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Love is one of the most powerful and dangerous feelings. A person being truly in love is ready to do really crazy, weird, difficult to explain, incredible, bold and beautiful deeds. The guy who wants to win the heart of a girl is ready to do anything for her. However, for a girl to fall in love with you, it is not necessary to do anything extraordinary. It would be enough just to listen to a few simple tips that will help any guy win a girl.

Win her heart

15 Great Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart

Every woman’s dream is a knight who will conquer her heart. Alas, the times of the knights are gone, and modern men will more likely suffer from unrequited love, rather than begin to make any efforts to achieve the heart of a charming lady. Love has always been a feeling to compose poems, something to write fairy tales and novels about. Mutual love is a feeling that every person dreams of. However, winning trust and love is not always so easy, because we are not living in a TV series. In our reality, when the number of women is almost twice the number of men, the very fact that the man chooses you among all the other beautiful women is already pleasant.

Of course, this alone is not enough to win her heart, and men in most cases need to make some efforts to get the girl's attention. Flowers, gifts, compliments, admiration are all good, but showing off your welfare will not work for your charisma and good sense of humor. In fact, there is no universal recipe on how to win a girl’s heart, but there is so much you need to know at least even approaching a girl. So, if you are interested, read below.

Be confident in yourself

Persistent guys know what they want and move towards their goal to attract women. That is why self-confidence is one of the most important qualities in a man’s character. Girls immediately notice confident guys. Therefore, it is necessary to try to feel liberated and free in any company and situation, even if you are terrified to talk or not ready to act, do not show it. However, you do not need to be arrogant, because girls do not like it.

Give her presents

Nothing shows a man’s interest in a girl more than his desire to give her presents and make surprises. You do not have to spend a fortune on buying something expensive. It is the attention that matters, not the value of a present itself. If you pay attention to your lover’s hobbies and interests and surprise her with a present she has been dreaming of, sure she will remember it for the rest of her life. And what is even more important, do not wait for a special occasion, spontaneous gifts are the best.

Be caring and attentive

Reliable men make women feel as if they are behind a powerful shield of protection. No matter how strong a girl can be herself, she will always need someone to ask her about her day, solve her problems and help whenever it is needed. If a man shows readiness to help, knows how to keep a girl happy and pays attention to the details, a woman will be glad to give out all of her heart and kindness to such a partner since she can rely on him, especially in hardships.

Be protective and strong

Girls love strong and self-confident men. You shouldn’t be necessarily in the best physical form or have huge muscles to protect your girl. It is the inner strength that matters, because not every man is ready to take over the responsibilities of his woman and protect her from the violence of the stone cold world. Be the one she turns to for help, be her superhero. Let her feel that you can do anything for her, and if not, at least do your best for this.

How to make a girl like you

Be a good listener

I strongly advise you to listen to her all the time. If she gets things off her chest and tells you about what worries her, it means that a girl trusts you. After all, it is quite possible that in the process of communication she will tell you where she would like to go and what she enjoys. Such information will tell you where to invite her next time, and who knows, maybe this will help to unravel the question of antiquity: how to win a girl's heart forever.

Be well maintained

Sometimes men, on the basis of their negative experiences, consider all women to be cynical and mercantile and think that they need only material wealth and money. But who doesn’t want to have a great level of welfare and do not argue about money or budget. Couples work for years to earn money to be ready to build a family, so if a man already has good earnings, a woman is likely to choose him, because near such a man she will feel confident about the future.

Be interesting and creative

Bring your wildest ideas to life, while planning a date or a present, imagine yourself being a girl – wouldn’t you want to get a new information or small preset from your lover each time you meet? Do not be afraid to try something new to surprise your lover, thinking that old trusty schemes will work better. Get to know something new, read or watch documentaries, because being an interesting interlocutor, telling her amusing facts about the topic you are personally best at is the great advice for those who wanted to know how to get the girl.

Be complimentary

Girls love with their ears. Compliments should not be vulgar or awkward. Notice those moments of her life or appearance that she is most likely to be proud of and emphasize her beauty and uniqueness with compliments, this is the best way to find out sweet things to say to a single girl. However, this must be done subtly and elegantly. And do not overuse compliments, too many of them can push a girl into thinking you are not taking her seriously and are interested only in her beauty. And it is always better to prove the words with acts.

Smell good

Having set a goal to conquer a Ukrainian woman, a man should realize that he should be up to her level. Be tidy, smell good, and devote more time to his appearance. The thing is that absolutely all girls like men who take care of themselves. Pay particular attention to your hair, body, clothes and shoes. Keep your breath fresh and use deodorant. And if you want to make a good impression, ask a girl which scents she prefers and buy the similar one for her to love the way you smell.

Don't be afraid to kiss her

It was already mentioned that women love self-confident and determined men. It means they are ready to take the initiative and protect a woman from making difficult decisions. So, after the date, if everything was well and you were enjoying the company of each other, finish the evening with a kiss. Do not ask the woman if you may do this, because in most cases you will figure out whether the girl is ready during the date, but if you ask, it will ruin the effect of unexpectedness.

Be romantic and unpredictable

Do not forget about the romance. Women love this - hugs on the benches, promenades in the autumn park, and heart-shaped balloons. Even iron ladies like this. Women do not have enough romance in the bustling everyday life. So give her more bright emotions and moments she will remember forever. And do not forget about the spontaneity, women appreciate men who try to surprise them and take their time to plan something exciting.

Be a gentleman

A man that mistreats a woman and is rude to her will push her away. Interrupting, making her pay for him, being late for a date, not helping with carrying heavy bags or making decisions without asking her opinion – a real man will never do it to the girl the likes. So, hold the doors, help her with her problems, and talk politely to a girl and sure she will appreciate your efforts to impress her.

Be patient

Do not hurry the woman up and never put pressure on her. It may take time for her to begin to trust you. First, there should be mutual liking and flirting, then you need to hold hands, then the obligatory first kiss, passionate embraces go without fail, and only after passing through all these stages a woman can start to show her feeling openly. And even if she does not, show her your readiness to wait, because everyone is different and has own insecurities that need time to be cured.

Be sincere

The thing is, women feel when a man is lying. So, from the day one, be the best version of yourself but do not try to embellish your imperfections. Because one day everything that was being hidden becomes obvious and you will not have a chance to turn back in time and change anything. Listen to the advice, but only do what coincides with your own principles, do not take on another personality while trying to impress your lover.

Be yourself

The best tip would be to listen to your heart and follow those tips that you feel are better. If you do not like watching films, do not invite a girl to the cinema every time just to impress her, as she can think that you are interested in cinematography too. 

How to get the girl

So, be open about your real interests, wishes and charm your date with your real personality. Only in this case, your relationship will be honest and long-term.

General advice on how to make a girl like you

You have learned a lot of tips, so let’s sum up what you have found out:

How to make girl like you? Be graceful, gallant, show your interest straight away, because most women wait for you to make the first step and expect you to be strong and persistent. You can prove your feelings in many ways, not only in words but by presenting small gifts, which are always helpful. Remember, women love attention and surprises.

How to win girls heart? Listen to her, pay attention to details and later use it while preparing a surprise or giving her advice in the moments of hardship. The women feel when you are really interested in their life and genuinely try to help. How to prove that you are the one? Always show respect to her wishes and be patient. Be gentle, caring, but strong. And show your true personality, because you are a human too, first of all. So, if a woman feels safe near you, constantly hears compliments and sees that you are sharing your real emotions, she will bloom as never before and give you thrice as much care and love as you did.

Things you should never do if you want to get a woman to like you

Many men, trying to win the love of a woman, without even realizing it, commit many wrong actions that cause the opposite effect. Here are some things you should avoid doing:

  • In no case should you be importunate. If you remind about yourself with frequent messages and calls, the woman will quickly lose interest in you.
  • Do not overwhelm a woman with surprises and gifts. Everything is good when in reasonable amounts. Otherwise, she may decide that you are trying to buy her feelings.
  • If your relationship is just on the stage of beginning, do not try to show jealousy, and in any case, do not forbid her to communicate with her other male friends. Respect her personal space.
  • Stop complaining about life. Women want to see a strong and reliable man near them. Therefore, if something bothers you, you shouldn’t tell your soul mate about it every time.
  • Never talk about your ex or your previous relationship, unless the woman asks about it, because she will think you try to compare her with another woman.

As you can see, not that much is needed to win a girl’s heart. You just need to be patient, caring, attentive, and protective. Let’s be real, all of these things can be applied to men as well as to any person in general. Because who would not want to be treated with care and love? Of course, there is no a universal recipe for how to conquer a girl’s heart, but following at least some of the steps suggested would make it easier for you to get attention of a woman and show her that you are a serious man with good intentions.

And the last thing: always be yourself, do everything sincerely, and be open about your expectations from a partner, your dreams and wishes. Only in this way, you will get the most trust and love from your soul mate and not only win her interest but hold it henceforth. Of course every girl is dreaming of the prince on a white horse, but we are real people, and there is no need in glossing over your real self.

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