It’s believed that generations change every 10 years, so if the difference is bigger than this, it may be difficult for a couple to find common interests. And the bigger the gap between the lovers, the more difficult the situation gets.

Experts say that in different countries the formula for the perfect age difference works in different ways. For example, the Chinese traditionally add the age of both spouses, then divide it by five, and consider this difference to be the most acceptable for a happy marriage.

In Finland, people have no problems with older men dating younger women. Studies by Finnish scientists have shown that it’s better for men in this country to marry women at least 15 years younger than them. It’s important if a couple wants to have healthy children.

Researchers from Russia have concluded that it is best to date people of the same age. In this country, the percentage of girls marrying their peers is more than 27%. The almost same thing is for Ukrainian ladies.

Why do Ukrainian ladies prefer older men

Why Ukrainian women prefer to date older men

Wisdom and experience

The main reason why women date older men is that most guys, crossing a certain age line, already have experience in relationships with women. They know the right time to show patience and temper. Most of the inevitable family issues are easily solved by experienced men.

Protection and responsibility

An adult man is not afraid to take responsibility for his family and especially for his children. Having kids for a forty-year-old man is a gift of fate, not a burden, as it is for most twenty-year-olds. That's why children of such parents get a lot of love, attention, and care. Many foreigners would also prefer to date a Ukrainian girl because of this nation’s attitude towards the family.


Young people are exposed to many temptations, ranging from booze and drugs to affairs. A promising twenty-year-old husband can become a burden for his wife in a couple of years, and the young man in love can become unfaithful. At the same time, marrying a non-drinking mature man, a woman won’t have to worry that he’ll become an alcoholic.

Money and status

The reason why some young Ukrainian girls date millionaires is pretty clear. But even if it's not about wealth, an adult man already has a stable income and, possibly, his own business and can financially provide for the family.


There are, of course, a lot of monogamous young guys, and some men after forty can have an affair. Nevertheless, most adult men are already tired of short-term relationships and understand the importance of a family. Women who prefer older men may not be afraid of their boyfriends’ cheating, as well as guys who date a Ukrainian woman can be sure that she’ll remain faithful.

Rules of dating a younger Ukrainian girl

The younger the girl, the more serious her attitude towards sex will be

Do not pressure her. At the beginning of your communication, while you both get used to each other, do not draw too much attention to her performance in bed.

You are not her father

This is one of the most important things you should remind yourself of when dating a girl younger than you. She is not your daughter, she is your life partner. Therefore, if you disagree with something, allow her to act as she thinks is right.

Public opinion

Couples with an age difference of 10 years or more face problems like different social circles and different outlooks on life. Relationships with a girl younger than you need constant work, as you will often find yourself in situations where you both need to find a compromise.

Comments (5)



Jan 10,  2020,  8:08 AM

I live in Ukraine and know for a fact that there are many Ukrainian women who want to date an older man. To say more, most girls prefer men who are 2-4 years older. All this is due to the greater experience of older men, as young Ukrainian guys aren’t very good at building romantic relationships.



Jan 10,  2020,  8:09 AM

I really love young hot Ukrainian ladies! In general, a young wife is an amazing incentive for a man. For her sake (and his children) he is literally ready to turn the whole world upside down. But there is one condition for harmonious relationships with age difference: it is important that a woman treats a beloved man with care and participate in everyday life. After all, even the strongest man gets tired of being a kind of "solver" of all problems and sometimes wants to feel the care of a loved one.



Jan 10,  2020,  8:10 AM

Also, it happens that a woman chooses an older man because of his ability to support a beloved woman and take care of her. After all, a mature man knows how to understand girls, lend a sympathetic ear in difficult times, and provide the necessary support for a loved one.



Jul 22,  2020,  12:21 PM

I am younger than my husband and I can say that girls are often afraid of being uninteresting to experienced men, so be her support!



Aug 21,  2020,  9:27 AM

In fact, everything is simple. We just want reliable, intelligent, self-confident men. 20 year old boys rarely have such traits. Therefore, we are so attracted to men over 40.

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