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The first question that may pop up in your mind is, “Is there even a single decent reason to make a girl jealous? Jealousy is generally a bad feeling after all…” Jealousy can provoke positive emotions, and various ways to provoke it that we are going to list in this article can potentially reveal a lot of things about your relationships. But first, let’s figure out, "Should you make a girl jealous or not?"

should you make a girl jealous

Why You Sometimes Need to Make a Girl Jealous

When feelings weaken, passions subside and do not bring the satisfaction that was there before, and we want to experience strong emotions again. Jealousy will help in renewing relationships, awakening a girl “from sleep” and reignite her feelings. The main goals of men in this matter are as follows:

  • To increase your own self-esteem;
  • To increase your importance and value in the eyes of the girl;
  • To provoke passion on her part.

To arouse interest with jealousy and achieve the desired is quite feasible. This can lead to positive changes in life together, or to a complete collapse of relationships.


It is impossible to achieve stability in a relationship in this way. Looking for single girls online while you are in a relationship is not the best way to create stability, but it can lead to it in the end. The girl, being in a stressful state due to doubts caused by zealous experiences, either “burns out” in the end, or jealousy develops into a pathological state. A man should be aware that the basis of stability in a relationship should be feelings of trust, affection, and love.


It would be rather naive to think that you can earn respect with such an ambiguous method. What exactly can be achieved with jealousy is a certain dependence on the partner. However, women who respect their chosen ones feel more secure, happy, and calm. To achieve this, you need to remember a short list of "don’ts":

  • shout;
  • be petty;
  • envy;
  • condemn;
  • complain about life;
  • humiliate a woman.
ways to make a girl jealous


Somewhat controversial is the assertion that jealousy is proof of love. The manifestation of feelings of a jealous person is a manifestation of distrust and suspicion. Love should still be based on trust in a partner, and strong relationships should not be built on negative perceptions. Having made the girl start to be jealous, a more likely outcome will be her desire to get around her rival than a sincere manifestation of love.

Now, how do you make a girl jealous?

Main Ways to Make a Girl Jealous

If you cause a girl a feeling of jealousy, then she will definitely pay attention to you. If you want to please a girl through jealousy or show your ex-girlfriend that you are very happy without her, then you can make her jealous by simply giving her a little attention and then showing that you have a great time in company with other girls. If you want to motivate your girl to fight for you, follow these ways to make a girl jealous.

1. Work on your body

How can I make a girl jealous? If you want a girl to be jealous, you first need to show your interest in her to intrigue her, so it makes sense to go to the next level. Body language is the easiest way to let her know that you are interested in her without saying a word. You only need to spend a few minutes giving her your attention, so count every gesture.

Catch her look from the other end of the room. Be a man and keep your eye contact, and if she sees you, put a smile on your face. If you are close, then turn the body towards her, stand straight and lean slightly towards the girl, showing that you are giving her all your attention. Lightly touch her hand or back if you think she is not against it. Maintain eye contact during the conversation. She should be the only girl in the world for a few minutes.

2. Make her the #2

How to make a girl jealous and want you back? After you showed interest in her and flirted enough so that she thought that she had a chance, it is time to change everything. Start talking about another girl, it doesn’t matter if she knows her or not (you can call her your best friend or a girl you have known all your life).

Find a way to mention a girl every few minutes. Do not talk about her too often, as it is annoying, but give the impression that your thoughts are constantly occupied by another girl. Find ways to compliment another girl. Do not do it too unpleasantly, say something like, "She is the coolest" or "She can get any guy she wants." Make the girl feel inferior. You can just make up this girl if you know how to lie. Repeat things like, "You must definitely meet her. I think you will get along." This will drive the girl crazy. You can also get registered on dating sites with women looking for men online.

3. Talk a lot about other girls

Do not talk about the same girl all the time, mention others. You should act like a person who is constantly in the company of girls. Tell her about a fun weekend on the beach and note that the girls you were with had the funniest swimwear. Just mention the girls you met. She should have the impression that you had thousands of dates. Your story should neither be rude nor create a wrong impression about you, otherwise, the girl will lose interest.

4. Use the phone to make the girl jealous

Here’s probably the easiest and best way to make a girl jealous. Do not just talk about other girls, but check your phone from time to time and be prepared to answer the call. Check the phone and smile as if you have received a playful message from the girl. Say “sorry” and pretend to be responding to the message. Let your phone ring once during a conversation with a girl. Pick up the phone and say, "Hi, how are you? Can I call you back?" Do not overdo it and do not call the telephone interlocutor “cutie” or “baby.” Just make it clear in your tone that you are talking to another girl. Do not abuse the tactics with the phone. The patience of a girl will quickly burst if you pay all your attention to the phone. Are there any things to post to make a girl jealous? You can use your Instagram account to post pictures of you and other women online, this will surely make her question your activities.

5. Flirt with random girls

How to make a girl jealous and want you? After you chatted with the girl and showed her your affection, it is time to turn on the ignore mode and start chatting with other girls at a bar. You must do this a few minutes after talking with the girl. Here's what you can try: if you're at a party or at a bar, talk to a girl next to you. Slowly switch to a conversation with a new girl and immerse yourself in it completely. From the side, it should seem that you have a lot of fun, and you have a great time. Invite another girl to dance. Do not bother her. Just dance to one or two songs and pretend that you are having fun. Chat with a group of girls. Make them laugh in front of another girl.

6. Flirt with her friends

If you want to stay close to her or you have already finished chatting with random girls, then you can make the girl jealous, paying attention to her friends. So you can be near, and she will focus on you while she questions your intentions. Pay attention to all of her friends. Be the wittiest, most charming, and charismatic person. Ignore the girl in front of her friends. Even if she is standing right in front of you, pretend that she is not there. If you pay too much attention to any of her friends, a drama may break out.

7. Let her see you with other girls during the day

How to make a girl jealous? You can make her jealous even during the day. If you are walking with another girl (just a friend or someone you flirt with), do it in front of the girl so that she knows that you are having a great time with someone else. Focus completely on the other girl, and when you finally notice the girl you are trying to make jealous, say, "I didn’t even notice you." Why? Because you were so passionate about another girl. Go to her favorite cafe and pretend that you have as good a time as possible. If you study together, then sit near a girl that you pretend to like and show that you are having a great time.

how can I make a girl jealous

Is It Possible to Ruin Your Relationship This Way?

In psychology, there is such a thing as abuse - when one of the partners exerts significant moral pressure on the other. In order neither to abuse your influence nor to manipulate the girl and use jealousy within reasonable limits, you need to approach this issue with caution, adhering to the middle ground.

To be jealous means to experience a whole gamut of conflicting emotions, far from positive: doubt, fear, pride, envy, selfishness. Therefore, if you overdo it in your desire to attach the girl to yourself, then the relationship will not last long. Or vice versa, they will become excruciating for both partners.

Making a Girl Jealous: Mistakes to Avoid

Now let’s look into some common mistakes that men make when they try to make their girl jealous.

Don’t let the situation spiral out of control

If you let go and start flirting with all the women you encounter – nothing good will ever come out of such a scenario. You have to realize that there is a certain limit, and it is quite easy for your girl to start thinking that you’ve lost all of the interest in her, which will end up causing the opposite effect, and now you will have to try to get her back. If you feel like you are only making it worse – stop it.

Don’t forget about the psychological effects of such a strategy

It is never the best idea to make someone jealous, it is a stressful thing and it makes a person think about all the potential bad outcomes. This is especially awful if a girl is prone to jealousy, she hates it when you show attention to other women, or it is generally very easy for her to start winding herself up with something rather unimportant.

It Doesn’t Work on Every Single Girl

And this is something that you have to remember. Some girls may feel offended and start moving away from you, others will just pack their bags, leave a note, and disappear from your life, and the third will start arguing with you right there and then, while you are having fun at a bar. So thus, you need to start slow, figure out if it works and only then continues provoking jealousy.

Trying to make a girl jealous is quite a hard thing to do, you have to commit to this new character, the one which seems to be interested in other women, and thus, try to provoke the best of feelings in the girl that you actually love. There are a lot of ways to do it, we’ve discussed some of the best ways to do so, some quotes to make a girl jealous, and figured out the pros and cons of such a strategy. The most important thing you have to remember is that you love that girl, and she is the most important person in your life, and this is just a little game that you play, nothing more.

Comments (2)



Nov 4,  2020,  11:19 PM

I feel like the last paragraph should be somewhere on top serving as a disclaimer. Because not everyone will scroll down to read the whole article, most guys would come for the tips and pay little to no attention to the ‘caution’ signs. And I’d probably change the heading to something like ‘It works only on some girls’ because most ladies would get mad and dump you, and the trick is to learn how to tell when to use the trick. I’m not an expert though, I mostly make assumptions here. But if my potential GF pulled this trick on me, I’d quit without even reaching out and asking why she does this to me. Wouldn’t you be mad?



Nov 4,  2020,  11:20 PM

I don’t get it – how can casual flirting through body language make a girl jealous? I mean I know how, but it doesn’t work if she’s the object of flirt. I’m curious why she should be jealous. Jealous of whom or what? As for talking a lot about other girls, I’m kinda lost here too. If the girl is into you, then fine – she’ll probably feel jealous not being the main topic for discussion, but if you’re on the first date, this approach will only make her mad, and you can kiss that second date goodbye. I guess all this thing about making someone feel jealous works only when you and the girl have known each other for quite a while

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