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You can be a couple who find romance in relaxation or adventure. For you, there is always a place that can light the flame of love and raise the mood. For some, rest means cocktails, parties, and pure blue water. For others, this is a trip to a bright urban landscape full of culture and history. Some can relax only in idyllic remote places with untouched nature where there are no people and phones. In this list of top romantic cities, everyone will find their own personal paradise, which is suitable for a marriage proposal, a honeymoon or just a long-awaited joint holiday.

1. Barcelona, Spain

most romantic cities in Europe

This is a wonderful place for a modern tourist. It is definitely should be on the rating of the most romantic cities in Spain. This is the place where everyone can discover something new and unexplored. There is beautiful nature, forests and a lot of entertainment for tourists: from extreme bullfighting to a relaxing stay in a cozy cafe. Also, tourists enthusiastically talk about the Fabra observatory. It is located at an altitude of 415 meters and the dream to get a star from the sky ceases to be so unreal. In addition, Barcelona is known all around the world thanks to the Park Guell and the Temple of the Holy Family, which are the world’s architectural masterpieces of the great master Antonio Gaudi.

2. Bruges, Belgium

romantic cities in Europe

Many people compare Bruges with Venice because there are many water canals. This place is an important economic and cultural center of Belgium. There are a lot of factories. Bruges is the oldest city in Europe, which deals with the cutting of diamonds. In the city, you can admire many ancient buildings, churches, and cathedrals that are especially beautiful. You can choose an amazing boat ride along the river canal that shows the beauty of the city and bridges. Beautiful lace, monuments, and attractions make the city particularly beautiful. Despite its small size, Bruges is considered one of the most romantic European cities.

3. Venice, Italy

most romantic European cities

The native city of Giacomo Casanova is simply imbued with romantic feelings. Kissing in a gondola, crowded squares, cozy cafes, canals, and bridges – all this makes Venice fabulously magical! Lovers of adventure will be pleased with the fact that there are several islands not far from the city. You can end your day by enjoying the evening waltz in St. Mark’s Square. Well, breakfast can be spent while admiring the Grand Canal in Venice. Do you still doubt that Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Italy?

4. Charleston, the United States

It is not surprising why Charleston is a three-time winner in the category of the most romantic cities in the US because there is everything you can wish for: beautiful weather all year round, vivacious inhabitants, rich history, colorful landscapes and a measured southern pace of life, impregnated with romance. Take a stroll through the shopping area in the city center or along the nearby alleys with jasmine trees, visit art galleries (which are numerous here) or try local delicacies at one of the luxury restaurants. You can also swim around the harbor or even go to one of the many islets nearby. By the way, islets are mostly nature reserves, therefore, they are almost deserted. It is perfect if you manage to settle in the French Quarter because it is full of historical reminders.

5. Sydney, Australia

top romantic cities

Fans of walking in the fresh air will certainly find several interesting places to their liking in Sydney. Incredible beaches, superb wineries, and a vibrant nightlife ensure that you don’t have to miss a minute. If you want more privacy, visit the Blue Mountains or the Valley of the Hunters – the most popular romantic corners. It is a perfect place to relax in warm weather. Enjoy a beautiful sunset on the Harbor Bridge and don’t miss a chance to take a ferry ride!

6. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

most romantic places in Europe

Are you going to visit the most romantic cities in Europe? Choose Amsterdam! This is a wonderful city that is famous for its incredible architecture. Amsterdam is full of business centers, houses, restaurants, and bars, which make the city magical. Also, the city is known for its charm thanks to beautiful bridges, elegant architecture, and stone-paved streets. This city is a financial center not only in its country but also in Europe. You can find the oldest stock exchange there. It is not surprising that almost 4 million tourists visit the city every year.

7. Honolulu, Hawaii

most romantic us cities

If you want a bit of summer and the best option for relaxing with your loving partner is hot weather, palm trees, and beach, then go to Honolulu. This place seems to have been created specifically for couples in love. Newlyweds from every corner of the world come here to spend a honeymoon. Take a walk along the picturesque waterfront of Waikiki Beach and also go to the volcanic crater of Diamond Mountain. There are no other more famous attractions in Honolulu, but here you can find the most valuable things – seclusion and romance. And Honolulu is famous for its clean beaches and high waves, which attract surfers.

8. Istanbul, Turkey

most romantic European cities

In April, the flowering season of tulips begins in Istanbul – all the city’s squares are filled with blossoming flower beds, which is very impressive against the background of the Istanbul minarets. At first glance, this noisy city is not associated with a romantic trip, but where else can you stroll along the Bosphorus embankment, go to the Princes Islands by the river tram, try the best Turkish coffee and delight? By the way, it is believed that the best Turkish delight in Istanbul is served in the famous network of coffee houses Hafiz Mustafa. By the way, the first coffee house was opened in 1864! So, this is also a place with history. However, in ancient Istanbul, it is difficult to find places without history.

9. Budapest, Hungary

romantic europe

This is the largest city of Hungary and also the capital of this amazing country. It just can’t be unattractive. In the city, there live several million people. This wonderful city got on all lists of the most romantic cities in the world. And it is famous for its sights, among which: the most presentable street – Danube embankment, Buda Castle, city park, Mount Gellert, Andrassy Avenue, central market, bridge of freedom, and Heroes’ Square. Of course, there are many other beautiful places that are worth a visit. The beauty of this city is indescribable, as evidenced by the number of tourists visiting Budapest every year.

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina

top romantic cities

Buenos Aires is a place where you and your partner can dance the Argentine tango right on the street. You don’t know how? It is okay. In the capital of Argentina, there are many places where you can take express lessons of the famous dance. And Buenos Aires is called “Argentina’s Paris” for its magnificent architecture and romantic spirit. In this city, the European love and Latin American passion have successfully converged. Don’t forget to visit the open-air museum “Caminito” where you can join other tourists in an unusual environment.

11. Vienna, Austria

most romantic places in Europe

The place is definitely one of the most beautiful capitals, where a dreamy atmosphere reigns, which is generated by majestic palaces and cathedrals, the charm of Mozart and Strauss music, the rich history of the city. The city owes its beauty primarily to a successful geographical location: at the foot of the Alps, on the banks of the Danube. Vienna amazes with its grandeur and luxury, romance and warmth. In this city, there are all conditions for romantic walks together. In the air of Vienna, there is a smell of coffee, a spirit of aristocracy, and the sounds of opera. Vienna is known for every part of its history – each its own component, every park, and every street. But also, the fact is that it is a secluded place for lovers with all its sights. That’s why we advise Vienna for couples in love.

12. New York City, the USA

most romantic cities in the US

If you want urban, modern romance, then New York is perfect for your romantic trip. The history of this city is not as long as the others on our list, but no less fascinating. New York is one of the largest metropolises in the world. And, at first glance, it seems there is no romance in it. But in the boiling all-day life of New York, there is something special, not subject to theaters, museums, the endless shops and so on. It is an art to feel together among a multifaceted crowd. If you are able to do this, then New York with a developed infrastructure and first-class comfort is your city. 13. Lisbon, Portugal

Accommodated under the protection of an ancient castle, possessing amazing view opening from the tops of the hills, Lisbon combines all the components necessary to get into the most romantic cities in the world rating. It has mosaic stone buildings, vintage trams, and the river, slowly bringing its waters to the Atlantic. Wandering around the ancient city, you will inevitably remember the era of the Great Geographical Discoveries and the times of fearless seafarers. In addition, it is worth visiting the incredibly amazing and wonderful Obidos. Once it became the wedding gift of the king to his chosen one.

14. Las Vegas, the USA

most romantic cities in the US

Las Vegas is not only the world capital of entertainments but still a “not for a moment falling asleep city” of an eternal holiday, offering guests entertainment for every taste: colorful shows, concerts of the most famous celebrities, fashionable nightclubs, and boutiques of famous designers. And this is the place where you can get married almost instantly. For marriage, you need only love and mutual desire. All the churches in the city work up to late, wedding dresses can be rented, and the ceremony can be held in the castle, at the waterfall, in a helicopter – in short, anywhere, everything is limited only by the fantasy of a bride and a groom. Therefore, lovers come here from all over the country and even from Europe, to exchange oaths without any bureaucratic delays.

15. Berlin, Germany

romantic cities in Germany

Berlin is simply obliged to surprise with its beauty. Today this is a fast and well-developed city in Europe. Being in Berlin, lovers should visit the following places: the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Berlin TV Tower, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, and the Charlottenburg Palace. But you can enjoy the beauty of the city just walking along the street. Beautiful monuments, clean, tree-lined streets please the eyes of everyone. Yes, this place can be called one of the most romantic cities in Germany.

In the world, there are many interesting cities that we want to talk about. Choose yourself what is closer to you: admire the canals of Venice, look at Amsterdam’s bridges, have breakfast in Vienna’s cafes, have supper in the coastal restaurants of Barcelona, walk along the streets of Berlin. Listen to your heart: it will tell you where it is better to go. Travel with your loved one and be happy!

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